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    I am planning a trip to assess the damage Irma did to the 3000 loop. Beer lines are already scheduled for replacement, so mainly I will be focusing on the massage parlor. I can't hook up the Outback, however, until I hit at least 650 likes. So it's all up to you!
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    Made it. Thanks. Since the beer lines are down, I will have a small but quality supply of beer (St Pauli Girl and Leinenkugels Summer Shandy) along with Kungaloosh and frozen pina coladas at the Outback. Stop by for an adult beverage.
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    Someone needs to come up with a shirt like this. Giant Snarky head on the front and on the back #TeamFortFiends.
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    Tire blow outs

    I fill my tires with helium. My trailer weight decreases by 1%, allowing me to buy more Disney crap when I am on vacation.
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    The DisCamp Podcast

    I have decided to start a new podcast that I think Fort Fiend members might find interesting. It's called The DisCamp Podcast. It focuses on Fort Wilderness, WDW and camping around the US. I just got through recording an Irma episode. The audio quality is pretty rough right now and I'm not the best at podcasting but hopefully It gets better. If anybody would be interested in coming on the podcast, I would love to have you on. I am hoping to do a Halloween at the Fort episode next. We have a trip coming up in October and I would love to hear some advice and tips during the Halloween season. I would also be open to record a podcast on just about any topic anyone would like to discuss. Anyway, hope ya'll take a few minutes to listen. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-discamp-podcast/id1281369946?mt=2
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    Just want to throw this out there. Our last trip we were fortunate enough to stay at the Grand Floridian and their pools did not have MB scanners, anyone could walk in and out of either pool. We thought we saw some people pool hopping but you really never know if they were or not. I do know that their pools are much larger and nicer than the Fort. YOU HEAR THAT FREE LOADERS! Go to the Grand Floridian, they have two pools, a waterfall, waterslide a zero entry, hot tub, two bars, complimentary towels and a kids play area! They also have grills near by because of the GF Villas! Go there and give the Fort a break! lol WBI
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    Here are a few pictures from yesterday: Entrance to the 100 and 200 loops: Newly paved road after sewer line repair: Damaged fence at Meadows Trading Post: Canal in 500 loop: View of Meadows Trading Post: Ongoing debris removal along road:
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    Is this just a shameless attempt at getting more likes? if it is, I will donate all the likes I get on this thread to your cause.
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    When we've owned dogs we've always arranged for their care at home or a kennel. What I can't see coming out of this is the long term or short term for that matter desirability of rooms. Let's forgo the replaceable stuff like furniture that a dog might damage while the owners are gone. Instead how many dogs will have accidents of various types. No matter how you clean the carpets not all of it comes out and the smells will build up. The floors underneath are concrete and will absorb fluids as well. Even if they use a flooring like Pergo the fluids will work into the cracks. Unless they use something like linoleum or epoxy painted floors I can't see how the rooms won't begin to stink after a while. Even if I owned a pet I don't think I would put up with that. Another concern is how will the dog react to being in a room that has belonged to so many others? I could see this bringing out poor behavior as the dog tries to figure out where they are all coming from. Some dogs I have known would become really hyperactive trying to figure out where all of those other dogs have come from. I also suspect it would make one of my oldest daughter's dog become aggressive as she becomes very protective around other dogs. Lastly, how do you handle barkers? Not all owners care that their dogs bark. What if it yaps for hours while the owner is at the parks? Does Disney go in to remove them? Will FP's really compensate the neighboring room that has to put up with it? I just don't think it is a good idea as the negatives just don't outweigh the positives from my perspective.
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    That is bizarre. Lol. Omg. It's amazing what the average person will spend on there fur baby. Trust me it's not just the 1%ers. There will be animals at ever resort. Including the value resorts. I don't get it but there are people that cannot be away from there fur babies for more than one night. And the funny thing is they always blame it on the dog. " Oh my dog can't stand to be away from us. We just have to bring a little poochie with us or he will die!" i love our dogs but they don't travel with us. Yes ours whines when we leave. They act like it's the end of the world. But one minute later they are on the couch sleeping. And I have the security cameras to prove it. Lol!
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    Cortezcapt (Derek)

    Public events at FW?

    Things like this bother me, not just at the Fort but anywhere. We visit other resorts while staying at the Fort and also when not staying on property. But we rarely have more than 5 or 6 people and almost always are eating, having drinks or shopping. I don't agree with these larger groups or planned things, if they want to enjoying the amenities at a resort they should make reservations or contact the resort and set up a special event. However that would mean they would actually have to pay for it. Will Disney do anything, probably not because that would involve upsetting someone who may come and spend money. What upsets me the most is these groups don't think about the people who they maybe disrupting or even preventing from enjoying the amenities that they paid for by taking over.
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    Public events at FW?

