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  1. Been ready since December 26th!
  2. That sounds like a really fun experience.
  3. Not a fan of cotton candy either. Why ruin good ice cream and it surely can't help candy corn ice cream...
  4. kadancer

    Big EPCOT Rumor UPDATED 9/17/18

    As a household of musicians and dancers, we are fans of Illuminations because the display precisely coordinates with the soundtrack. It is not a fireworks show, but choreographed theatre. Hopefully, they will not replace it with something as lackluster as the Wishes replacement. Now, that is a fireworks show with music and the music has no soul - other than the instrumental sections, it is like listening to pop radio. It will be highly disappointing if they go for technology over art, instead of art using technology.
  5. kadancer

    Dog walker needed

    Sadly, yes. We saw the ranger stop by to check on the him a few times. Don't know if they ever spoke with the owners.
  6. kadancer

    Dog walker needed

    I wish the folks staying across from us this summer had thought of this. They left their poor pup tethered outside of their tent all day. Fortunately, they thought to leave water and found a shady spot, but I still felt sorry for the cute little guy.
  7. kadancer

    How's the wi-fi?

    Ahh...I wish they would have just sprinkled my camper.
  8. kadancer

    How's the wi-fi?

    We had problems with the wireless connections dropping out in the middle of the night, but for the most part found the service ok.
  9. That does not look appealing to me....
  10. We had our honeymoon dinner there, too....
  11. Had not even considered that. Territory Lounge is always a stop on our "adult" night because it is quiet with good service.
  12. We love behind the seeds, too. Three hours would be great.
  13. At one point they had a breakfast with Pocohantas. I find it hard to believe that they would do something to this at one of their critically acclaimed restaurants. Would be like changing the California Grill to a character buffet....
  14. kadancer

    Gem Mining at the Fort

    Looks fun! Sorry we missed it.
  15. kadancer

    Hollywood Studios Parking?

    The boys are of the opinion that they should be running trams to the bus stops since they are further away than the parking lots. The extreme distance added to our general disappointment in the bus transportation this summer.