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  1. FeltonWeller

    Pics of your Pet

    Speaking of cuties, this is our little furry companion, Chap. He's a Pomeranian who loves to hang out in the living room. We raised him ever since he was a pup and has been a bundle of joy all throughout the years. He also likes to play outdoors, so as a precaution, we bought a wifi dog fence, just so he wouldn't stray far from our yard. He would cuddle up during the night and would even lick us in the morning. Overall, he's a really good dog.
  2. FeltonWeller

    Instant Pot

    I'm glad I came across these. I may be trying them out one of these days.
  3. FeltonWeller

    NBA Experience

    Now, this is great news! :)
  4. FeltonWeller

    Pics of your Pet

    Winston is such a cutie! :)
  5. FeltonWeller

    Summer Sangria Recipes

    Wow! I might try that, one of these days. :)
  6. FeltonWeller

    Garden View Tea Room

    I must say, that was a "fruity" surprise. Lol!
  7. FeltonWeller


    Yup, those definitely triggered my appetite.
  8. FeltonWeller

    Has Anyone Seen This?

    Now, that's just awesome!