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  1. Well-said. The manner in which this virus has been used to stop the forward momentum of our country is reprehensible and terrifying.
  2. I am so sorry that your family has suffered this loss. My prayers are with you, your family and especially your Mom.....
  3. Nice report. Sounds like you had a great time.
  4. My guys had a bad experience with the boat to the Magic Kingdom also. When they tried to catch it, there was one boat running, about 20 families on the dock, and they took 4 of them. They did not even put a family in the front of the boat - it was empty. Some of the folks left behind had been waiting over 45 minutes. The boat attendant told them it might be faster to take the bus. So, off folks go to the other end of the campground to catch a bus. No bus there, it runs from the bus stop at the Settlement. If the number of guests that can ride the boat is so limited, there should be a s
  5. Good Grief!! Well that's why you don't send someone else to do a job. Next time I will leave them home and I'll go to the Fort.
  6. No, there was no sign when they were there, so no need to apologize just yet.....
  7. According to my DS and DH, the misspelled sign has been removed....
  8. The comment in red is totally not us - we spend much more on all but the first trip on our pass. Once the ticket expense is covered it allows us much more room in the budget for both dining and specially events like tours. Additionally, if we buy tickets each trip, we get one a year - with an annual pass we go, at minimum, four times. I don't know if we are typical, but from my point of view, this is a miscalculation.
  9. We like South of the Border - it is not fancy, but easy to access, reasonable price, and comfort stations are usually clean.
  10. I love David and Leigh Eddings also - they take up quite a bit of space on my bookshelf.
  11. They didn't notice it in the Shawshank Redemption....
  12. Maybe we ought to each volunteer to bring a bag of sand....
  13. This really is a low blow. It was one thing to let River Country decay tucked away in a corner, but to letting a perfectly good beach decay in full view everyday and obstructing beautiful views with unnecessary fencing is really insulting.....
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