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  1. We once rented a pontoon boat at the Contemporary marina with a cast member's assurance that we had plenty of time before the storm would affect us. Boy was he mistaken, storms converged from 3 directions over Bay Lake and we were trying to return to our dock at top pontoon boat speed before the heavens opened up, when the Lake Patrol pulled up alongside and directed us to climb into their much faster boat - not an easy feat with toddlers in tow. My four year old, however, was ecstatic because that was the boat he wanted us to rent in the first place. As we disembarked at the Contemporary dock, and ran for cover the cast member at the dock chased us yelling, "where's my boat?" My DH paused long enough to explain that the Lake Patrol instructed us to abandon it. It was quite an adventure.
  2. It is lovely that Disney is trying to come up with a plan to make the guest experience more "enjoyable" in the new land. Perhaps it would have been better all around if they completed multiple attractions BEFORE putting out the welcome mat. Seems to me they created this problem and now are looking for a way to solve it that sounds complicated and very un-magical. At moment, I am very glad the opening has been delayed beyond the dates of our annual trip (but don't tell my die-hard Star Wars fan I said that).
  3. I do remember that night. The lawn was a sloppy mess when everyone went home and I was grateful that I was not on the clean-up crew.
  4. It is isn't it....plus I actually like that song stuck in my head.
  5. Salisbury has changed a lot, especially the college. I worked for the theatre through the 80's and most of the 90's - it was a great job for a single gal, but not for raising a family.
  6. We love watching the baby gorillas grow up. The family dynamic in the troop is really something special.
  7. My Mom lives in Salisbury. I also worked for Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia for 17 years.
  8. Hmm...I did not see the fences around the playgrounds yet. Makes me want to buy rolls of paper, let kids in the campground create "artwork" and then cover the fences. I would have to stop myself from adding, "Please pardon our mess while we think we are improving your guest experience." though.
  9. How very sad that they can't even be bothered to give the Fort some respect and at least put up decent looking fences. Our plan for this summer was no parks - just a nice relaxing stay in the campground. It would be the first time for us, but now I am worried that we will have to find places to go to avoid sitting peacefully in a full blown construction site.
  10. I think we are just a different type of "vacationeer." When the kids were young, we simply enjoyed following them around and seeing what they would choose to do. Some days we would be in the park a couple of hours before we rode an attraction. When they got tired, we headed back to our resort for rest and pool time returning to the park later in the day refreshed. It is also why we never really needed to carry too much extra stuff. That's just how it worked best for us - in many ways it still does.
  11. I must be a horrible Mommy since my oldest son never did Disney in a stroller. He has been walking the parks since his first trip at 4 years of age.
  12. Our brick was my wedding gift to my husband. Not sure if a "replacement" brick carries the same sentiment....
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