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    From Orlandoweekly.com Disney's famous Muppets Fountain at Hollywood Studios returns after more than a year of just being a planter Just over a year ago Disney drained the famous Muppets Fountain at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, causing outrage and worry among many Muppets fans. The iconic fountain has sat outside the Muppet-Vision 3D attraction at DHS since it opened in 1991. With the area around the Muppets attraction being renamed "Grand Avenue" and given a modern-day L.A. theme, many worried that despite the addition of PizzeRizzo the end might be near for The Muppets at Hollywood Studios. When PizzeRizzo opened earlier this year, the lack of extensive theming inside the two-story counter service restaurant only perpetuated these fears, even while many said the fountain draining was only temporary. Some speculated that the fountain needed to be drained because of nearby Star Wars: Galaxy Edge construction. The fountain featured a large circular pool and a statue of Miss Piggy in a pose modeled after the Statue of Liberty with water squirting haphazardly in various directions around her. Numerous other Muppets characters were featured in the fountain as well. It was drained in late October 2016 and plants soon replaced the water. Since then the former fountain has been a planter with Miss Piggy still in her patriotic pose in the middle but all the other Muppets characters were removed. A large box covering the basin appeared a few weeks back and then without any notice the box was removed revealing the former basin now refilled with water. The fountain was turned on this past weekend, meaning this iconic centerpiece is once again welcoming guests while cooling the area. The bad news is only Miss Piggy is featured in the new fountain, and there's no word on whether the other characters will return. The good news is with Disney investing in new signage for the attraction earlier this year and with the fountain being restored, unlike many attractions at DHS, it’s safe to say the Muppets won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.
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    Oh, but I did get a Passholder magnet in the mail today! I added it to my magnet collection. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I envision a human sized frogger type game getting across I4. Think of the feeling of satisfaction for those that actually make it across.
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    I understand that. It's a shame that Disney management is once again so short-sighted about this. It would not be that hard to designate pet cabins and non-pet cabins, and enforce the rules. But, once again, we see them taking the cheap and easy way out, and letting anything go. Clearly, they don't care if they lose a segment of their business or loyal customers, because they're blinded by the easy money they can rake it by letting pets in the cabins. They never think about the long-term costs. TCD
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    I forgot to post the most important photo of all- Rocky enjoying the cabin porch: Note that he is wearing his official $100 bandana. TCD
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    I REFUSE to use MDE while in the parks. I will make my three FP+ and dining reservation before I get into a park, then load them into my calendar app so that my phone buzzes at me when it's time to get to my next attraction or meal, and that's it. I don't tweet, snap, or #anything, and posting pictures here or to family on FB can wait.
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    The December, 2017, Fort Wilderness Recreation Guide has been posted: http://image.emails.disneydestinations.com/lib/fe9d15737d66047d71/m/8/PWR1FAKf.pdf Copies: TCD
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    Classic. They add the ability to order one drink, and they jack up the price for the plans. Disney always wins. Call me when they have a refillable beer mug. TCD
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    I can hear Miss Piggy now: "RETURNS"! "FORMER GLORY"! Moi has been glorious all along even when YOU couldn't see me.
