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    The reaction online every time Disney increases costs or implements new fees is predictable. Outrage, and proclamations of "I'm done! I'm spending my vacation dollars elsewhere!". I've done it myself...many times. And I have reduced frequency of visits, and gone to other places. And yet, WDW attendance has not declined, and most of us do return at least occasionally. Why? Because, let's face it, there is nothing comparable elsewhere. Sure, there are other theme parks, resorts, and fun destinations. But there is no other place that offers everything WDW does in one massive, magical, pixie dust filled bubble. That is why they get away with this, and will continue to get away with it. If your local restaurant tried to keep raising prices, competition would do them in. But at this point, Disney doesn't have that problem. If you stay away, another American, or 15 Brazilians, will take your place. The MK is already near capacity most days. Pandora has helped AK approach capacity. Just wait until SW Land opens and HS will max out. I'm sure Epcot will get there too once they complete all of the upcoming work, and if not they'll just add more festival days. So the point is, if you don't like this, I don't blame you. But your choice is to suck it up, or go elsewhere. Disney doesn't care what you do. Their capacity is going to be maxed out for many years to come, barring a significant worldwide recession, so driving some guests away doesn't hurt them. This is simply the law of supply and demand on painful display. Now, with that said, I need to go make some ADR's....
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    River Country

    I have respectfully disagree. Disney has been running an RV park for 40+ years I believe As you know we own some rental properties and a mobile home park And we have been looking at adding a small hotel to our properties and/or converting our mobile home park into an RV park. And I can tell the ROI is a lot better on a RV park Like most businesses labor is the biggest expense, after debt service. And there is a lot less labor involved in running an RV park. One guy and a hose can wash down and RV site in five minutes. Without getting into to much detail. A hotel room that is rented for a week has to have 6 stay over cleanings and one check out cleaning. A RV site that is rented for a week only needs a check out cleaning. A branded hotel needs a “remodel” every 5-7 years. And that includes rooms and public areas. Mostly the soft goods in the rooms. An RV park needs to upgrade its public spaces every 6-8 years. The cost of building a hotel compared to the cost of building a RV park...well let’s just say it’s not even in the same ball park. And the maintenance and up keep of a hotel is considerably higher than an RV park. Of course I don’t have a way of factoring in the very expensive real estate that the fort sits on. But in my humble opinion if Disney was to build a new RV resort it would not be on bay lake. It would be built far from any park or entertainment venue. And it would turn a tidy profit for Disney
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    Pushing Back Retirement

    Just got back from 4 day stay at Yacht Club. Managed a dinner at Trails End and was seated by Miss Josephine. She told us she has postponed retirement. Good news for TE guests.
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    Maybe a New Rig Next Spring

