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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Been there done that on the truck breakdown, waiting always seem to take forever, glad all went well and was covered under your warranty!!!!!
  2. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Reading along also!!!!
  3. Campground close to Disney

    A lot of folks use Tropical Palms near Old Town, it's been years since we stayed there so can not give you a really good opinion.
  4. Enfield/Rocky Mount KOA

    Stayed there years ago just for a overnight stop do not remember anything about the pool, I like The RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads clean, nice distance from 95 not much noise, pool was still being built last time we were there but it would be my choice.
  5. Yeti Update

    Text me which one and can see if he still has any pro-deals available. They are not always offered but he waits until he can get one, not sure he can help but you never know. Also check RTIC brand hear they are just as good and cheaper.
  6. Yeti Update

    Now that's funny!!!!! Just if they do I hope my son does not find out even if he does get a 50% discount on them he has no need for another Yeti product
  7. Any advice on Cedar Point?

    Cedar Point does hire a lot of folks from other counties so a language barrier might happen, they even have dorm style housing for them. You sometimes will see bus loads out at the Walmart and other stores stocking up on supplies they need or want. Cedar Point is a very nice park but all the Cedar Fair parks are not run as well, last year we were disappointed in the way Worlds of Fun was operated.
  8. Yeti Update

    I saw the title and thought coolers........DUH
  9. FW Campfire Sign on Ebay

    Wish we were home then we could visit their store location and ask the same questions and get to see their actual facial reactions, we live 20 minutes from that farmers market / wana be mall that just sells CRAP!!!!!!
  10. A great big Thank You to Forest River

    We are on our 2nd Forest River product and very involved with FROG ( Forest River Owners Group) and have seen them take care of a lot of issues after the warranty has expired. Yes thing need improved in the build stage as with every other manufacturer but it is nice to see them stand behind their problems, glad to hear they took GREAT care of you.
  11. A hijack here is very common, and expected, but if passing on information that can keep anyone here safe is not a hijack I would say more of a PSA!!!!! Thanks for the info
  12. ....and safer!!!!!!!
  13. As said before glad all are ok, thanks for following thru with details it might help others down the road, I thought about a swivel wheel trailer but we are right around 65' total length now and didn't want to push that.
  14. Any advice on Cedar Point?

    Great park and coasters, with only one day and a busy one I would think they should pick which coaster they might to ride the most and start with that one, they do offer a fast pass type thing but at a extra cost. Water park is much like all others but probably more relaxing then the amusement park, you might be able to just chill on the beach but from the parking lots might be a long walk. You can park near the waterpark and there is also a theme park entrance in the back of the park so might be closer to bath parks and the beach area there.
  15. Dogdiver, that's some tough pictures to look at, glad all are of and a new unit also. Just curious any info to add as to why the accident happened? Enjoy the new camper and safer travels for you