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    The new Hollywood Studios stuff has been running for a couple of weeks now, and it looks like they have a hit on their hands: There's A New Holiday Party at Disney World You Need to Know About Copyright: The Walt Disney Company With Disney's Hollywood Studios in the middle of a rather epic transition, Flurry of Fun has it once again feeling like the place to be. David Landsel December 06, 2017 Anyone who has ever experienced Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom park can attest to that ticketed event's rather overwhelming size and scope; even the most eager attendee risks making themselves rather unmerry, trying to get to everything that's on offer—the shows, the two parades, not to mention navigating all the lines and waits for the snacks that come included with admission. Want to get into the festive spirit, but also very much okay not turning it into a whole thing? That's easy—over at Disney's Hollywood Studios, now undergoing a multi-year transition (Star Wars is coming!), there's a much easier, much more relaxed Christmas party going on, and you don't need a special ticket to get in, either. You can read the rest of the article here: http://www.foodandwine.com/holidays-events/disney-world-holiday-party I still miss the Osborne Lights, but all of the holiday stuff at DHS makes for a fun evening visit. TCD
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    pictures of Fishing

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    This is a long article, but the link didn't work. While this isn't a legal Tome, I think it highlights some of the " service animal issues" that can be blamed right on the various government agencies that muddle the rules. Phony service dogs pose real problems Owners of Legitimate dogs say when fakes misbehave, they hurt the whole concept, Kansas City Star The unleashed dog lunged from the woman’s lap and right at Andy, Michaela Chase’s dog. “It was going for blood,” Chase said, thinking back to the narrow waiting room at her physical therapy gym in Lincoln, Neb. “It was in full attack mode.” Shielded by Chase’s wheelchair, Andy avoided the other dog, which had a tag on its collar that said “service dog.” But though there was no fight, the damage was done. “It really ruined Andy,” Chase said of her service dog trained by Paws for Freedom in Tonganoxie, Kan. Andy — the victim of a fake service dog, Chase said — now distrusts other dogs. He’ll even bark at other service dogs. Fake service dogs are essentially untrained pets wearing vests or tags purchased online so Fido can tag along, too. They’ve become the bane of those who rely on trained service dogs to deal with disabilities. Service dog owners take video of ap- parent impostors tugging at leashes in malls, groceries and other public venues. They record threatening fakes and describe attacks on their dogs. Bloggers rail about fakes and fakers making people suspicious of real service dogs. “When the fake service dog acts out, it hurts those that are legitimate,” said Sandy Bartkoski, co-CEO of KSDS Assistance Dogs in Washington, Kan. Yet, trainers and advocates say there is no organized push to cinch up legislative loopholes that leave fakes largely unchecked or to resolve contradictions in federal laws that add to the confusion about what's real and what's not. The result is an honor system that allows fakers as much easy access as owners of real service dogs. Merchants say they're largely powerless in the presence of a fake. If someone says their dog is a service dog, there's little room to challenge them. Online sites sell 'service dog' vests and tags, issue certificates denoting an animal as a service dog and operate service dog registries - all designed to make any animal appear to be a service dog. Packages range from $50 to $250. All fake. 'These documents do not convey any rights under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, and the Department of Justice does not recognize them as proof that the dog is a service animal,' said the civil rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice in its answers to frequently asked questions about the act. But there they are, and some sellers make little secret of the notion that they're selling imagery rather than legitimacy. Professionally trained service dogs help people with impaired vision or hearing, seizures, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer's and other conditions. Trainers may need years to turn puppies into focused animals able to handle any social or physical situation they encounter while performing specific tasks for owners. Personality even comes into it. A guide dog needs to be assertive, ready to stop its owner from doing something that will put them in danger. Josh Lewis, 40, has lived with the after-effects of a brain aneurism for more than a decade. Six months ago, his life got a little easier. Bing came into it. 'I don't go anywhere without him,' Lewis said of the sleepy looking Labrador retriever at his feet. The dog works quietly and stays out of sight, perhaps under the table, when they're out. Off duty, he's a dog keen on tug of war, fetch and other playtime fun. Bing helps Lewis walk, made difficult by paralysis on his right side. Lewis has been able to put away his cane and he walks faster with Bing. A list of 19 short commands include 'brace' to take Lewis' weight if he needs help getting up, 'step one' to go up or down one stair and 'tap it' to open electronic doors designed for easy access. Lewis got his service dog free from KSDS Assistance Dogs. But training is expensive. 'Our dogs are around $25,000 when they leave,' Bartkoski said. 