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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. But that's part of the experience plus there lots are always clear because that is where the plow people go a lot. A little history about Wawa they were originally just a home dairy delivery company when they started out, plus my father was a driver for them so I always tell everybody I was the milkman's baby
  2. Come up my way and you can trip over as many Wawa's as you want to, plus their corporate headquarters is not far either.
  3. WOW!!!!!! Great pictures and thanks for sharing them with us, sounds like a great trip looking forward to more
  4. Congrats on the upgrade, I am in on this trip report looking forward to more!!!!
  5. Congrats and great move on upgrading the tires
  6. Just take your time and relax, don't rush things, it might seem to track different then your used to now but that's where the take your time thing comes in. Go slow and watch, by going slow it will give you time to adjust, good luck and enjoy!!!!!
  7. I really think all of you are missing the new latest Disney upcharge coming, they will supply this grill at your site for a charge to justify upping the site cost another $50. Think I am crazy KOA and other campgrounds have grills at their upgraded sites, this might be next
  8. I'm in also and must confess that I was looking in your pictures for Jason and or Sil, but figured you would have caught Jason for sure
  9. I will agree on Le Cellier and Via Napoli, my youngest son's trip is not complete with out Le Cellier and I love the cheese soup with the pretzel bread. Yes the pizza is good at Via Napoli and he is a pizza expert!!!!!
  10. Were the bikes in the movie that had the tall flags on them rentals back then?
  11. I am going to be at the Gettysburg campground at the end of June for a FROG Rally you need to stop by with them for a quick game!!!!
  12. Congrats to the new Eagle Scout and my 25 year old son still wears his Philmont belt.
  13. I heard they were going to replace them with Jarts
  14. Nice little park, come farther east and try Knoebels, free admission and has a lot of kiddie rides, campground on site but only electric, you can fill your water tank and there is a dump station as you leave.
  15. I am not getting any of the pictures at all, and I would really like to see them because I know how beautiful the scenery is out there.