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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. SW 2018

    OK that's it looks like next year is another big trip out west, really wish the wife would retire waiting for school to end is cramping my camping!!!!!
  2. New Weekend Brunch at Olivia's

    Looks nice, hope they still have this when we visit in Setember
  3. An Easter Weekend Trip on the Wonder with (most of) the TCD Gang

    Great trip report, now we might need to start planning a cruise!!!!!!
  4. Pet loops

    Our friends always leave the tv on for noise, their dogs prefer the Animal Channel
  5. SW 2018

    No a secret source, wasn't a telegraph or a telephone it was a tell a Beckers!!!!!!!!
  6. SW 2018

    Really!!!! Spoiler alert......but between you and I, I did know what happened
  7. SW 2018

    You are really taking that suspense thing to heart......almost a TCD cliff hanger!!!!!!!!
  8. SW 2018

    Well at least your adding some suspense to your report
  9. SW 2018

    3 MILES TO EMPTY, I could never do that, especially towing!!!!!!!
  10. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    Not to sure about that, daddy is a truck driver
  11. SW 2018

    Been waiting for this!!!!!!
  12. I75 Through Cincinnati Construction

    Thanks for the heads up, we will be heading from Cincinnati to Holiday World so this info might come in handy.
  13. Yvonne's friend is at Disney and said she could share her pictures.

    She really looks like she is enjoying herself!!!!!!!
  14. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    Great story with Bob and kudos to your mom and her courage!!!!! With mom's permission that would be a great photo to share.
  15. Tell me where this is.

    I bet that tent is not gator proof