'We've given somewhere around $14.3 million in dogs away.' Other dogs don't require the precise training that service dogs need. Passive dogs are well suited to another role, that of therapy dogs that might work in facilities. They work at or visit schools, nursing homes and other sites that permit them, often providing calming and therapeutic time with individuals or groups. Facility dogs help the public generally but are not covered by public access rights that apply to service dogs. Then there is a third category: emotional support animals. These may be dogs, cats or other animals that provide comfort by their presence and generally aren't trained for that job. A federal aviation law recognizes emotional support animals and protects their owners' right to fly with the animals in the cabin, though the airline requires documentation as proof. The ADA says anyone can train their dog, or miniature horse, to perform a task that mitigates or helps them with their disability. Professional training is not required. It also specifically prohibits cities, merchants and others from requiring proof that a dog is a service dog. It allows, in fact, only two questions. Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? What work or task has the dog been trained to perform? Service dog owners may not be asked about the nature of their disability. They may not be required to provide documentation of the dog's training. Nor may they be asked to demonstrate the work the dog is trained to do. All this helps ensure that Americans who rely on service dogs have the same easy access as anyone who walks up to a salad bar, into a bowling alley, through grocery aisles or onto an airplane. But it relies on the honor system. Often the public and even fakers don't know the difference. For example, one woman posted a video in which she confronts a man with a dog in a shopping cart. The dog's vest says 'service animal' but the man says the dog just makes people happy and that he bought the vest just to take the dog into stores. 'You know that's illegal,' she says
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    Now that I am a passholder, Disney is tempting me right and left to run down and visit. Today’s temptation came in the form of an email. Jingle All the Way to Disney's Hollywood Studios[emoji768] Come celebrate a Flurry of Fun featuring the brand-new Sunset Seasons Greetings! And while you're here, pick up your complimentary Passholder holiday magnet December 1–17 at the following merchandise locations while supplies last: Mickey's of Hollywood Celebrity 5 & 10 Once Upon a Time If you aren't able to participate in this offering, don't worry! We are excited to bring more great Passholder offerings next month with the Epcot[emoji768] International Festival of the Arts and more throughout the new year! We look forward to providing a flurry of Passholder fun this holiday season! Not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged magnets. One magnet per Passholder. Available while supplies last. Must visit one of these locations at Disney's Hollywood Studios[emoji768] to receive magnet. Must show your Annual Pass Card and valid photo ID to receive magnet. Plus, take advantage of your 20% Passholder discount on your holiday shopping! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have a first-hand report about having a dog at the cabins. The TCD gang made a quick two night visit over Thanksgiving. Just Wednesday and Thursday nights. I would have liked to stay longer, but we had to pay rack rates for the cabin, and they are expensive. Plus, we did have to pay the $50 per night pet fee on top of that. I checked in on Wednesday, November 22, at just before noon. I did not do online check-in, but it was offered to me. I wanted to check-in in person, so I would be sure to get the pet goodie bag that is part of the deal. This is what the Disney Parks Blog says about that: At check-in, Pluto’s Welcome Kit includes mat, bowls, a pet ID tag, courtesy plastic disposable bags, puppy pads and dog walking maps. Also included: a Pluto “Do Not Disturb” door hanger indicating to hotel staff that a pet is in the room. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/10/dogs-welcome-at-select-walt-disney-world-hotels-starting-oct-15/ And this is what I got: All of the stuff you see on the table was inside the yellow bag. There was no pet ID tag, but there was a bandana. There was one "puppy pad," and the bowls were suitable for a small dog. As far as them keeping dogs on certain loops, I was assigned to the 2600 loop, and the CM told me that they did not have any open cabins on the two designated dog cabin loops. I was required to sign this pet agreement: And they gave me this set of rules for the dog park: This is the "Pluto" "Do Not Disturb" door hanger. I don't see anything about Pluto on it: As everyone here already predicted, there were dogs on all of the cabin loops. There were dogs in the cabins on both side of our cabin. Fortunately, all of the dogs around us were well behaved, and we had no incidents. One of the dogs next door barked at anything that walked by, but other than that, it was quiet. I did hear some loud and constant barking coming from a neighboring loop, though. For us, the experiment was a success. It's way overpriced though, so I am not sure that we will be doing this very often. TCD
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    Instant Pot

    If you do a Google search for Black Friday Instant Pots, the Wal-Mart ad that Jason and Big Kahuna reference comes up. But in the ad it says pre Black Friday shop now (lots of stores are selling some Black Friday items already), and it lists the prices as $56.69 if you shop on line, or in store only at $49.00. I clicked on purchase, and it gave me an options to ship to home and would arrive on 11/29, pick up at store X on 11/29 or AVAILABLE IN STORE NOW. So took an early lunch and drove over to the closest store to work. Found 3, 6, and 8 quart models, but no 5? Got an associate, she took me to the same aisle, said that's all they have, the 5 qt. was a Black Friday ad item and they were not available yet (even though the ad said it was). She went and got a manager. Got the same story, it's available on Black Friday only, can't bring any out, corporate made the ad, etc. I asked if they would give me the 6 qt for the ad price, and she did. So I got a 6 qt regularly $79.00 for $49.00.
