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    I'll take the free publicity, honestly. Wouldn't dream of bugging them about using our name like that. I'm happy to see people writing about the Fort thinking enough of us to use us for research! Complaining at them about name-dropping us seems counter-productive on every level I can imagine.
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    Pet loops

    I discovered back in October that Minnie the chihuahua/chinese crested mix loves motorcross on the TV. She legitimately got ticked and barked after we went back into the camper and I changed the channel. Had to change it back and let her lay back down on the couch to finish watching it. I might have to leave both tvs on so they can watch different programming.
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    Somebody told me one time that the store is just ok, but it can be entertaining to watch a woman trying to fit 6 restaurant chairs into her car.
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    New Monorail Fleet ordered?

    Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas. No siempre cierran apropiadamente, y BandAids mantiene estos autos juntos.
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    There used to be 17 cabanas on the family beach, and 4 at Serenity Bay, as noted on this map. But at some point, they built 4 more cabanas at the Family beach, and re-numbered the Serenity Bay cabanas from 18-21 to 22-25, as per the current map below. So, current cabana 22 used to be cabana 18, and they figured that nobody would ever notice that the nautical flags no longer match up with the cabana number.
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    Thanks TCD. I have been 'out of circulation' for a while. We just got back from a short visit to The Fort. I'll share a few photos. We picked up our new Jayco TT on Tuesday and went straight from the dealership to Site 614.
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    New Weekend Brunch at Olivia's

    My wife and I stopped by Olivia's yesterday for lunch. We found out it was the first day for their new weekend brunch. The brunch runs until 3PM with a 2 hour break until dinner starts at 5. On weekdays, their old schedule of lunch until dinner start at 5 remains. Here is the menu: A lot of the items look good, but we chose our standby, the Buttermilk Chicken. We always like that, and when we received the food we saw that it was improved, with a biscuit on top (which was delicious): The restaurant retains the same casual atmosphere which we enjoy. All in all a nice change. I'm also glad the the normal lunch menu remains for the rest of the week.
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    SW 2018

    OK that's it looks like next year is another big trip out west, really wish the wife would retire waiting for school to end is cramping my camping!!!!!
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    We left off with us about to set sail from Castaway Cay. All aboard time was 4:45, and they were already casting off the lines at 4:55. One of the twins took this photo from our cabin at 4:55: Here's an artistic shot taken a few minutes later as the ship pulled away from the island: At the same time, I was up top watching us pull away: It's pretty amazing how fast the ship moves away from the island when it's time to go. Docking is a slow process that seems to take forever, but when it's time to go, they go. These next three photos were taken one minute apart, beginning at 5:01 pm: I watched for a little while, then visited the adult pool for a bit. I like the layout of the adult pool area much more on the Wonder than the layout on the Dream-class ships. The hot tubs were empty, so I even enjoyed some hot tub time. While I was doing that, the girls put the dresses they had worn when we boarded back on and hunted down our favorite chipmunks for this photo: They had hoped to get that photo on day one, but the chipmunks weren't in the right outfits until night three. But, mission accomplished. Tonight was the new Frozen show, so we had to go to that. Unfortunately, that show started 15 minutes earlier than the shows started on the other nights of our cruise, which eliminated our chance to pregame in the Crown and Fin. Boo! Before the show, our cruise director welcomed us and made some announcements. She congratulated us for having enjoyed the nicest weather on Castaway Cay so far this year. That was an interesting comment, and we all agreed that the weather had been close to perfect for us. On most cruises, I skip at least one of the shows, but we ended up seeing all three on this cruise. I've been sick of all things Frozen for a long time, but I enjoyed the show. I think it was because it was a live performance with very talented actors. Our final dinner was in Animators Palate, which meant I had to wear my John Lassiter Hawaiian shirt, which has not been worn since our last cruise: Twin #1 took the requisite selfie with our server: Normally, after our last dinner we would have to rush back to the cabin to pack our suitcases and put them out in the hallway to be collected. But, for this cruise we decided to try something new and keep all of our luggage to carry off on the last morning. That ended up being a big hit- no rushing around and trying to figure out what to pack and what to keep. The key to this was that we committed to pack much lighter than normal for this cruise- just one carry on sized suitcase each. Since we didn't have to rush back to the cabin, we got a good spot for the 'Till We Meet Again show, and the girls took advantage of all the meet and greet opportunities. Twin #1 won the award for most obscure meet and greet with this selfie with Ensign Benson: This farewell show is nicer than how the do it on the Dream: After the show, we did some final exploring around the ship: We hunted down the entrance to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which is in a very remote part of the ship: We wandered around some more, and then headed back to the cabin for our last room service order. The next morning, we were woken by the engine noises of us docking at Port Canaveral. We enjoyed a quick final breakfast at Cabanas, and then headed off the ship. Not having to hunt down our bags in that big luggage room was a plus. The customs lines moved kind of slow, and for the first time ever, we got pulled from the line to have our bags searched by a customs officer. Luckily, we had nothing to worry about, as we hadn't purchased anything of significance, and didn't have any prohibited items with us. Maybe the Customs Officer read our body language, as she ended up just peeking in our backpacks, and never opened our suitcases. I was glad that we didn't have to sit there while she searched through all of our bags. From there, we headed to the car, loaded up, and next stop was home in time for Easter brunch. And that's it. Thanks for following along. TCD
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    Sorry. i just got back from Disneyland yesterday. As per usual the last day was a marathon day in the parks followed by a red eye flight home. I don't bounce back from those kinds of trips as well as I used to. The good news is another trip report is on the way. TCD
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    Pet loops

