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    please list all camping dates and location so we know where to camp this summer, and don't worry I won't tell anyone else
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  1. As said before glad all are ok, thanks for following thru with details it might help others down the road, I thought about a swivel wheel trailer but we are right around 65' total length now and didn't want to push that.
  2. Great park and coasters, with only one day and a busy one I would think they should pick which coaster they might to ride the most and start with that one, they do offer a fast pass type thing but at a extra cost. Water park is much like all others but probably more relaxing then the amusement park, you might be able to just chill on the beach but from the parking lots might be a long walk. You can park near the waterpark and there is also a theme park entrance in the back of the park so might be closer to bath parks and the beach area there.
  3. Dogdiver, that's some tough pictures to look at, glad all are of and a new unit also. Just curious any info to add as to why the accident happened? Enjoy the new camper and safer travels for you
  4. Would the delivery of the meals to the Fort be charged a extra fee from Disney as at one time there was a discussion they were starting to charge to accept delivery's?
  5. Please pass the brain bleach!!!!!!!!!
  6. When Cedar Point opened Top Thrill Dragster I heard the wait time was much like FOP and they were allowing rest room trips. Also think waiting that long for a ride that only lasted 17 seconds!!!!!!
  7. Makes me glad we had boys!!!!!
  8. I was thinking the same thing!!!! TCD any plans for visit over the Christmas holiday week...just sayin
  9. Glad to see all is going well so far, looking forward to reading along!!!!
  10. This would have been a great help when I was driving those HOT BROWN UPS trucks!!!!!!!
  11. Saratoga Springs???
  12. Take a trip in September to the RV Show in Hershey, try to attend mid week as the weekend is just plain crazy, I have heard stories of 2-3 hours just to get there with the traffic then get parked so far away you start to think is this really worth it.
  13. What a wonderful trip report, I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks so much for posting it with all the great pictures and sharing it with us!!!!!!
  14. But that's part of the experience plus there lots are always clear because that is where the plow people go a lot. A little history about Wawa they were originally just a home dairy delivery company when they started out, plus my father was a driver for them so I always tell everybody I was the milkman's baby