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    A different look at what could happen when Disney purchases parts of Fox. Look, we all want to watch Avengers and X-Men fight, but this Disney-Fox merger still sucks Let’s get the obvious thing out of the way first: Yes, it would be amazing if all of Marvel’s mutants and superheroes could align under one roof. No one would love that more than we would. Unfortunately, Disney isn’t Captain America, and 20th Century Fox isn’t Professor X. What was mere speculation a few weeks ago is rapidly becoming a likelihood: 20th Century Fox is planning to sell of the majority of its assets to Disney. The approximately $68 billion worth of media properties are being negotiated as we speak, with a deal expected to be announced as early as Wednesday. Deadline has published a lengthy investigation into precisely what this would mean for the mass media landscape, and while there’s a lot of moving parts to this potential sale, there are two main takeaways: 1) This will be awesome for Marvel fans. 2) This will be terrible for all of us in a broader sense. First, the good news. According to the report, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is excited to get his hands on the X-Men universe, meaning all the rest of the Marvel mutants and superheroes currently in Fox’s stable. That includes “Deadpool 2, New Mutants, Dark Phoenix, Gambit, X-Force and the James Franco-starrer Multiple Man all on the assembly line,” as Deadlinenotes, with a telltale hole where any reference to the Fantastic Four would go. Still, there’s at least one person who’s ready for some crossover between that last team and the Avengers: So who do I talk to about a Cap/Human Torch buddy comedy spin-off? I’m thinking Planes, Trains and Automobiles meets Parent Trap. Chris Evans Sounds good! That’s honestly a fun, potentially very rich merging of two universes that always belonged together. This past summer’s Spider-Man/Iron Man combo is just the tip of the iceberg, and a movie universe where there’s no reason that the Punisher couldn’t suddenly stumble upon Colossus fighting Hulk would be a gift to longtime Marvel fans. Unfortunately, that’s about the only real positive to come out of this situation. In the long run, all this merger does is contribute to an increasingly homogenized and calcified corporate dominance of the entertainment industry, with fewer and fewer media companies able to challenge the major studios. And in particular, it will make Disney arguably the most powerful studio that has ever existed. The company will exert even more outsized control than it currently does, muscling in on any turf where it can wrench an extra dollar away from someone who deserves it more. (One current example: Disney is demanding a massive increase in booking and profits —65 percent of profits and a guaranteed four-week screening window—from any theater that wants to screen the new Star Wars film, to the point where smaller movie theaters and locations in smaller markets are forced to turn down The Last Jedi, simply because it would be financially ruinous to keep a film up for two more weeks after everyone in their little town has already seen it.) Also, it will strip the Fox broadcast network from the studio that produces most of its properties—and in a world where profitability increasingly requires networks to pair with a studio to sell shows in other arenas, that could mean the death knell for Fox television as we know it. Deadline notes Disney would likely keep brand-affiliated shows like The Gifted and beloved institutions like Simpsons and Family Guy, but beyond that, “observers do not see Fox continuing as a network focused on scripted programming.” Without control of the studio that provides most of its content, the assumption is that Fox will instead focus more on “sports programming, news magazines, and possibly reality shows” to fill its primetime lineup. It also means FX, FXX, and more will be under the aegis of family-friendly Disney. It’s not unheard-of for the Disney brand to acquire edgy content (it has a 20 percent stake in Vice, for example), and it has utilized its different shingles in the past to put out harder fare—it was the Disney-owned Miramax that released Pulp Fiction—to profit off R-rated material from an arm’s-length distance. Presumably, the more arthouse-oriented Fox Searchlight film wing is hoping it currently falls into a similar category. But it’s also not unusual for Disney to water down film and TV to make it more accessible to the Mickey Mouse brand. Now that its deal with Netflix is ending, can anyone imagine an equivalent version of The Punisher being produced for a streaming service explicitly identified as “Disney”? “Just look at Marvel!” is not a good counter-argument, either. Just wait until the first Marvel bomb, then see how hands-off Disney remains. The deal also means Disney will have a greater stranglehold on the streaming market, as it will almost certainly gain control of Hulu should it go through—which would be a lot simpler than Disney trying to launch its own streaming service, as currently planned. It also means we’re one step closer to a full-blown Disney entertainment monopoly. Even if there will always be smaller alternatives, in the end, none of them will be able to compete on the same level. We may soon be left with a world where Disney and Amazon are circling each other, squeezing everyone else out on the way to their own inevitable merger. Still, there’s enough awful news in the world right now, it’s easy to place this latest corporate streamlining as roughly the 400th most unfortunate thing currently happening. So we wouldn’t blame you for shrugging at it. After all, you might finally get a chance to see Scarlet Witch go up against Jean Grey!
