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Oh that fondue is so good!


Yes it is. Rene and I had that while we relaxed and had a couple of drinks before dinner at Artist Point.


My only warning is reconsider sitting in the upholstered furniture on the one end of the lounge if you plan to eat. While they were comfortable they were a bit too large to sit well for those of us of short to typical stature.

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Adam is bummed he can't go to The Melting Pot because it's just way too peanut/pb/nut heavy for it to be safe for him, but I'm assuming Disney could do safe cheese for him. Need to remember this!

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My sister and her husband took the kids back for a swim and nap one afternoon, which left me and Mom alone to do as we pleased. As much as I like the chicken nuggets at Cosmic Ray's, I was pretty sure we could do better so we left Mom's scooter in stroller parking on Main Street and caught a boat over to Wilderness Lodge and hit up the Territory Lounge again. (Can you tell I'm a creature of habit?)


Mom had a mojito and I ordered a Blue Moon, then regretted not noticing earlier that they have a Hefeweizen by Widmer Brothers that I should have ordered instead. Note to self for next time!




We decided we just needed a couple of things to share. Here's the charcuterie. Why does it only come with 3 anemic pieces of bread for all that cheese and pâté? We asked for more. I really liked the home made pickles too.




We also ordered the edamame. There was a TON of it! We finished it all of course, but it easily could have been shared with another person.



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Mom and I went to the Territory Lounge twice on our most recent trip. We like that it's usually quiet, you don't need an ADR, and there tend not to be kids.

On our first visit I started with a Moscow Mule. Yum.


We then ordered the charcuterie board.


That's mustard on the little spoon, some kind of jam in the small jar, and a nice bunch of bread that you have to pull apart.

Here's the cheat sheet for the meat.


We didn't have a knife for the jam and didn't think to ask for one, so just used the other end of a spoon from Mom's coffee. Of course we thought this was funny.


On our second visit I got a Blue Moon. Our server (Katie) let me try some of the wheat beer they have on tap but it turns out I like Blue Moon better.


Mom went for a "Wilderness coffee" which she quite enjoyed.


This time we got two things - first up is the caprese flatbread. I was expecting this to be more basil/mozzarella but... it wasn't.


And we ordered the soy chicken wings. I prefer the sweet ones at Kona but these were still good.


And at the end of it all they brought us warm towels for our sticky fingers.



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INC and I really enjoyed this place when we stopped by a couple of weeks ago.

I recommend the fondue and pretzels.


I also had the Moscow mule, and INC had something the bartender created for her.


And the donuts are good but we both prefer the ones at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando.


Coincidentally, the bartender was on our cruise the next day and we ran into her a couple of times.

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