    Thanks everyone! I'm most happy about being able to provide content to this forum that I get so much enjoyment reading. I'm not always in the know about current Disney events, and not one to post just to put in my 2 cents, so I take it as a compliment that you all value my updates. Can't wait to try this thing out with its maiden repaired voyage being the Fort.
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    https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/03/19/disneylands-most-sought-after-popcorn-bucket-finally-arrives-at-magic-kingdom The price of food at Disney theme parks, or really any theme park, makes the prices at even the outrageous movie theaters look reasonable. If the scents aren’t enough to convince guests to buy the overpriced popcorn, then the specialty popcorn buckets likely will be. Over the years the buckets have become more and more detailed, and many fans have turned the food containers into prized collectibles. In June of 2016, the buckets took off when a refillable popcorn option was rolled out both in Disneyland and here in Orlando. The buckets range in price, with some topping over $20 while most are around $15. Refills debuted at $1.50 and are now $1.75, and are good for the same day as the bucket purchase. The cheap refills and unique designs made the buckets an excellent collectible, causing their popularity to quickly grow. By the end of last year, the trend had gone mainstream with Star Wars fans lining up for a Star Wars AT-AT-themed bucket and Travel & Leisure declaring the “hottest souvenir” of the Christmas season a Pluto-themed one. But even with the lines for the new buckets longer than some for rides, one of the most popular popcorn buckets wasn’t available here in Orlando. Since they debuted as part of Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary in 2015, the Mickey Balloon Popcorn Buckets have been a huge hit. The buckets are shaped to look exactly like the Mickey shaped interior balloon and come in three colors. Now, after three years, the Mickey Balloon Popcorn Buckets have debuted here in Orlando. Currently, the buckets here only come in red and are only being sold for $15 at the popcorn stand in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. According to Disney World news site, Chip and Co. purple buckets may be debuting soon. There's no word yet on whether other colors will debut or how long the buckets will be sold here in Florida. If you want one of the popcorn buckets but you don't want to deal with the record number of Brazilian tourists at the Magic Kingdom, you can also buy the buckets via Amazon ,($20 and $24 and limited amounts) but you'll have to provide your own popcorn. The writer must be a WDW regular, and has a sense of humor!
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    OK, I just figured out how to pay much "less" for your parking if you are driving into Disney, and it will work for any resort. PLUS, it will give you the pleasure of costing Disney money, instead of giving it to them. When you book your Disney reservation, book DME, and give them phantom airlines and flight numbers for your departure and arrival. Google MCO parking and find the cheapest parking deal you can find. I've seen as little as $3.99 a day. Drive to that parking place instead of Disney, and have them drop you at MCO, then go board DME to go to your resort. At the end of your trip, board DME for the airport, get on the shuttle to your parking spot, then head home. If you don't want to put your entire family and all the luggage on DME and the parking lot shuttle, you could drop the family, luggage, and your grocery run off at the resort, then one of you deposit the car. Then at the end of the trip, one of you could hop on DME to get to MCO to retrieve the car, come back to WDW and retrieve the family and luggage. Yes, it's a little bit of your time, but Disney doesn't get the extra revenue for a parking space they already have, another business does get your revenue, and your are getting every penny's worth of the "benefits" of being a Disney resort guest.
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    Doubt it. Seems they would actually prefer you pay for a site, but not stay there. I'm sure they'd probably be just fine with you mailing a check and staying home too! Pay, but don't use as many services and amenities is a great deal for Disney.
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    You are assuming that Fort management is actually going to enforce this new rule. My prediction is that nothing will change at the campsites. They say there is space for one car per campsite...in fact, re-read the language we've seen: Complimentary standard parking is available to Guests staying at Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. Each campsite provides parking space for one (1) motorized vehicle How is this any different from what is already in place? This tells me that they will not charge for parking for campsite guests. They reserve the right to charge if you have more than one vehicle, and perhaps they will try to do this, at first. But then they will have to police every site. They'll have to leave notes on cars where there is more than one per campsite. Ok...so what exactly has changed here from the way it has been for many years? Other than the possibility of more revenue, but Disney likes revenue that is easy and non-confrontational to obtain. In this case, they'll have to continually piss off guests by telling them they will need to pay for that extra car or 2 on the site. Fort management has shown zero inclination over the years of wanting to enforce rules that tick off guests. So I predict nothing will change, no one will be charged, and the huge groups that take over on weekends and holidays will continue to do so.
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    Well, I gave in..

    Congratulations!! May I suggest that you avoid O'hana?
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    Tire recommendations?

    Update: We just returned from our 1400 mile round trip to the Fort with the new tires and I'm happy to report that the Carlisles performed admirably. Trailer rode nice and no issues.
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    But then at the end of your stay you just have to go get your car from the impound lot. They probably charge less per day than Disney. There you go, folks....I just found a loophole!
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    I remember when value season at resorts used to be almost all year other than summer, Easter and Christmas. When the dern rate schedules started having 20 categories and only about 6 weeks of values rates spread throughout the year, I was over it. It took a while, for me to finally throw up my hands and throw my ap away, but it's been over two years and I don't regret my decision to end my relationship with Disney. As locals, we went often and ate almost exclusively at tableservice restaurants. The quality kept going down while pricesj kept going up at a rapid rate. I know they didn't notice when I quit going. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    I've been thinking this might actually be good for the Fort if it stops the folks with more than one vehicle from parking halfway out in the road.
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    *cough* Dollywood *cough*
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    My youngest (15) was with us this trip. We thought it would be fun to collect them at night and park them on the beach next to the pirate ship. Mom wasn't on board... Something about petty theft and bail money.
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    They need to bring some the parks stroller wranglers over to the resorts and go hide them!
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    Yeah, it may all be a bunch of crap, but it's fun to see what crazy ideas people "hear" about, claim they are set in stone, and pass along. I mean, lets build a land based on a 7 year old film about blue people that the majority of the population never saw, and the ones that did weren't crazy about.
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    Is Dole Whip Next?

    But cinnamon has 3 syllables.
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    Is Dole Whip Next?