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    Disney buying Fox UPDATE 12/14

    Instead of a lot of typing, here's links to the latest news. https://thewaltdisneycompany.com/walt-disney-company-acquire-twenty-first-century-fox-inc-spinoff-certain-businesses-52-4-billion-stock/ http://variety.com/2017/biz/news/disney-fox-global-powerhouse-asia-europe-1202637277/ https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/12/disney-fox-merger Basically, they all say this will make Disney a HUGE (like they aren't already big enough) player, and Bobby Iger is sticking around until 2012.
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    Sounds like you get your Hot Cider somewhere at Wilderness Lodge before braving the cold and heading over to stare at those poor unfortunate lowlife campers. Carolers on the Hay Wagon, something new?
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    From www.inquisitr.com NEW PERMITS FILED SHOW NINTENDO PLANS AND MAP FOR BOTH PARKS AT UNIVERSAL ORLANDO – KIDZONE LIKELY GONE By now, it is no secret that Universal Orlando has been busy buying up a lot of land and preparing to build a Nintendo land, but more information is finally starting to come about. With the clever minds of those on the Internet, filed permits have been found that sort of map out where these new lands will go. Making matters even better than that is that the permits appear to show Nintendo areas going into both theme parks. In the last couple of years, Universal Orlando has purchased close to 600 acres for an expansion that will include new attractions, new lands, and even two new resort hotels. Some of the plans have been revealed, but many of the exact details have been kept under wraps for the most part. Well, WFTV is reporting that more Nintendo rides and attractions are going to be added to Islands of Adventure in the future. That means both theme parks (Universal Studios as well) will have rides from the video game giant. The thing is, sources also tell WFTV that more Nintendo attractions will also be built on the 500 acres of land that Universal Orlando purchased on the other side of I-4. This gives a bit more perspective when looking at the actual satellite image of the area. While the exact plans have not yet been revealed by Universal Orlando, the original thought is that Nintendo would take over a portion of Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone. That area includes attractions such as Fievel’s Playland, Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster, Curious George Goes To Town, Barney, and the E.T. Adventure. The new permits filed this past week show an 8.8-acre “Super Mario Land” in the area where KidZone currently stands. Different sections are named after Mario Kart and Donkey Kong, and further looking into the permit seems to prove that KidZone may not have much longer to live. As of now, Universal Orlando has not commented on the speculation and rumors floating around about Nintendo Land, but they can’t deny the permits. Sure, the permits show plans, but those are always possible to change as time goes on. Universal Studios Japan is set to open its Nintendo-themed area in 2020 with Orlando opening its version shortly after that happens. There are a lot of plans in place for Universal Orlando with additions to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and other sections of the resort. Nintendo Land is going to be absolutely huge and draw in large crowds who are already getting excited just by the permits filed. The only problem is that big fans of KidZone may not be thrilled if some longtime fan-favorite attractions end up being a casualty.
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    I don't disagree with your observations. Kids mesmerized by tablets and phones are sad. But, my biggest beef in the theme parks are the parents pushing strollers while engrossed with their phones. They just plod along with their giant strollers in front of them, blocking traffic and running into other guests. I wish it was OK for me to carry around an air horn to blast right behind them to tell them to put their phones away and enjoy their time in the parks. TCD
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    I hear you. My wife won't allow me to go around and offer a piece of rope to the saggy pantsers until they can find their belt.
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    I hope this gets fixed!!! The bad news is only Miss Piggy is featured in the new fountain, and there's no word on whether the other characters will return.
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    Ugh. 2 things I wanted to do this trip that DH wouldn't let me... go around taking phones out of people's hands who were surfing Facebook while missing out on all kinds of cool stuff around them; and tuck in people's shirt tags that were sticking out.
