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    I'm happy about the new attraction. Love Mickey Mouse, he needs to be around more...... but!! they are using the new awful styling on Mickey instead of the classic styling. Hate that part!!
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    Does that mean I would have to buy pajamas?
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    I think we gave out almost as much liquor to the adult trick or treaters as we did candy.
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    I've added a few words and comments to the article to make it more accurate ...lol
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    Nature Trail Reopened

    My wife and I walked the paved trail from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness on Saturday. We noticed the nature trail entrance is no longer blocked off. So on our way back to the Lodge, we turned down there. It is still a nice walk and eventually you come upon the cabins. They really did a nice job in that area and the walk is still enjoyable.
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    Fort Wilderness Food Truck?

    Is Shady Point where they cut down all the trees to make the cabins?
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    Now that it is fully open, my wife and I had lunch at Roaring Forks on Saturday. The new setup works really well, although there is definitely some confusion related where to order your food. We ordered at the cashier, who said you could order either at the cashier or the counter, but cashier is easier. In any case, we had the flatbread with goat cheese, caramelized onions, sausage and pepperoni. It was outstanding; easily on par with flatbreads you would expect from a table service restaurant. At $10.95 it wasn't a bad deal at all.
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    That's a possibility. "Back by popular demand and just in time for F&W..." I wandered through there last fall - yeesh. Reminded me of when a mall is failing and there are only card shop and the Spencer gifts are left.
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    Disney Management meeting. Disneyland Manager: "We will not give FL our parade. We will spend the $$$ to give our guests the best experience ever!" WDW Manager: "Meh. We could close down 1/2 of each park, and the suckers will still come and spend major $$$" "Oh wait, we've already done that and are having a banner year. They are like lemmings. The Blogger post great reviews and people just keep on coming! No parades for the little folk. Desert parties are the wave of the future! "
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    Hey, we all work together here. :)
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    Laws or no laws, I'm double towing
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    I'm going to go with the statement that there are some of us; your oldest daughter included, who have excellent, very discrimating taste. The problem is NOT with us, but with the rest of the world. And that's going to be my storey going forward!
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    What about my service pet rock? I even have a service rock bandolier to prove its for real. It really couldn't be considered a weapon unless I had my slingshot which I promise to leave at home.
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    I want to try the curry chicken pockets.
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    Got to Love Mickey

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    Ha. Obi Wan. I like it. I thought I felt a disturbance in the Fort...I mean Force.
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    Maybe a New Rig Next Spring

    By definition, aren't cougers usually a bit older? Sent from my handheld doohickie
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    River Country

    Its hard to tell but it appears there is some type of construction equipment in River Country. I dont recall exactly what it looked like before but I dont see much of the rock walls back there anymore. I saw this from the boat to the MK and it was hard to get a clear image of it. They may be working on leveling what is/was left back there. If I can I will take the bike back there to see if I can see anything through the fence. I could also be suffering from heat exhaustion as well so that could be it as well.
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    New Disney Lego set?

    This is 100% rumor, it comes from someone that I know that works for lego in their department that creates the architecture sets. But, they told me in conversation that they have heard rumor of a lego model of the Haunted Mansion, and he feels with the success of the Cinderella castle set this could also be put into production. IF this is true, I need to start saving my extra change to save up to buy one. I know they had this in the lego idea website for a while https://ideas.lego.com/projects/40cebf74-ecc9-4b3e-a837-cd784154fe8f
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    Publix sells it, at least they do in Bradenton but that may be due to a large number of transplants from the north. My father in law is of Polish decent. He's originally from Fall river before retiring down here, and has mentioned a number of kielbasa shops in the area.
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    You're not dreaming. Same deal last year, except the first date was August 12: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/the-daily-disney/os-disney-passholders-discounted-park-hopper-tickets-20160811-story.html TCD
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    In 68 Days