    Normally I'd agree 100%. Unless those 37 ingredients I can't pronounce are pineapple flavored and swirled into a cup of pineapple juice.
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    New baby hippo at AK

    I don’t know if it’s been reported here but a new baby hippo was born at AK. Story from https://m.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/02/22/disney-introduces-new-burly-boy-hippo Disney introduces new burly boy hippo by Gunnar Shuler comment photo via Disney Disney just announced the name and gender of their new baby hippo at Animal Kingdom, and it's a burly boy named Augustus. When you think of the name Augustus, you may think of a pudgy kid from Willy Wonka fell into the chocolate river. However, in terms of the new addition to Animal Kingdom, it's a 168-pound hippo. Augustus is said to have a playful personality and has spent the last monthbonding with his mom, Luma. RELATED A baby hippo was born at Disney's Animal Kingdom last night The Nile hippopotamus is the first hippo to be born at the park in 13 years, according to Dr. Scott Terrell, director of animal and science operations. The Nile hippopotamus is considered a vulnerable species with a declining population, which makes this a birth a pretty big deal.
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    Over the years there have been many, many things that have disappeared from the Fort. The train, the peacocks, swimming in the lake, the totem poles, the covered wagon, the River Country wagon, the lawnmower tree....just to name a few. Everything on that list either had a good reason, such as maintenance issues, or while they impacted the ambiance of the resort, they maybe didn't directly impact my enjoyability of spending time there. But this one crosses a line. There is nothing I enjoy more than some quality rocking chair time on the porch. In fact, when I'm at the Fort, I do it AT LEAST twice per day. I enjoy coffee on that porch in the morning, while Anna plays on the playground. And I enjoy a beverage in the late afternoon, before we embark on our evening dinner plans whether they be back at the campsite or off on a boat or bus for a dining adventure. Those rocking chairs are a big part of The Fort to me. Yes, all of the other things I listed above were enjoyable, but as I said, I understand why the train went. I don't necessarily understand why the River Country wagon is gone, but its removal, which we personally witnessed on March 18, 2010, hasn't really impacted me. This does. And this one actually hurts more than the MSB cinnamon rolls.
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    Dapper Dan Days

    Thanks for all the reply's. The website was very instructive. I have a hat and t-shirt that says "remain calm and be Dapper." As for who told me I was going, that would be DW and DD. I have a very important task of pushing the baby buggy around with the grandson in it. I am much relieved that I will not have to sing.
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    New baby hippo at AK

    I feel guilty for not reporting sooner. We were incredibly lucky to see this little darling the morning he was born. He was visible on the Safari, along with a whole ton of cast members that were observing Mommy and Baby. According to our driver, they had been with the mother for over 24 hours. The driver was explaining that the baby had been born as we were rounding the bend and the little guy lifted his head up out of the water. It was a breathtaking moment!! Also, the tiger cubs are now out for viewing on the Maharajah Trail. They weren't out much when we were there because the temperature was too cold.
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    Some good news....

    Years ago it was reported that Bill Gates and his wife were setting up a foundation and donating $$X amount ( I don't remember the figure) but the author likened it to an average person donating the change in their pocket. People/companies do good deeds all the time, but people always want them to do more, while they sit back on their butts, write articles, and complain.
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    Seems to me like these "special events" are getting out of hand. I feel sorry for people who buy tickets to find out their time in a specific park is limited because of an "evening event." A day ticket on those special days is exactly that- doesn't mean you get night time too. They need to start charging less for limited access. That'll never happen-haha! But would be an eloquent solution, good public relations, and put the smile back on Walt's face.
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    You just wanted the goodie bag.
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    Well, I gave in..

    It's why we go to Disney so much
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    Well, I gave in..