    That's part of the problem. Any CM encouraging freeloading should be reprimanded and if it happens again fired. I have no issue if they wish to use the Fort in their off hours with their family and friends but helping to organize large groups to take over the resort from paying guests is going too far.
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    The Fort is built on a reclaimed cypress swamp. There is water everywhere. Most likely hurricane Irma took care of a good bit of the vegetation which offered privacy. Your best bet may be the 3000 loop.
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    This is a pretty big change and include the cabins at the Fort - http://www.wdwmagic.com/resorts/walt-disney-world-resorts-information/news/13oct2017-disney-to-allow-dogs-to-stay-at-walt-disney-world-resort-hotels.htm
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    The wife and I went to the lodge the other night and decided to try the big ribeye. I would normally order mine med rare, but my wife can't do med rare. So we ordered medium. I was surprised that it was perfectly medium even though it was close to 2" thick. It was very tender. It wasn't the most flavorful ribeye ever, but it was very good. The cap was perfect. We paired this up with 2 sides....the crispy Brussel sprouts and mac & cheese. Both sides were good, but nothing that you can't make at home if you're a good cook. The bread service was also very good. All in all it was a good dinner, and the 20% off AP discount it made the $120 price bearable. I would do it again but I wont get in the habit of it.
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    We had a local minor league baseball team that offered a peanut free suite, this was the only way we could safely go watch baseball. You could buy regular tickets and then tell them you needed to be in the peanut free area. It was easy until people got wind of it and stared to abuse it. We went to one game and they told us we needed a dr's note to sit there. I didn't have one because it wasn't needed before. They were giving me a hard time about it until I started pulling meds out of my bags and offers to log into my medical charts to show them. Like everything else it just takes a few bad apples to ruin it for the rest of the people.
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    All very true! Unfortunately the law doesn't allow businesses to ask for certification. The people I know with true service animals would be happy to provide it and wish that it was required. Their dogs are incredibly well trained and chosen specifically for the temperament required to perform their duties in all kinds of situations out in the world - which includes being in crowds of people and crazy situations, and still remaining calm and focused on their handler. Sadly the people that abuse the system take advantage of the fact that they know they can't be asked for proof (but more often than not, the dog's behavior gives them away). A lot of the same things can be said for responsible vs irresponsible pet dog owners. The responsible ones know their dogs well, manage their behavior so that they don't negatively impact others, don't put them in situations they know they can't handle, and don't assume everyone else loves their dogs as much as they do. In my experience (and I know a LOT of dog people) the irresponsible ones are a very small percentage. But then that's all things really. There are people that are just generally considerate of other people and those that aren't. The one thing I think bodes well for all this is that Disney isn't the first to do this by a long shot. As we've talked about, other hotel chains and resorts have been doing this for ages and presumably they've found ways to manage it so that it works for the majority of people. Disney wants to make money. The extra $50 a night they will charge for a pet will not balance out $300-$800+ a night reservations they may lose if they don't manage all this well.
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    I am just assuming here but I would think anyone that has a true service animal would be more than happy to have their animal display an official "badge". I can't imagine what a headache it is for them with people pretending their animals are legit, having bad behavior and then causing a bad rep for service animals and making things more difficult for them.
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    3000 Loop Update

    I am in my usual assigned site on the 3000 loop. Cranked up the Magic Bullet yesterday and made a Kungaloosh for myself, and a Pina Colada for FWGirl. Loop did well thru Irma, no damage. Beer line replacement is about half complete, should be done for the weekend. Weather is hot and humid with thunderstorms in forecast, but hey, it's Florida, what do you expect?
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    First off, I'm not a dog hater. Have had a few over the years. It's not just a matter of cleaning rooms and yappy dogs. There are people with various stages of "phobias" about dogs. How is Disney going to handle that, unless they put aside and entire wing, building, or loop just for pet people. If someone is afraid of a dog and one gets on an elevator or stairway with them, they might have a meltdown. Someone has already posted on a FB site that dogs at Art are going to ruin their sons vacation because of his phobia and it's not fair.I We've been to the Fort more than once and had to listen to a barking/crying dog all day long. It's not a pleasant way to spend a vacation. I think.Disney has opened up a big ol can of worms with this decision.
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    $5 delivery charge

    I remember that year, too. I remember that Mama had a name for the EZ-ups with walls- like the walls of Jericho or something (but that isn't it). She was always sitting out there smiling any time I looped by. TCD
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    Well as of yesterday afternoon, still no tiki mugs at trader sam's maybe I'll back out there Monday afternoon and poke around again. When asking CM's at the bars they haven't heard of a release date.
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    3000 Loop Update

