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  1. shaffecv

    Pet loops

    Here's a dumb question. How do you get your dog to the new and improved kennel over by Port Orleans if you have a motorhome? Since you don't really want to break camp to take them over and pick them up every day. We never used the kennel cause our dog just sleeps with the a/c and TV on but if we ever need to use it we may need to use a taxi or Uber. Just seemed odd that the separated it from the campground.
  2. shaffecv

    Star Wars Resort

    I'm sure we can figure out a way to sneak in through a garbage chute.
  3. shaffecv

    Star Wars Resort

    Can't wait to see what the theme of the gingerbread display in the lobby will be during the holidays.
  4. shaffecv

    Golf cart windshield

    Sorry still won't upload
  5. shaffecv

    Golf cart windshield

    Our old cart didn't have a canopy, thus no windshield. Nothing was every said to us the 1/2 dozen or so times we had it at the fort. It is nice having one our new cart in rain or if it's chilly when you get back to the Fort at night. But as mentioned above the tint is a bit hard to see through at night. The rules list I remember reading listed working headlights and taillights as required (with horns being optional). The rules PDF isn't loading for me right now so you may want t check it under the vehicles and recreational devices listing on the campground web site.
  6. shaffecv

    Massive Land Cleared For TRON

    If you the smokers trail from the train station to Space Mountain. I don't think so for now. Right now the construction looks to be on the outside of the railroad tracks toward the Cotemporary.
  7. shaffecv

    Well, I gave in..

    Pretty sweet. A/C unit and an awning. Do the make some sort of pop up room you could mount on the hauler deck ? That would add a fair amount of room for extra sleep or dining area.
  8. Before the Great Movie Ride shut down. Somebody turned the flower bed sprinklers on right in front of the theatre. A couple hundred strollers were soaking wet. That'll teach ya to park in an unapproved spot.
  9. Yes an over 12 only day once in a while would be nice.
  10. shaffecv

    River Country

    There is still a lot of improvement they could do without taking any more land. Add sewer to the tent sites. Our 25ft C Class could easily fit on most tent sites. We've only ever camped at the Fort the week after Thanksgiving but in all the years we've done so the tent loops look pretty lean. Probably due to the cooler conditions in late November. The sites on the main road side in the 600 and 800 loops could be turned into "pull through" sites without a whole lot of interruption. Just open them up so you can pull into the site directly from the main road. Add some sites along the sandy trail behind the 300 loop and make them "Ultra Lakeside sites"
  11. shaffecv

    River Country

    Yes to Disney it's like Monopoly money. I'm sure there's a pile of environmental impact studies and permits that would slow things down. And add to the cost. But at FW the break even would come pretty fast.
  12. shaffecv

    River Country

    Having at least one loop added with pull through sites would be great. Some of those larger coaches seem to struggle in a few of the tighter loops. Plus the tent loops could be convert to full hook ups also. But the amount of underground work required for sewer, water and power to be distributed to all the sites is cost prohibitive to Disney.
  13. shaffecv

    River Country

    I'll bring the steaks.
  14. My youngest (15) was with us this trip. We thought it would be fun to collect them at night and park them on the beach next to the pirate ship. Mom wasn't on board... Something about petty theft and bail money.