    Pup Simon like HGTV... or, at least, I like to think that he does
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    Sounds like quite the show! :)
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    Upon arrival at Fort Wilderness we discovered one of our rooftop Dometic A/C’s had stopped cooling. The compressor would not kick on. Based on positive reviews from several web sites and Facebook we contacted Norbert at Master RV Mobile Services. He answered the phone on a Sunday evening and we made an appointment for Tuesday morning. He called to confirm before arriving and arrived on time. He is the epitome of friendly, professional service. He did a thorough diagnostic check of the A/C, located the problem (fried over load protector caused by a loose wire), repaired the unit, checked the 2nd unit and wrapped up in 50 minutes. A very personable gentleman. Highly recommend. 407.348.0862. He doesn’t have a web site but uses Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Master-RV-Mobile-Service-156979827697699/
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    There are several travel agents that can help with the heavy lifting. I'm sure one will reply soon.
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    There's a new menu.... maybe it will be better? https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/05/a-rootin-tootin-new-menu-at-the-diamond-horseshoe/
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    1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    I think they have a ski show on the lake in front of the hospital one Saturday a month with the skiers from the old show for free. It is on a lake side and you need to bring your own chair.
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    That family probably read one of your previous DCL trip reports, where you mentioned being the last one on the island, and wanted to be like you. Just look at it as the highest form of flattery. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Dragon caught fire today

    So I have a theory. A former bus driver plans on firebombing the EWP, and was practicing today.
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    Dragon caught fire today

    Looks like my dog after a bath....dejected.
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    What I would do instead, is contact Jason at MouseCounselors (sponsor here on the board), and get him looking for a full hookup for you. Then cancel your premium once he finds it. He will do everything he can to find the right reservation for you!!
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    When we went a month ago they would not let us into the store at all until the CM we were with showed their card. It's hit or miss on what you find there. Sometimes we've gotten a ton of stuff, the last couple of times not much. Some inventory (clothes in particular) is very similar to what the outlet stores carry at similar prices but they have a lot more besides. Bonus is that you get the CM discount on top of those prices. There's actually a grocery section and last time I bought a bunch of oranges and limes that were MUCH better/cheaper than what Publix had. Current hours are posted as Monday 9AM–7:30PM Tuesday 9AM–7:30PM Wednesday 9AM–7:30PM Thursday 9AM–7:30PM Friday 9AM–7:30PM Saturday 9AM–7:30PM Sunday 9AM–7:30PM
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    Thanks for the info. I’m not looking for anything particular.. I just really want to go look around. I guess if I find something I can’t live without I could always give Lou a call. If he’s not to busy.
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    The lights out is also part of the Mammoth Cave tours. We were lucky in regards to cell phones that nobody was using them or flash photography.
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    River Country

    I'm surprised that they didn't try to make the conveyor belt a tier one Fast Pass ride!
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    The gentleman's screen name is BayLake Campers. He's still active on the boards. PM sent with more info. P.S. There's also a sticky on the crafting board that may have more info if needed. Hope this helps.
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    Grumpy and Grandma

    Site satellite info

    All loops are now pet freindly. As to sat it is hit or miss in most loops. Mostly depends on whether you have a free standing dish.
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    New Monorail Fleet ordered?

    Just by a box of Band-aids and open it when you want that Monorail smell.
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    I’m late to the party but I just have to comment that it’s nice to see you got a pedicure for your classic hammock shot.
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    Now if they will develop a set of pants to use with a princess meet and greet they may be onto something
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    One year when my 3 boys were in the 9 - 11 ish range and didn't have smartphones yet, we went during Spring Break. Life had been hectic before our trip and while we were standing in lines I found out all sorts of things that had been going on at school and their other activities. Funny stories about teachers and classmates, what they were learning, they talked to each other about mutual friends, etc. etc. It was such a nice added bonus to spend that time together that I still remember it most about the trip.
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    New Monorail Fleet ordered?

    Because 7 ate nine?
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    Trails End Gatekeeping

    Ate at the TE tonight for dinner (damn delicious). Tried to walk up, because hey, it's always half full. It was a bit busy in front with the hoop de doo shift change, but they told me no walk ins. So what's a guy to do? Well, I'll tell you....you open up your disney app and pick one of the 10 available times, walk back up to the podium and get shown to your table in a half to 3/4 full restaurant. Why do this? I watched several families get told the same thing and walk away. Best part was, it was getting late and there were piles of fresh food left....all to be thrown in the "compost pile" as I was told. Makes no sense, unless you make so much money you no longer care. A regular person just can't comprehend their logic. Did I mention it's still tasty as could be? Happy reservations!
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    Trails End Gatekeeping

    We've done this as well.... or they've allowed us to walk up, but made us wait 20 minutes only to seat us in a near empty restaurant. It's a buffet people. Put in a coffee/juice machine and the entire floor could be ran by a staff of 2 people. I agree with you... why? Makes absolutely no sense.