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    AK Changes

    orlandoweekly.com Disney will close Flights of Wonder and replace it with a show featuring the dog from 'Up' Disney confirmed this morning that Flights of Wonder at Disney's Animal Kingdom will close for good at the end of the year, and will be replaced with a show starring Russell and Dug from Disney Pixar’s "Up."The new show will open at some point before Animal Kingdom's 20th Anniversary in the Caravan Theater in the park’s Anandapur village, which means there's no more room for the long-standing bird show. Flights of Wonders last show will be December 31, 2017. From the official Disney blog: Disney did not reveal a name for this new show, or an exact opening date.
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    AK Changes

    This was all officially confirmed on the Disney Parks Blog today: 12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas: New Show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Feature Russell, Dug from Disney•Pixar’s ‘UP’ by Thomas Smith, Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks Today, we’re continuing our 12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas announcements with first details about an all-new show coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Spring 2018 featuring Russell and Dug from Disney•Pixar’s “UP.” Beginning just in time for the 20th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom next year, this new experience will offer guests the chance to see Senior Wilderness Explorer Russell and his furry friend Dug as they discover species of birds from around the world in their newest adventure at the Caravan Theater in Anandapur village. There will be “UP” close encounters each day with amazing winged creatures! As you plan ahead, we also wanted to let you know that in order to begin to prepare for the new show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, December 31, 2017 will be the final showing of Flights of Wonder. Until the end of this month, you can still experience Flights of Wonder at the park. Keep checking the Disney Parks Blog for future updates on the new experience with Russell and Dug from Disney•Pixar’s “UP” coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Spring 2018. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/12/12-days-of-disney-parks-christmas-new-show-at-disneys-animal-kingdom-to-feature-russell-dug-from-disney•pixars-up/ RIP Guano Joe. TCD
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    My youngest daughter got a guinea pig the other day. I told her if it we decided not to keep it that I was going to eat it. They are widely eaten in south America. I wanted to named it Stir Fry.
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    Universal was able to connect the two Harry Potter Lands by thinking outside the box and making a moving attraction out of the Hogwarts Express. Maybe they have something similar in mind here but on a larger scale?
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    Discovery Island little known fact

    Or where they get those giant "Turkey" legs from...
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    The capybara did seem to roam around the island, but the other animals were in enclosures. I am not sure if the one we saw was supposed to be out loose like it was. Capybaras can swim, so I would think they should have been concerned about them leaving the island. We only saw one loose the one time, so I always thought he was just an escapee. It's too bad you never got to visit Discovery Island. It was very easy to access from Fort Wilderness. There was a separate cost of admission, but you could buy those tickets at the old River Country ticket window. The cost was reasonable, and there was a River Country/Discovery Island combo ticket. I know we went a lot when the twins were under 3 because they got in for free. There was a little quick serve restaurant on the island that served kids meals in plastic buckets that came with a shovel. My kids were perfectly happy to spend time on the beach there digging in the sand using those plastic buckets. Sadly, the twins turned three the year that Animal Kingdom opened, and Discovery Island closed. They don't remember Discovery Island, and barely remember River Country, but my oldest daughter remembers both, especially the time she saw the giant squirrel with no tail. TCD
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    Annual Passholders Holiday Magnet

    You beat me to the post. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the passholder survey I got a month or so ago. The majority of the questions revolved aaround how I felt about the value of my pass, if we got recognized enough and if they did enough for us. You can probably guess what my answers were like. So just maybe they listened to people that responded.... see the part above that I bolded
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    The WDWMAGIC site is reporting that the Hall of Presidents will open before Christmas: The long awaited reopening of the Magic Kingdom's Hall of Presidents will take place before Christmas according to sources familiar with the matter. http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/hall-of-presidents/news/27nov2017-the-hall-of-presidents-to-reopen-before-christmas.htm I haven't seen this news posted anywhere else. TCD
