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Could be clickbait, could be true.... BREAKING: Disney Park Pass Theme Park Reservation System Extended, Will Remain Through January 2023

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Take this with a grain of salt

Looks like they are only basing it on the calendar, not information from Disney


Introduced with the reopening of Walt Disney World theme parks in July, the Disney Park Pass reservation system requires guests to book a specific park per day ahead of their trip, based on availability—which varies depending on whether you’re a ticket holder, Annual Passholder, or Disney Resort hotel guests. Previously, the Disney Park Pass availability calendar extended through September 2021, but was then extended until January 2022. With 2022 resort and vacation bookings now open, it seems Disney has updated the calendar to cover that period of time.

The Disney Park Pass calendar now extends through January 2023, meaning that the theme park reservation system is here to stay for quite some time.

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Really do not like this system - it totally takes away the spontaneity and all the fun that comes from the "hey, let's go ride the safari" moments of our trip.  Plus, our DS is on the severe end of the autism spectrum and  completely non-verbal, he chooses what park to visit from a picture board - it is a big deal when it is his day to choose.  He has no way to comprehend - what park do you want to visit that is 900 miles away, six months from now.  For us this is just one more heart-break in his life.....


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Slight necro-posting... but I think it's interesting to see how things have changed with WDW with this. Back in the olden-days, handfuls of years ago, if parks were crowded, they would add to the park hours to spread out the load, frequently staying open til 11pm or later.  Now, everyone has to fight for a reservation and pay more money for the ticket.

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I think the fact that they can't add to park hours so swiftly is mainly due to staffing shortages.   I'm also willing to be Disney would rather balance the number of paying guests with the amount of wear and tear on the rides.  They don't want to spend extra money to meet the demand, if it's not going to be profitable.  Guest comfort and satisfaction is just a mathematical equation, and they aren't shooting for 100% satisfaction. 

Heck, even in my industry, the old 80% satisfaction rating is falling industry wide down to 75% or even 70% as the new acceptable target. 

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