    Pool is open 24/7. As always, suits are optional. Todays critter count, which covers the 4 am potty walk with Murphy as well as my bike ride, is as follows: 1 very large armadillo 2 bunnies 10 deer 2 raccoon 2 turkey
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    The DisCamp Podcast

    Yeah a podcast (especially a little one like mine) is not much different than a message board post. Its just an audio version for people on the go. For them to ban me because their Website has a podcast that rarely mentions Fort Wilderness is hilariously misguided. Funny you mention the brouhaha. I first lurked on Fort Fiends in 2013 before our first trip to the Fort and saw numerous cryptic posts referencing the other site, etc. I didn't get it at the time but I'm starting to connect the dots. I literally had never heard of the camping portion of that forum until I stumbled across it on google Monday night.
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    That would be a great name for a punk band.
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    The DisCamp Podcast

    Of course they would. But, that place exists as a front to drive business to a travel agency, and they're afraid of anything that might disrupt their agenda. Their camping board is dominated by a few grumpy fun suckers who want to control what is and is not discussed there. As a result, it's a sad and boring place. Eventually, the smart people find us over here. TCD
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    Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    Right now! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Has Anyone Seen This?

    Found more pics and a video of the family checking in and the ceremony for them. It was a large group and some CMs in African garb were on some riser above the lobby doing some kind of chant and song deal plus they put different décor in the hallways on the floor the family is staying on than is usually in the hallways. The number I saw thrown around this time by housekeeping staff according to the sources is 6 million. Just remember this is all second hand info though.
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    Star Wars: Episode VIII

    Apparently, there are some bird-like creatures called porgs in the new movie. The TCD twins, as always, got ahead of this, and here are the TCD gang's MNSSHP costumes this year: And, no, that's not Noah and two penguins, you uncultured swine. TCD
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    I meant to comment on this the other day. We took a Minnie Van last week from the Poly to the Yacht Club. The service runs from 6:30 AM to 12:30 AM, and the information from TCD above is correct. I went to the concierge at the Poly and they were able to have a code sent to my phone that activated the Minnie Van option within the Lyft app. $20 flat fee anywhere on property with unlimited stops. The driver was a CP CM and was very pleasant, he said the service was very popular and they had expanded the fleet already. I can tell you that it was worth every penny for 4 of us to get back to the Yacht club at midnight after a few drinks at Trader Sam's. I wouldn't use it every day, but for a quick ride I think it's worth it.
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    Has Anyone Seen This?

    This is what led me to find and sign up for this forum as I have recently discovered the joys of staying at the Fort. On another board I am on, it was reported that a family of 48 had a lavish ceremony to welcome them to the Jambo House. There was a cover of sorts put on the opening between two floors because an entire floor had been bought for the family. This way no one can look up or down at the floor where they are staying. They also bought out Jiko the day they arrived. That's all I saw posted so far and any mentions or pics of them or their name was removed but we had it figured out that it was the Luckows. Maybe someone who is there can find out more.
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    We were on the beach for the fireworks this past year. My recommendation is to get there early. There were people who actually brought rope and staked out their own little VIP areas. We ate dinner at Ohana and saw the fireworks from the Poly at 7:00. Then we had some drinks at Crockett's and watched football. We watched the fireworks from close to the tree line. It's raised up above other people and was a good people watching spot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The original Disney management would not recognize what Disney has become. But, the same thing can no doubt be said about every Fortune 500 company that existed 50 years ago and still exists today. A lot of them are already gone. The times have drastically changed. Everything is now driven by pure, unmitigated, blind greed. Nothing else matters to them. And that's why companies like Disney are in the messes that they're in. Greed has been the cause of death of many companies in the past 50 years, and it very well be the cause of Disney's death as well. Thousands, maybe millions, of folks will lose a lot as a result, but the guys and gals who are piloting the planes into the ground will jump out with their golden parachutes and live out their lives with more wealth than they can ever possibly spend. TCD
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    I was not sure where to post this, but this thread seems like a good place. There was a skit on Saturday Night Live this past weekend poking fun at the font used by the Avatar creators in their marketing materials. There's a swipe made at the fact that sequels are still coming (allegedly) : TCD
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    Its almost time for Disney

    So our trip to disney for the boys 3rd bday is just over a week away. He got some great Disney swag for his birthday. His favorite
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    Beach play?