    Thx for clearing that up. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    They offer quickservice discount for TiW for places that don't have a table service, such as the Value Resorts (All-Stars, Pop Century, Art of Animation), Port Orleans French Quarter, and quick service at Animal Kingdom since it technically did not have a Disney-owned table service restaurant. When they opened Tusker House, the computers didn't change, don't know if they have changed the computers now that Tiffen's has opened.
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    Also you can use TIW at some QS locations (I don't have the list handy), and most lounges that are attached to a restaurant and serve food. Not a big surprise there. I'd bet these little morsels at Flying Fish are on the list of excluded apps... Snake River White Sturgeon - Flying Fish caviar experience $130 Royal Belgian Platinum - Flying Fish caviar experience $160 Galilee Royal Osetra - Flying Fish caviar experience $200
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    It's debatable.
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    You're not serious right? Probably a cheap plastic button, cost less than 10 cents versus a glass that costs them $1 or 2? Which way will the bean counters lean....
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    I'm quoting my own post to put this photo that I wanted to share in context. Josh, over at EasyWDW posted a report on his tour of a Copper Creek Canyon Villa. He included this photo in his report (photo credit to him): Note that some of these stickers are a little different from what's on the back of the food truck. For example, the Shady Point sticker doesn't say "Cool Off at Shady Point," like the one on the back of the Food Truck does. Speaking of Shady Point, where is that at Wilderness Lodge? All of these stickers refer to places at Wilderness Lodge (although the Cub's Den is now closed), but I don't know of any place named Shady Point at the Lodge. If you want to read Josh's whole report and see all of his photos, you can find the report here: http://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/review-deluxe-studio-at-copper-creek-villas-at-disneys-wilderness-lodge-resort/ TCD
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    I can offer a good TCD Gang Touring tip- when we park hop, we will often time it around meal time, and hop to a resort that has good bus transportation and a good food court. POFQ is a great place to do this- take the bus there from whatever park you're at, enjoy a nice, peaceful meal, and then hop to the next park (or back to the same one). It's the same or cheaper price as what you pay at a park, in a much calmer environment. You can refill your drinks, and relax. The restrooms are clean, and not crowded. The bus transportation from there is excellent. The MK bus is direct, but the other buses do travel through Riverside before heading out. Still, it's not bad. TCD
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    I took a picture of one of the monorail cars that had at least a 1/2 inch of dirt and dust on the A/C intake and more filth on the output grates. People have been posting on FB that for two days the monorails broke down near the TTC. One day required the fire department to aid in evacuating riders. This is not the Disney of old. Maybe they should divert some of the $$ and CMs working on dessert parties and get back to the basics of keeping the parks clean and maintained. Way too many things breaking down lately. This coupled with the reports of no A/C in some comfort stations and the water/sewer mess in 600 and 800 would never have been allowed to happen in the past.
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    We will have to check that out. We've left MK and walked to Contemporary and eaten at that QS just outside of Chef Mickeys a couple of times. Better food, better prices, and not nearly as crowded. If you want a varied menu, tasty food, large portions, and great prices, I would highly recommend the French Quarter Food Court. It's too far to go during a park visit, but for dinner it's worth the trip.
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    Good review. I'm not a fan of goat cheese, but I'm sure there are other things on the menu that I will like. I've always liked Roaring Forks. Good to know that it's still a good place after the updates. TCD
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    Here's an interesting development . . . There's now a rumor that Sum of all Thrills will be reopening: http://orlparkpass.com/2017/08/rumor-sum-of-all-thrills-to-reopen-at-epcot/ RUMOR: Sum of all Thrills to reopen at Epcot orlparkpass | August 5, 2017 | Feature, Walt Disney World | No Comments Take this rumor as a grain of salt… but there is some pretty significant evidence to back it up. Apparently the Sum of all Thrills attraction in Innoventions East will be reopening. Come August 13th, Future World East will only have 2 major operating attractions, as the Wonders of Life pavilion and Energy pavilion will both be closed. Test Track and Mission Space will be open, along with the small Colortopia attraction in Innoventions East. This past Friday while visiting Colortopia, the Sum of all Thrills marquee and show lighting were both on, this is unusual because ever since the ride has closed all of the lighting has been off. A cast member informed us that crews have been cycling and testing the ride at night recently. They have also been messing with the lighting and show elements. (Side note- Apparently Glidden is NOT happy with the current state of building that their brand new Colortopia attraction is operating in) If the attraction does re-open it can make a great addition to Future World East. Hopefully they will even add some exterior signage to push guests inside the mostly closed and hidden Innoventions East building to experience the amazing Colortopia, and hopefully the Sum of all Thrills. Once again, take this rumor with a grain of salt. TCD
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    Emoji Movie

    I've never seen that page before. Thank you for passing that along! Thank you. So... you didn't feel that the movie pushed/encouraged having a bad attitude or a reliance on technology over personal relationships? The link above cleared up the question I had on possible swear words (read a couple of reviews that mentioned frustration with that).
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    I just head a solid rumor about how the Paint the Night Parade will be modified to be performed in California Adventure. I heard that they are solving the problem posed by the big Mack truck by eliminating that float from the parade. They will be creating a new float to take its place. I also heard that they will be modifying the tall Frozen float so that it can make its way along the new parade route. These are fixes that WDW could have done. But, they'd rather leave the MK with no night parade. TCD
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    Given the option, I think it's pretty obvious what I would (or wouldn't) be wearing if I had this job.
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    Boy do I agree with this, it's annoying to not be able to use the hub just because Bill is retired.
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    Premium Campsite Recommendation

