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  1. Oh, and if I had small children to entertain, I think KOA is your best bet... we have not stayed there but they have a ton of stuff to keep kiddies occupied. Nice playground, an adorable small lazy river, a jump pillow, etc. A bit more pricey as you might expect with the amenities and a little noisier so if you don't have a hard sided travel trailer it might be kind of noisy.
  2. Just FYI... we have stayed at several campgrounds around the Pigeon Forge area. Here's where we've stayed: Up the Creek - all full hook up, quiet area in Wears Valley but no amenities (no bathhouse, etc), further away but not too far a drive from Dollywood. We've stayed here several times in the past. Riverslanding - Basic, had a pool, but near a go kart track and is fairly noisy. Jellystone - Mostly basic, the cheap sites are REALLY tight if you have a big camper. Some of the amenities like the jump pillow are dilapidated and out of commission. This is the closest to Dol
  3. Slight necro-posting... but I think it's interesting to see how things have changed with WDW with this. Back in the olden-days, handfuls of years ago, if parks were crowded, they would add to the park hours to spread out the load, frequently staying open til 11pm or later. Now, everyone has to fight for a reservation and pay more money for the ticket.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong though... the ticket books were done at a time when the gate tickets were both separate and REALLY CHEAP. EDIT: Ticket prices at WDW at opening were $3.50 a person minimum. Even accounting for inflation that is seriously cheap by today's standards.
  5. We got to see this in person on our last trip. While I agree it does look nice and the equipment is probably an upgrade from the old stuff, I think it places smaller children dangerously close to the cart path with nothing to corral them in.
  6. Nothing says special like a panning for gems sluice in a campground. Never seen that before!
  7. I gotta say, the way sites are assigned has never made much sense to me. You would think given that they don't advertise the ability to reserve specific sites that sites would be handed out mostly on a first come, first served basis. On our last trip down we tent camped and got the 2000 loop. We arrived on a Tuesday staying through Saturday. We were assigned a site that was extremely rocky (like river rock rocky). Jennifer called the front desk and they told her, "well, they are all like that." Yuh huh. The loop was almost completely empty when we arrived and she said we need another site and
  8. Returned back from the Fort a couple of days ago. So far, I'd have to say that the impact to the Fort is minimal, so here's hoping it stays that way. So much so that I retract some of my Negative Nancy sentiments. 🙂
  9. Enquiring minds want to know... any updates?
  10. There's an idea. Maybe some artistic type can replace the musket mickey in the Disney Ft. Wilderness Campground logo with a Na'vi holding a stick and that'll be the new logo.
  11. After seeing that vid of the backhoe tearing down Mickey's Backyard BBQ and the pics of the beach I made the comment "I can relate to how those Na'vi felt in the Avatar movie now."
  12. We'll be there in a couple weeks. I'll take pics.
  13. Just saw someone over on facebook posted video of them tearing down the Mickey's Backyard BBQ pavilion building with a backhoe. Heartbreaking.
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