    What they said! :) Even with the new fencing there's still lots of sand to play in. And lots of other stuff for kids to do. My brother's family is coming down to stay with us over Thanksgiving. My 8yo nephew has been looking at Fort maps and activity schedules and videos and is losing his mind with excitement. He has a long list of things he wants to do on this trip - they're all at the Fort! In fact, his mom is a TA and they've stayed concierge level at a few deluxe resorts (this kid also like to order room service), and when he found out he could camp at the Fort he asked her why they've been staying in hotels. LOL!!
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    Star Wars Update

    Years ago they did one in downtown Tampa of an office building. I convinced my wife to go over her protests that it was going to be lame and no one will be there. We got there and it was party central. There were thousands in the streets jockeying for a good vantage point. It was a great show. Maybe Disney will come up with a Demo Dessert Party!!
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    The official Disney link has been updated for October- here's the movie and activity guide for October, 2017: http://image.emails.disneydestinations.com/lib/fe9d15737d66047d71/m/8/PWR1FAKf.pdf That link will take you to the actual PDF files Disney uses. Here's some screen shots, including a zoom on the Halloween activities: TCD
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    I am personal friends with chef TJ as we have worked together at Disney when is your trip and I will ask
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    Mobile Muppet Lab

    Well, it took us nearly a year, but the TCD Gang was finally able to stumble upon the Muppet Mobile Lab yesterday at Epcot. When they asked for a volunteer from the audience, Twin #1's hand shot up (like it always does), and she was selected to be interviewed for a job as Professor Honeydew's Lab Assistant. I am proud to say that she was hired (but then was promptly fired when Beaker complained). The show was a lot better than I expected, and I scanned the surroundings very carefully to look for any suspicious person who might be controlling the animatronics and dialog. I couldn't spot anyone. But, this thing interacted with Twin #1, and asked her questions and responded to her answers. I think the operator is hiding out behind one of the dark tinted windows on the back of Spaceship Earth. TCD
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    Comfort stations

    I agree with Jason. As previous posters mentioned, there's a basketball court adjacent to sites 101 and 236, so that needs to be taken in to account. If you are only interested in having toilet facilities nearby, sites 112, 113, 114, 116 and 117 are convenient to the path that leads to the Settlement Trading Post. There are restrooms (no showers) available there with 24 hour access (you need a MagicBand after hours). TCD
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    IOS 11 upgrade!

    No, it's saying you're out of date and that you need to take out a second mortgage to by a new one.
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    We are getting far off of the Hurricane Irma topic, but this is an interesting issue to me, so one more thing. I've shared before that Mrs. TCD is a pre-school teacher. She teaches 4 year olds, and has done it for years. Every year, after the first few weeks of school, she does an assessment to see where the kids are. It is a sad phenomenon that kids know less and less basic information each year. You would think that with all the technology out there, they would have some kind of advantage. But, the opposite is true. Kids do not know their ABC's. They especially do not know how to write, or even color. They've never heard of nursery rhymes of songs like the ABC song that we probably all knew. There are some that don't know how to hold a pencil or crayon to even try to write their names- not even the first letter. And, she teaches at a school where the parents are affluent and have good jobs. They just don't spend any time working with their children on basic skills. Very sad. TCD
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    They have an APP for that! IE, the old Soarin!
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    RIP Jingle Cruise?

    I just heard through the coconut telegraph that Jungle Cruise reopened last night. So, the rumors about substantial hurricane damage were not true. But, I still haven't seen an official announcement about Jingle Cruise one way or the other for this year. I still believe the rumor that there will be no Jingle Cruise this year. TCD
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    FL has been losing their orange groves at an accelerated rate over the last few years. It's sad driving down back country roads that used to have miles of productive groves on either side, and now see either subdivisions or withered dead trees. But hey we can always get our OJ from Brazil! Another American commodity outsourced! Who needs those dirty smelly factory workers and truckers. Everyone needs college degree. Just ask the Humanities Major that served you your $8 Starbucks coffee!
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    Doesn't look bad. The campfire and movie area looks good. The food truck is not there. They are still cutting trees on the main road which is still closed. 500, and 300 loops are open as are 1400. 900 and 1000 are closed.
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    Just got internet back on, got gen set running, it quit yesterday, we had to replace head gasket. Lost about 1/3 to 1/2 orange crop, but we are all safe and well. Some clean up to do, had to cut the trees so we could get barn open, but they did not hit the building . All in all everything is well and we are rebounding back to normal if they would just get the electricity on. We have all gas appliances so no problem with cooking and if I can eat ever thing else is just an irritation.
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    Tire blow outs

    The most critical factors in blowouts are weight, pressure and speed. Keep your speed down, don't overload and keep the inflation up. The TPMS you have installed will do more as far as blowout prevention than what gas the tire is filled with.