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    Disney Springs News

    This is a strange contest to win a chance for a tour of the Edison and its associated restaurants. There's no mention of any food or anything, and it looks like they will be doing these tours for three full days, so a lot of people will "win" : Exclusive Disney Springs New Restaurant Walk Through Tour Sign up today for your chance to win an exclusive first-look into the latest additions to the Disney Springs dining scene with a behind the scenes tour of four of Central Florida’s most highly anticipated openings of 2017. You and a guest will have the rare opportunity to experience a guided walking tour of Maria & Enzo’s, Enzo’s Hideaway, Pizza Ponte and The Edison prior to their grand openings later this winter. Be one of the first to experience history in the making by signing up today. More About this Contest: Contest winners will be contacted by Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Preview tours will be scheduled for December 6, 7 and 8, 2017, from 9:30am – 6:00pm EST. Each tour will showcase all four venues and will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. Winners will need to arrive 20 minutes prior to their visit and have a valid photo ID that matches the name of the chosen participant. https://patinatours.com/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialpost Good luck to anyone who enters. I am sitting this one out. TCD
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    Yep! We had family staying with us this trip. When we added them to the reservation (by phone) we did not give them charging privileges. When they arrived they assumed that since they had cards on file from their last trip they were all set for charging. Um.... nope and nope. All of their charges went to our account. Luckily I noticed before they left and we sorted it out fairly easily, but we're still not sure what happened. Possibly the person we talked to on the phone didn't check whatever magical box authorizes charging for people on your reservation correctly. So if you're traveling in a group, you should just confirm at check in who does/doesn't have charging privileges. The good thing about the issue we ran into is that every charge showed not just what/where it was made, but which MB made it. That made it easy for us to correct. Also we wondered how, since you had to have a PIN to authorize a charge, family members were able to charge without our PIN. Turns out that your PIN is tied to your MDE, not to the charging privileges on the reservation account. So because they had valid PINs for their MDE accounts, the charges went through.
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    Thanks for the report, TCD! That would be smart if it was intentional. What Keith said. Too much or a risk of a dog that resource guards food from another dog starting trouble. We use treats as reinforcement for good behavior for our dogs, but I'm glad they're not allowed in the dog park. The frisbee/ball is reward enough for them when we're there anyway. We've run into mostly smart/considerate dog owners at the dog park over the past month. But I really truly wish that parents that bring their kids in pay more attention and don't let them just run around chasing other people's dogs. We've actually run into a couple of cases where the kids were in there without parents or a dog of their own, presumably to go play with other people's dogs?? (sigh) On the plus side, we ran into a 6 and a 10 year old - both very polite - who turned out to have excellent frisbee throwing skills. :)
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    We stay in the cabins. I don’t want to risk dog hair, or barking. We want quiet. I love all animals. I have a dog that I place in a daycare when I’m vacationing. Good get-away for me and my pet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome Home Sweepstakes

    Me 3. Beckers can stay in Joisey.
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    One thing I would point out is your Magic Band does not hold any account info. It is just a link to your My Disney Experience account. Room charging is a hotel feature only so it would require them to completely recode how the magic bands and charging work to make it possible to charge using your MB when not an onsite guest. I dont think we will ever see charging without an onsite stay just do to the massive coding changes it would take. I do think we may someday see verification for everyone of an AP for discounts with out having to charge to a room. This was probably a simple code change for testing purposes.
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    Thanks for TCD on the scene reporting. I think that's plutos paw print on the do not disturb hanger. We should probably get the snark forensic team involved to verify.
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    This evening as we were relaxing with family after T'gving dinner, our doorbell rang. It was one of our neighbors who saw my Christmas decorations which includes my Mickey lampost with a santa hat on one ear. They were both wearing Mickey sweatshirts and they have a 5th wheel with Mickey decorations on it. Showed them the camper and gave out Fiend cards. They said they have four Mickey lamposts :) Hope to see them soon on the forum!
