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  1. Wow!! We were supposed to be on this cruise, but re-booked for further down the road. Too many Covid restrictions still in place for us to feel like it was worth the money for our first Disney cruise experience. The original booking was to celebrate my son's 21st birthday. He will be 23 by the time we get to go....
  2. No, we did not have to pay extra, but because of my son's very limited ability to wait in lines and his inability to understand why we stand in Guest Services for such a long time while we are setting up his pass (he is 20, non-verbal, and has the abilities of a young child) means that we would use an admission day, just to set up his pass. With an annual pass this was not an issue-when paying by the day it is.
  3. The price and limitations on all tickets has gotten outrageous. We live out of state and generally hold annual passes, but did not have active ones when the pandemic hit. Consequently, for our 21 day stay in the campground in August we bought 10 day tickets which we could not even use at any time during our stay. We prefer to spread our park days out. To compound this we have a son on the severe end of the autism spectrum who literally did not leave the house for 18 months because he does not tolerate wearing a mask. Nor can he understand the question, "what do you want to do several month
  4. Great title, wish the agony part was not so very accurate. Reading along for the Ecstasy.
  5. Thanks for sharing your story.
  6. Sorry, what does it mean that it is graveled?
  7. Really do not like this system - it totally takes away the spontaneity and all the fun that comes from the "hey, let's go ride the safari" moments of our trip. Plus, our DS is on the severe end of the autism spectrum and completely non-verbal, he chooses what park to visit from a picture board - it is a big deal when it is his day to choose. He has no way to comprehend - what park do you want to visit that is 900 miles away, six months from now. For us this is just one more heart-break in his life.....
  8. Well-said. The manner in which this virus has been used to stop the forward momentum of our country is reprehensible and terrifying.
  9. I am so sorry that your family has suffered this loss. My prayers are with you, your family and especially your Mom.....
  10. Nice report. Sounds like you had a great time.
  11. My guys had a bad experience with the boat to the Magic Kingdom also. When they tried to catch it, there was one boat running, about 20 families on the dock, and they took 4 of them. They did not even put a family in the front of the boat - it was empty. Some of the folks left behind had been waiting over 45 minutes. The boat attendant told them it might be faster to take the bus. So, off folks go to the other end of the campground to catch a bus. No bus there, it runs from the bus stop at the Settlement. If the number of guests that can ride the boat is so limited, there should be a s
  12. Good Grief!! Well that's why you don't send someone else to do a job. Next time I will leave them home and I'll go to the Fort.
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