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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. Well, I gave in..

    I have always said the size, brand or floor plan of a camper does not matter as long as it fits the owners needs and budget and they enjoy it, that is what matters........making family memories is now something I should add.
  2. I guess then if they want to charge for 2 vehicles if we camp there again I will just have to leave the Smart car on the truck and use their transportation.
  3. Pirates Redhead in her new roll

    Now that's funny right there
  4. Pirates Redhead in her new roll

    Yup I saw that, was waiting to see who would comment.
  5. Well, I gave in..

    What is the tongue weight with the GC loaded????
  6. Wish they has refillable mugs deals for beer, at least at EPCOT
  7. Well, I gave in..

    Duh!!!!!!!! guess I should have looked at the pictures better
  8. Well, I gave in..

    I think with the front bed deployed that would use up the space on the hauler deck.
  9. Massive Land Cleared For TRON

    Does this mean we will loose the nice quiet walkway from the Storybook area to Tomorrow land?
  10. Well, I gave in..

    As my son would say.....Dad of the Year award!!!!!!!!!!
  11. What was the magic kingdom club?

    You do know we get discounted tickets thru work? For our holiday trip we got a better deal thru Undercover Tourist. I check our work benefits for all our summer stops for discounts then Beth checks Groupon and we compare, some discounts thru work are good some are not.
  12. Saw this posted yesterday on the Forest River Forums, Ependydad even was able to post a live feed from Facebook as they retrieved the unit.