    Exactly! I fully agree, I'll spend every dime I can on memories and family time! WBI
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    But, but, but.....she's holding a GUN!!??!!!
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    https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/03/12/a-heavily-rumored-mary-poppins-attraction-is-starting-to-look-more-real-at-epcot Take it with a grain of salt... The most notable promotion during the recent shake-up is Jim MacPhee. Previously the Senior Vice President of Parks, MacPhee is now the Sr. VP of Operations, where he’ll oversee all operations including Food and Beverage, Transportation and Parks, Live Entertainment, and Disney Springs. According to insiders familiar with the discussions, certain projects like the Coco update to the boat ride in the Mexico pavilion are being slowed down for more in-depth review, while other projects have gained new cheerleaders for them. Just across the lagoon from Mexico, we found a project where this is likely the case. Mary Poppins has been rumored for the United Kingdom pavilion for years now, but more recently this small addition, that would’ve included a carousel and a recreation of Cherry Tree Lane, was believed dead. This concept was replaced with a Brave-themed dark ride. The Brave ride wasn’t the first dark ride proposed for the land, but unlike the earlier Loch Ness Monster-themed ride, it was one of the first to feature Disney intellectual property. But now, with early reviews of the still under development Mary Poppins Returns showing promise for the franchise, Disney looks to be wanting to cash in on this iconic franchise in new ways. Last year, insiders known for their accurate leaks regarding upcoming projects began indicating that the Brave dark ride was moving forward. Numerous respected users on the WDWMagic forums including marni1971 and WDW1974, both known for their inside knowledge of upcoming WDW projects, indicated that the Brave ride was indeed happening. Then Marni1971 announced in December that the project was “in flux” with Brave possibly getting the boot for a different intellectual property. In early February, the YouTube channel Mickey Views announced an Imagineer’s private Instagram account that they had been following was now confirming Poppins was headed to the pavilion. Roughly four weeks later, Marni1971 mentioned the project now in the works for the pavilion would open by the end of 2020. Then, late last week another insider on the message boards confirmed a Mary Poppins dark ride was coming and should break ground by the end of this year. There’s no indication on when Disney plans to announce the United Kingdom project, but with the tight timeline on the project it should happen within the next year, possibly as part of a WDW media blitz in May where other new additions may be announced, including a possible new nighttime show, or as part of the marketing around the new film this winter.
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    Any company, credit union, military group etc could join "The Club" and it afforded employees/members discounts and special benefits. I had an employer and credit union that both belonged and you would get a special ID card that HR or member services would issue. In the mid and late 70's early 80's one benefit was, in the off season when a,b,c,d&e ride tickets were used, members would get books of all "e" tickets for the same price as the general public's assorted ticket book. We would buy the tickets and keep them for summer visits since the tickets never expired. Then they switched to regular discounts as shown on your freinds brochure. Don't remember what else we got it was too long ago. Club was good at both DL & WDW.
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    After just getting home yesterday from WDW I will say I still love the Fort is it over priced, probably but it's a great place. Now for the parks with how crowded they have become they are not really that enjoyable anymore. I mean who in there right mind waits over 2 hours for the Jungle Cruise. After you use your 3 fast passes that's pretty much it for riding stuff. Other than EMH but even that only being 2 hours at night is not great. We still have one more trip planned due to having AP`s. But after that I think we may be done with WDW until they can get there crowds under control. As far as the parking fee I don't see it really affecting me, but I am tired of seeing the rates increase with little improvement to things. And the parking fee just feels like greed to me, making me less likely to book future trips.
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    And they were blind if they haven't seen the crowds increasing. Plans should have been made long ago to somehow either expand the foot prints of the parks or build a new WDW somewhere else in the US or this hemisphere. They saw the crowds increase, but I guess the per person spending didn't, so they just decided to do nothing as far as expansion. New rides in the existing parks are good, but it's only going to put a huge strain on the already overcrowded parks.
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    https://www.abcactionnews.com/traffic/traffic-news/traffic-alert-travel-trailer-dangles-over-i-275-in-st-petersburg Follow the link for more photos and a video The video showed how they looped a huge strap under the rear of the TT, and that tow truck lifted it and re-positioned it onto the highway. I would venture to say between the bash in the side from the accident and the stress on the TT frame from dangling and being lifted, they are going to have a lot of issues with their stay. Travel trailer removed from I-275 overpass in St. Pete after crash Initial reports indicate a family was on the way to Walt Disney World when their trailer was rear-ended by another vehicle. The camper, being pulled by a Ford Explorer got pushed over the overpass and dangled over the edge. A tow truck responded to remove the trailer. The trailer was removed at approximately 12:40 p.m.. No one was hurt in the accident. Supposedly the SUV had a flat tire, and after it was changed they continued on their way to WDW.
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    And he has confirmed if booked before March 21 and modified they are not subject to the parking fee.
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    On good note, 3 days parking at a deluxe resort equals 1 day golf cart rental...lol. You choose. Drive to Tennessee and make Dollywood you new destination of choice
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    So that makes it sound like you can park one vehicle without charge at your campsite....as opposed to one spot in the overflow lot per campsite. Or am I reading it wrong? And actually, upon reading it again, it says each campsite provides parking space for one "motorized vehicle". That could be interpreted to mean a motorhome, but you'd have to pay for your toad.
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    Hey it worked that time! WBI
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    2 snowflakes have invaded