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    Medical Care while at WDW

    I'm not affiliated with this group, nor have I used their CentraCare facilities. I have used Florida Hospital who runs the CentraCare offices and they are top notch. I was looking into using one of these for my aunt who fell and cut her leg, but she was adamant about going to the ER (she's 99 and pretty set in her ways). https://centracare.org/florida/ While I was checking hours, etc I came across this page which may be of interest to WDW visitors. https://centracare.org/florida/visitors/ ORLANDO VISITORS Don’t Let Illness Ruin Your Vacation The absolute last thing you want to think about during your vacation is an illness. But if an unexpected illness occurs, Centra Care is practically right next door and just a phone call away. Quality Medical Care at Your Place or Ours Centra Care offers you fast, affordable urgent care services close to Orlando’s attractions. We can arrange for complimentary transportation to any one of our closest locations – call (407) 938-0650 for pick-up. Services Offered Free Transportation – Call (407) 938-0650 for pick-up Adult and Pediatric Doctors On-site care of minor illness and injury for adults and children Open late 7-days-a-week, some locations open until midnight No Appointment Needed; Walk-In Medical Service On-site X-ray or Lab Services Most Prescriptions Filled On-Site Affordable Urgent Medical Care Most Insurances Accepted Major credit cards, traveler’s checks, and cash accepted Se Habla Español (click to enlarge) Locations Close to All Major Attractions Centra Care is only a short drive to and from most area attractions, resorts and hotels! Note that hours are subject to change for holidays, call ahead for current hours. This is probably the closest to WDW https://centracare.org/florida/locations/lake-buena-vista-centra-care/
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    Happy Thanksgiving Fiends!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! No matter where you are camping today, whether it be in some remote campground, The Fort, or in your living room, we all have a lot to be thankful for! I hope you all have a fun, safe and relaxing Thanksgiving day!!
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    Continuing through World Showcase. Then I got near the American Adventure, and traffic stopped cold. It was shoulder-to-shoulder people, and no one could move. I sat in the same spot for several minutes. It was so bad that a man behind me jokingly offered to pay me to mow some of the people down and create a path for us. I was starving. Had only had a breakfast bar and an order of onion rings all day. But the lines at the food booths were so long that I just kept going. I finally found a food booth with no line -- New Zealand -- and stopped there for a lamb meatball. That was my dinner. Then I made my way back to Future World. I said goodnight to EPCOT and caught a bus back to the Fort.
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    They have opened up the new lanes that lead to the Fort from World Drive. When you approach the toll plaza, make sure you are in the far right lane. You no longer are required to (or can) travel through the MK toll plaza and make that right turn to head to the Fort. In fact, if you do end up in the toll plaza thinking you can get ahead of the traffic back up and make that right turn, think again. They have it walled off. You will either have to proceed to the MK parking lot or bear to the left to an exit that dumps you out right at the Car Care Center and the Speedway gas station. And we all know what a pain that becomes at that point... When I was there on Thursday while on Monorail over to Epcot, the traffic seemed to back way up World Drive because there is still a traffic light the WL, PVR, and CR have to stop for, as they are required to make a left turn. The Fort traffic just has to slow down and merge onto Vista Drive. I'm sure as the "fly over" and the other traffic features come on line, this pattern will most likely change. Just wanted everyone to be prepared and not get caught in the toll plaza.
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    At that point I had a decision to make. Jean Ann, Ceil, and Mary had already gone to EPCOT. They were going to visit some F&WF booths for dinner and then go a dessert party which included viewing Illuminations and then a ride on Frozen. I really wanted to see Pandora at night, but the area was becoming way too crowded to get decent pictures. I had paid for a park hopper that I hadn't used, and I wanted to take some nighttime shots at EPCOT too, so I decided EPCOT couldn't be as crowded as Pandora and headed over there. Again, I was wrong. Future World wasn't too bad. Once I made the turn into the World Showcase, the crowd tripled. That's why you will see lots of photos of the tops of the buildings and not the whole thing.
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    They show Jacksonville, Fl as the deadliest city on I-95 which I can believe with all of the merges and the curve to the bridge. There isn't a lot of room to recover from a mistake.
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    Yes and all we did was ask when we made the ressies. We were in 119, DD and family were in cabin 120.
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    Has Anyone Seen This?

    Posts like this one don't normally stay up long, so take a look while you can. This appears to be a video taken by a worker on the cell towers hidden neat the Hitch/Unhitch area of the Fort: TCD
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    Pics of your Pet

    Speaking of cuties, this is our little furry companion, Chap. He's a Pomeranian who loves to hang out in the living room. We raised him ever since he was a pup and has been a bundle of joy all throughout the years. He also likes to play outdoors, so as a precaution, we bought a wifi dog fence, just so he wouldn't stray far from our yard. He would cuddle up during the night and would even lick us in the morning. Overall, he's a really good dog.
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    Yup, they decided that they didn't want some of us to continue to be members of their site almost 6 years ago, so FortFiends.net was born and allows us to be our helpful, snarky selves, with the BEST information about Fort Wilderness :)