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  1. I'm in!! You had me at 5,200 miles
  2. We are eating here now and can confirm that still, no hula hoops. [emoji19] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. We normally leave Maryville around 3:00pm on Friday and stop at the camping world campground in Lake Park GA before midnight...normally around 10:30 or 11. That leaves us 2.5 to 3 hrs to the fort. Most sites are pull through and we just leave a check in the registration office. For good sams members it's $23. 5244 Jewell Futch Rd, Lake Park, GA 31636
  4. We have been offered alternate accommodations at the pop century (where we are eating now). It's been a long day packing up in the rain and getting the camper ready for the storm. They parked us in the Cruella parking lot with other RV's. I'm going to check it out tomorrow and make a final decision on whether to stay or head back. In another note, the fort really doesn't have an effective communication plan as we were told several different things. While we were in the checkout line we were told that alternate plans were being made for fort guests. The CM right next to us told other guests to "go away". I mentioned what "Larry" was telling the folks in line and he said "We have a Larry?" Fun times today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. You will enjoy that KOA, many of the sites are fairly close together but you can't beat the location. You can ride a trolley to Dollywood from the campground for $0.50 per person. If you have time, check out moonshine holler in Gatlinburg...sitting in a rocking chair listening to live bluegrass is the stuff. Enjoy!
  6. My fave so far... Marrison Haul System This simple but effective mechanical advantage hauling system was developed by Chris Marrison for the Outdoor Action Program (see Figure 6.28). It's particularly helpful when you have heavy food loads. Bears are very intelligent and some bears are smart enough to know that by cutting the diagonal rope to the tree, they can bring down the food bag. Find a tree with a live branch. The branch should be at least 15 feet (5 meters) from the ground with no object below the branch that could support a bear’s weight. The point at which you will toss the rope over the branch should be at least 10 feet (3 meters) from the tree. The branch should be a least 4 inches in diameter (10 centimeters) at the tree and at least 1 inch in diameter (3 centimeters) at the rope point. Throw the rope over the branch. Test the branch to make sure it is strong enough to hold the weight (don't be standing directly underneath when you test). Make a Truckers Hitch about 6 feet (2 meters) from the ground and clip carabiner 1 into the bight. Feed the running end of Rope End B through Carabiner 2 and then through Carabiner 1. Pull the end of the Rope End A to move Carabiner 1 as close to the tree branch as possible. Tie off Rope End A to the tree. Attach the food bag to Carabiner 2 and haul the bag as high up as possible. Tie off Rope End B. To retrieve the bag, untie Rope End B and lower the bag to the ground. Figure 6.28
  7. Fun game, I've learned so much about "bear bagging" from the interwebs today. Still not sure which technique you used since I can't find the clues, but look forward to finding out. Great TR and what a happy birthday for the twins!
  8. We typically have to listen to this game, as it normally falls on a weekend that we are either traveling to or from a Fall Break trip. This year it is on day 1 of the trip...and will probably be a 3:30 game, and we have 4:45 ressies at Raglan. Planning fail on my part.
  9. Camp gulf is typically our other spot as well. We've been a few times over fall break and the wife really enjoys it. Very relaxing...until you get home...and have to "de-sand" the camper.
  10. The Fort really does spoil it for regular campgrounds. We even live less than 30 miles from the mountains and Dollywood, and still haven't ventured out since our spring break fort trip. To be fair it's not all the Fort's fault...travel softball consumes one's life. I noticed Top Notch had covered storage as well, I'm assuming the $85 per month was uncovered? We normally camp on the way down just past Valdosta so we would have to work the logistics out on that as well. Typically we can't leave early on Friday due to our schedules, so it would be a late night arrival if we tried to push it and make it all the way down to Orlando. We would probably push the departure time to the middle of the night, putting us at the storage place around 8-9 in the morning. Lot's of logistics to work out.
  11. I see you also share the sickness...they say the absence of denial is the first step. Will you be there Oct 1st? Big game that weekend I hear.
  12. How did all this work out for you? I am currently trying to figure out our best option. We are going down early October and again during Christmas. Maybe even spring break 2017. It's a sickness, I know...
  13. Impressive memory on the spike convo....that was a while back. Running does the mind and body good, huh. We will be at the fort the first week of October and over Christmas break. Let me know if you will be there around that time...since you are only a hop, skip, and jump away.
  14. I hope so too, you will love it. We initially requested 619 (which we love but beware, it is one of the few good spots on 600 loop), instead they had us on 611 which was a no go. I did some research and had backup sites that fiends have recommended...as luck would have it, the first one was 1429 and we got it! Here are my notes about 1400 loop. 1429 - backs up to canal and very peaceful 1435 - watch movie from site but could get loud, plenty of room though 1439 - Nice and large 1441 - Is private and nice I will add that the in-laws stayed in 1432 and liked it a lot...it has path to the meadows in the back of the site, but can get a little loud from the movie as well. Also, we arrived to check in around 10:30am...the earlier the better since there are more sites to choose from.
  15. Loved it. Our camper is 31 ft, we left enough room in the back to set up our 10x10 tent and enjoy the canal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. We're here...site 1429. Leave tomorrow and really really don't wanna. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I called officialticketcenter.com this morning and unfortunately I have already linked them. No dice.
  18. Kinda what I thought. Next step is to let the negotiator (wifey) at them. Hoping for a statement credit or something.
  19. Ok, so my planning has failed miserably. I initially purchased a 10 day ticket w/hopper and waterparks and had planned on upgrading to AP's when we got there. (This would save us around $180 since we purchased them through an outside vendor). This was all done since we were (key word) planning on going for Spring Break, Fall Break, and Christmas. Fast forward 5 months'ish and our house is on the market and we have a contract on another house with some acreage, this is not only affecting our cash flow but also our time available. So bottom line, we will probably want to spend Christmas in our new home and maybe fall break to work on projects. My question is this...I know Disney tickets are non refundable and I've spoken with them about this issue just to make sure. Has anyone had any luck downgrading tickets? We would want to reduce to a 5 day ticket (no hopper or waterpark option). The CS rep suggested I speak to them in person when I get there and they may make an exception...any other options?
  20. Cinnamon Bread at the Grist Mill will change your life...most excellent.
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