    I normally don't post things like this but the Dave in me is coming out. We are sitting here at trails end and there are 2 snowflakes at the table beside of us. We have been here about 20 minutes and these 2 girls have been complaining about the tater tots being called hashbrowns and it is offensive. Now this isn't just a 30 second discussion, this has been going on for 20 minutes. They keep talking about how they are vegan and vegans know how to properly identify potatoes. The best part is they are both munching down on some bacon and dipping those hashbrowns in the sausage gravy while the Mickey waffles suck up the blueberry syrup. What has our society come to?
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    Looks like WalMart has them for $21. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Camco-30M-30F-Amp-25-PowerGrip-Extension-Cord-125V-3750W-10-gauge-cCSAus/21009152?action=product_interest&action_type=title&beacon_version=1.0.2&bucket_id=irsbucketdefault&client_guid=c153b74f-c0f2-42d8-3c70-31d7d806a23c&config_id=106&customer_id_enc&findingMethod=p13n&guid=c153b74f-c0f2-42d8-3c70-31d7d806a23c&item_id=21009152&parent_anchor_item_id=29764593&parent_item_id=29764593&placement_id=irs-106-t1&reporter=recommendations&source=new_site&strategy=PWVUB&visitor_id=bKEkzHI2eGdyf4YpLoL_Z4
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    River Country Again

    I'm starting to wonder if I've blabbed one too many times about how great the Fort is. "The First rule of the Fort is, you don't talk about the Fort...." Hey, maybe there's something to that. It's not like Disney actually advertises the Fort all that much...
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    An overachiever!

    Welcome to Florida! https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/03/01/a-burmese-python-in-florida-broke-a-record-by-regurgitating-a-deer-bigger-than-itself A Burmese python in Florida broke a record by regurgitating a deer larger than itself An invasive Burmese python in Florida pulled off arguably one of the most metal feats of nature this week. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida announced they found a Burmese python attempting to digest a white-tailed deer that was 111 percent its size in Collier-Seminole State Forest on Thursday.The fawn weighed 35 pounds while the 11-foot python came in at 31.5 pounds, which the Conservancy called "not a big python by any stretch of the imagination." The ratio of predator to prey is believed to be the biggest ever documented of a Burmese python and could possibly be the biggest of any python species.When the team found the python they were amazed by the size of the bulge in the snake and could tell it had bitten off more than it could digest. After it was moved from where it was found, the distressed snake regurgitated the deer.WFTS has a few incredibly gross photos of the snake barfing out the deer, if you're into that. The non-native species of python is considered invasive with no natural predators to hunt it. The Conservancy attempts to keep the population down and the South Florida Water Management District has even hired bounty hunters to help the problem.
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    Cortezcapt (Derek)

    New baby hippo at AK

    I want hippopotamus for Christmas only a hippopotamus will do......... I like hippos this will get me back to animal kingdom sooner than later.
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    Tire replacement service at the fort

    The tires have been replaced. I now understand the crappy quality the stock tires are. The new ones are load rated e but the wheels are only good to 2150lbs. I called Goodyear and they said that keeping them under the max pressure is fine and recommended 50psi which matches the wheel load rating. They also have this on their website and they sent me a link to the psi/load ratings for their tires. Only issue was that it took them most of the day to get there. Not a big deal since we had a ft day planned. Took him about 2 hours to swap them out. With that out of the way we are now enjoying the atmosphere over at the Maya Grill at Coronado.
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    We had a great time. REALLY enjoyed that room. The snacks were a bit pricey though.
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    Maybe a New Rig Next Spring

    Got the roof on! In a windstorm! Took me about 5 hours the other day....it hit 74 here with sun, after that day, rain forecasted for the next 5 days so I had to do it. Took everything I had not to cry when I put down the glue and rolled out the rubber and then 20mph wind gusts started out of nowhere. I was actually laying on the rubber to hold it down! What a comedy show.....anyway I only put the new roof on a little over half of the rig. I figured I'd just get it on the road for now, and the roof is only 2 years old anyway. Here's some pics of how it turned out. Next order is to fix some of the cabinet doors that got damaged.
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    Site 210

    Back when we had a 24' TT I liked site 227. It is at an angle and doesn't have anyone on the door side of the site.