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  1. We got to see this in person on our last trip. While I agree it does look nice and the equipment is probably an upgrade from the old stuff, I think it places smaller children dangerously close to the cart path with nothing to corral them in.
  2. Nothing says special like a panning for gems sluice in a campground. Never seen that before!
  3. I gotta say, the way sites are assigned has never made much sense to me. You would think given that they don't advertise the ability to reserve specific sites that sites would be handed out mostly on a first come, first served basis. On our last trip down we tent camped and got the 2000 loop. We arrived on a Tuesday staying through Saturday. We were assigned a site that was extremely rocky (like river rock rocky). Jennifer called the front desk and they told her, "well, they are all like that." Yuh huh. The loop was almost completely empty when we arrived and she said we need another site and gave a few options. "Nope, that's not available," On several of them and was assigned another site. All of those sites she requested sat vacant until late Friday.
  4. Returned back from the Fort a couple of days ago. So far, I'd have to say that the impact to the Fort is minimal, so here's hoping it stays that way. So much so that I retract some of my Negative Nancy sentiments. 🙂
  5. Enquiring minds want to know... any updates?
  6. There's an idea. Maybe some artistic type can replace the musket mickey in the Disney Ft. Wilderness Campground logo with a Na'vi holding a stick and that'll be the new logo.
  7. After seeing that vid of the backhoe tearing down Mickey's Backyard BBQ and the pics of the beach I made the comment "I can relate to how those Na'vi felt in the Avatar movie now."
  8. We'll be there in a couple weeks. I'll take pics.
  9. Just saw someone over on facebook posted video of them tearing down the Mickey's Backyard BBQ pavilion building with a backhoe. Heartbreaking.
  10. What torques me is that they could have thrown some money at improving the campground instead... but now they are making it smaller.
  11. I don't have a problem with a new resort. I do have a problem when it: A. Encroaches on the resort we know and love B. Eliminates the amenities (Backyard BBQ - GONE, Horse barn - moved into the campground land, setbacks and greenspace - GONE, jogging path - GONE, beach - GONE). C. The 3D renderings I've seen of the construction plans shows the edge of one wing of the resort building is practically right next to Pioneer Hall. Not only that, at least with the old River Country DVC plans it looked like a Disney themed resort. This one looks like an Embassy Suites, it doesn't look special at all. It's hard to be positive when you see these types of changes. It would be another thing if they had left room to scooch the Fort futher east, but it is of course boxed in by the Canal and the other monstrosity (Four Seasons) on the other side. I expect in a few years the whole place will be razed for a Reflections expansion, and if/when that day comes it will be a shame.
  12. The best times to visit the fort are during the week I think.
  13. I think a lot of that is probably Florida campers. If you're close it's a lot easier to justify a bunch of trips. For us, a 10 hour one way drive more than a couple times a year kind of kills the magic for us. Your mileage may vary. At my job I get 4 weeks vacation annually currently. Wife doesn't work, so getting time off is not too much of an issue. Our girls are in a half-homeschool/half-public school program (they are in 2nd and 4th grade) that is flexible where we can take off a week at a time even during the school season, so you can bet with the way the prices are now we are watching for the lowest cost days at the fort, balancing that against the super-hot summer weather. 🙂 We have two trips this year, one in May which is 4 nights and another for a week in August. Cost of fuel is a major deal since we do a 1400 mile round trip tow for each trip down to central Florida, so being able to cost-average the fuel costs over more days is a must. The first half of the May trip we are staying at a much cheaper campground for three days away from Disney and then driving an hour over to the Fort for the second half of the trip. The week-long trip we were able to get a deal on a Premium site that was almost as cheap as a partial hook up loop (using the Sun and Fun room offer), so deals can be had if you book early and can be flexible. I agree the prices are getting out of hand though. We save up our credit card points for Disney to offset the cost, which helps. I have "gamed" the Disney Visa a few times when they've had the $200 gift card promos by signing up for new cards in the past. As far as visiting the parks though, that's another story! We haven't done a multi-day park-hopping extravaganza in several years. Been there, done that... a lot of fun when we did but on top of being expensive, we have realized we're getting older and it just wears us out and we get tired so we typically limit ourselves to 1, maybe 2 single park days on any trip lasting a week. We love the Fort and visiting the other resorts and buying drinks and snacks when we're not penny pinching theme park tix. We bought season park tickets to the water parks last October which are of course still good til October this year. We love the water parks and for the most part they are MUCH more relaxing than the theme parks are. We don't plan to visit any of the normal theme parks at all in May, and we're only going to do the Not So Scary Halloween Party in August. The water park tickets will still be good for both trips, so that helps a lot on the cost. Again, that was cost-averaged for several park visits over three trips and it's just a little more than a single theme park day's ticket cost for each person and is good for a year. To save money in the past we have also tent camped several times instead of towing our camper down in the cooler months (late Oct-late March). For those trips we can use our Prius which gets about 42MPG on the highway, vs towing our camper at 8MPG. We have said this several years in a row now that this will be our year visiting the Fort for a couple years. It's not a stretch to say that it's getting to the point where it's not worth it. I have a feeling this year might be the last for a year or two for real though. I know this is cynical and a bit mean-spirited of me but Disney World is lots of fun of course and I always say there's nothing wrong with Disney World that a "good" recession wouldn't cure IMO. EDIT: Oh yeah, most importantly for a few trips, our camper has three queen beds, so we have been able to split costs between our family and another on several trips! Sometimes with family, sometimes with friends. Our girls are getting a little too big to split a bunk more than two ways though, so I think those days are over, unless we split a tent site with separate tents.
  14. Yes, but for whom? I can imagine a third party real estate company snapping some of these, which would really throw a wrench into the works, particularly with regard to "city" governance. Disney might lose out on their monopoly position.
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