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  1. Was there a beach for swimming? When we look at camping in the Keys we are never sure if you can swim....
  2. I understand - just thought I would check and will definitely keep you in mind if we take a different route.
  3. Hey Jason - We usually purchase annual passes closer to our trip. Is that something you would handle and do you know if they will be available? Thanks.
  4. Nothing against the Princess and the Frog, but I hate this idea. Splash Mountain has one of my favorite soundtracks....
  5. Thanks for your kind words. He is beginning to rebound and we are trying to figure out a new time to cruise. I hope that everything is sorted out before your sailing date.
  6. Thanks. We have reservation for this summer (which we will most likely cancel), but are hoping we will be able to take our trip in November.
  7. She will be sitting for a while longer. We just got notification that our August 8th sailing has been cancelled. Evidently, they followed the guidelines of the cruise line association and have suspended sailings through mid-September. I have a very disappointed 20 yo who saved for this trip for 2 years to celebrate his 21st birthday....
  8. I am wondering how long this Park Reservation system will be used. If I book a trip for next summer will we still need park reservations? This is WAY too much planning ahead for me.
  9. I just hope they take down the walls around Clementine Beach. If that happens, I may have to reconsider our summer trip just for the sake of nostalgia.
  10. Mine came today and are already on the 'fridge. Thanks for brightening things up...
  11. There are still a lot of things not being addressed for people with disabilities - the wearing of masks being high on the list. I have an 18 year old on the severe end of the autism spectrum who will not leave the house anymore because of having to wear a mask. From the answers we have received, Disney will not waive this requirement for anyone.
  12. I like the idea of holiday magnets - though I am more partial to Thanksgiving and Christmas than Halloween....
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