    No worries. Research is a good thing, and you are doing the right thing by coming here for confirmation instead of just relying on what you might have read other places. It is true that there is a walkway from the group camping area that connects to the 900 loop, but it's not a major issue. It is highly unlikely that anyone will be using the group camping area in the middle of December. Even if they were, I've camped on the 900 loop when there have been big groups in the group camping area, and there was never any issue. The groups that camp in the group camping area are typically scout or youth groups, and they are much more respectful and quiet than some of the idiot groups of partiers that you will sometimes find in the camping loops. The 800 loop is not impacted at all by the group camping area. TCD
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    Would y'all please get together and like/enjoy the following: 1. Dessert parties that take over guest seating/watching areas. 2. Latin American Tour Groups. 3. Stitch's Great Escape. 4. The ridiculously extended dates for the Food and Wine Festivals. 5. About half of the Halloween and Christmas party dates. 6. The Frozen Castle Lighting ceremony. 7. Current Fort Wilderness management. Thanks. TCD
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    You don't buy an RV as a investment. Everything goes down in value. Some more than others. While I agree with much of what the article writer described in his article, his recommendation was a Casita. No way will that be comfortable for more than 1 person. There are a few manufacturers that have an excellent reputation for quality but you will find that you will still have to do maintenance on all of them. You will also have to recognize that you will pay for what you get. There is one very large manufacturer that claims 80% of the RV market. That is based on price not on quality. The quality manufacturers do not have problems with delamination because they build a quality product using quality materials. While an EPDM roof is guaranteed for 12 years it should last 20. It will tear if you let a tree branch scrape across it. Don't ask me how I know. Many quality companies use fiberglass roofs and fiberglass front and rear caps. The quality manufacturers for Class A's are Newmar, Tiffin, Winnebago and Fleetwood. The next time you go camping look around and see what everyone else has. The new ones are going to be different from the old ones. The units still on the road after 10-20 years will most likely be the ones I mentioned. But there are always exceptions. The writer found a few really bad pictures and used them to slam the entire industry. In most cases that's fair but not in all cases. My current RV is a 2007 Newmar Baystar. Its built on the same assembly line that their $1 million dollar Essex's are build on by the same people. My unit is an entry level Class A with a Ford Chassis. I never had a leak and the quality of the components are generally good but I still had to fix the hot water heater, the refrigerator and the automatic steps over the years. If I had to do it all over again and I just might, I would stick with a gas Class A with a full body paint job, Fiberglass Roof and a residential refrigerator. But units from those manufacturers with those features are not cheap. rv*& market
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    Oooh! Now I can get my Fin du Monde in a souvenir mug - winning! :)
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    I know there are Stupid Judy shirts. However, I don't think they are "endorsed" by Disney.
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    Kate DiCamillo's Disney memory

    From children's book author Kate DiCamillo's Facebook page today: https://www.facebook.com/KateDiCamillo/ author of Because of Winn-Dixie and The Tale of Despereaux, among others. ----------------------------------------- Here is another treasure I have unearthed in the cleaning and sorting of the basement: my Disney nametag, complete with my “year pin.” I worked at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center when I was young. I was stationed, mostly, in the giant geodesic dome, Spaceship Earth. And there, the whole world passed before my eyes. It was the beginning of me learning to see people, to marvel over them, to listen to them and to wonder about their stories. It was the beginning, too, of me learning how to talk to people, how to look them in the eye and answer their questions. It was the beginning, in many ways, of me becoming a writer.
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    Makes perfect sense. Spend ~$100 day to either hide a rock or Hunt for a rock. Yet another activity sending the US rocketing to the bottom of the academic pyramid. Keiths comment about a pet service rock made me laugh out loud. Spot on!
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    Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    Glad to be here! It's weird, I've done a zillion searches for things FW and WDW and searching for Warren's info is the first hit I've gotten on FF. After reading folks' tags I'm thinking FF and I are on the same wavelength. Cheers.
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    Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    That is good news. Welcome! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Future World at Epcot

    They've got drive through liquor stores. Why not drive through Disney stores as you exit the parking lot?
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    Mission Space Refurb Extended

    Here is some more information on what is going to happen when they open the ride back up. According to the D23Expo, the ride is to be more "Kid Friendly" (WDW Blog, see D23 News thread). http://www.chipandco.com/mission-space-attraction-will-feature-new-green-mission-275714/
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    NEW/OLD member back for advice!

    A couple of weeks ago I stayed at the Fort for the first time in a rented camper. We have always brought our own camper in the past, but wanted to try out something bigger. The process could not have been easier! We rented from Greenberg and they had the camper hooked up and waiting for us when we arrived about 2:00pm. They set up an outdoor rug, camping chairs, an outdoor fan, and even attached a tablecloth to the picnic table. They got the site # straight from Disney. On check out day we just left the keys on the table and drove away. Greenberg is having a promotion with significantly reduced rates in September, so we have booked another trip for then. I can't wait! Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk