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  1. Yes, meaning during that time you use the new entrance to access the gravel lot.
  2. This is for the Christmas Carriage rides that will be leaving out of Meadow in December. Notics it's mulch rather than gravel. The rides begin in late december and will be leaving out of there.
  3. I remember this! What a throwback. The magic bands are problematic and a waste of an investment Disney isn't seeing a return on. Such a shame. And besides all of the issues, they're creepy and collect way to much of our data for my liking.
  4. The mariachi band was thanks to our friend Mike and his wife! They're planning on having it return next year!
  5. Yeah they stopped letting everyone in there around May. It was was easier to pull the coach through there, such a shame.
  6. Exactly. Follow your kids in your cart and keep an eye on them but don't have them hop on just to move 2 sites. You know what to expect when you go trick or treating.
  7. Management saw it as a fire hazard. All those lights and decor plugged in to the same small electrical pole. If a fire starts at the Fort, it's deadly. Also, guests walking through a guest built amusement is a lawsuit waiting to happen if they were to be hurt or if it were to collapse. Collene and Amy (couple who run the haunted house) were called 6 weeks in advance and were warned. Disney isnt playing with this.
  8. That brawl was what i was referring to that the first responders couldn't get in. It was the might before halloween, though. People like my dad need the golf cart, though. He has a bad back and knee and can't walk my brother through the loops, and an ECV wont go fast enough to get from loop to loop. Maybe new rules, but not a total ban.
  9. No the decor wasn't in the road. It was the day before Halloween so no Trick or Treaters around thank God. The decor was too close to the street for the wide fire trucks and ambulances to safely pass.
  10. The main reason these structures aren't allowed this year is due to an incident last year involving a fight in Cinnamon Fern Way resulting in a serious issue. Due to an elaborate display, first responders couldn't arrive to the scene in a timely manner. Also avoiding a lawsuit in case a structure falls on someone. We had to cut our display back. New rules state no standing structures, and that decor can't be closer than 3 feet to the road. Unfortunately that means the death of my friends' haunted house. They put so much into that to give guests a good experience. Unfortunately they got called
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