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  1. The home owner side of Enterprise puts lock pins in the hitch so you can't use it. A buddy of mine rented a Nissan Titan when his truck broke down. Cut off the lock, towed his camper and just bought a new lock pin at a trailer shop and put in in the hitch when he returned it. Hertz pretty much lets you do whatever you want, but I'm not sure if Enterprise Commercial allows towing. SunBelt and United Rentals also rent 3/4 ton and up trucks,
  2. shaffecv

    Wheel Bearing Education...

    Do the axles have EZ lube hubs? (A rubber cap in the middle of the lug nuts with a grease fitting under it .) If it does you just need to jack the wheel off the ground and put a pump or two of wheel bearing grease in the fitting while spinning the tire. Our race trailer has well over 70,000 miles and that's all that I've ever done, usually twice a year. If you don't have EZ lube hubs $70 per wheel is not a bad price. Just be sure they are installing new seals because they must be removed in order to grease the bearings. And should not be re used. While jacked up grab the wheel at 3 and 9 o'clock and wiggle it. There should not be any play or the bearing will need to be torqued. Which is a bit complicated if you have never done it. But can be learned through YOUTUBE.
  3. What about all the plastic baggies used to cover the candy apples and rice crispy treats on a stick. Maybe wax paper is in the near future for that application.
  4. shaffecv

    Gem Mining at the Fort

    Looks like it's pretty $pendy to get into the pro$pectin' busine$$..
  5. shaffecv

    Hollywood Studios Parking?

    Don't know if it improved any, but in March just getting in the lot was a nightmare. Most times traffic was backed up to Buena Vista coming in. The busses could barely make the swing into the original drop off area. And they had a few stop signs up that most cars weren't obeying in the exit lanes. The bus drivers who had that route should have been getting hazardous duty pay.
  6. I don't recall. but did the ride break down that much in it's original ( and much better) form? Or is it due to the much higher ride demand now? It was almost always a walk on like The Three Caballeros in the Mexico Pavilion. I think the mechanicals of the ride stayed the same, only the scenery and soundtrack were changed. I could be wrong.
  7. shaffecv

    Scheduled looping idea

    Sounds like a pretty fun activity. Though we usually aren't back at the Fort by 9. We would try to make at least one cruise when we are there. A morning "coffee cruise' would work for me since I usually do that anyway while waiting for my wife and or kids to wake up and get ready.
  8. Sometimes You cant satisfy every last guest. My sister has taken my autistic nephew to Disneyland 3 or 4 times and says they are always more than helpful. ADVERTISING A district judge in Florida had ruled previously that Disney was accommodating the autistic visitors and dismissed the claims in 2016. The autistic visitors appealed to the court in Atlanta. Under the parks’ current program, Disney allows visitors with disabilities to get a special card giving them an “appointment time” to get on a ride after the specified time with little to no wait. The card allows them to get unlimited “appointment times” throughout the day and allows them to get on rides immediately if the wait is less than 15 minutes. Disney workers also have the discretion to hand out readmission passes to visitors with disabilities, allowing them to get back on a ride immediately. The plaintiffs said in their lawsuit that the autistic visitors still endured virtual waits, if not physical waits, that often resulted in “meltdowns” since people with severe autism often have an inability to wait and express distress at small changes to their routines. Disney previously had allowed visitors with disabilities to go to the front of the line but changed the program in 2013 amid reports of abuse by people without disabilities. The new program for visitors with disabilities, though, disrupted set routines on the order of rides and didn’t allow autistic visitors to go on rides exactly when they wanted to, the plaintiffs said. “It is the nature of the neurological disability that makes waiting an impossibility,” the plaintiffs had argued. The plaintiffs said a solution would be to give disabled guests a pass guaranteeing they wouldn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes for all rides. But Disney argued that solution was no different than its previous program which was subject to abuse when nondisabled visitors would hire disabled guests to join their party so they wouldn’t have to wait. In allowing the lawsuits to move forward, the appeals court said that the fact-finding coming out of the trials would help determine what is considered “necessary” to accommodate autistic visitors’ need for rigid routines and no waits. The judges said that Disney didn’t intentionally discriminate against the autistic visitors and that the question the district court will decide is whether Disney needs to modify its policies. In a statement, a Disney spokeswoman said the company is reviewing the decision and evaluating what next steps to take. “Disney Parks have an unwavering commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all our guests,” the statement said.
  9. That's not a bad price here in PA, especially with new batteries. Rear seat, roof and windshield ?
  10. After a weekend of catching up on vehicle oil changes. Two Jetta's. golf cart, wife's Trailblazer, two dirt bikes and my service truck. My wife came in the house super excited after work yesterday after she found the "hidden Mickey" I made for her to find on the garage floor. OH BOY !! September 23rd can't come soon enough or she may need an intervention.
  11. shaffecv


    It's disheartening when you sit there and watch your property being stolen. Saw a guy attempt to steal one of my kids KTM dirt bikes from him as he pushed it out of an arena once. All you can do is make it as difficult as possible to steal. I even changed the ignition switch on our golf cart so it doesn't use the same key that fits all Club Cars.
  12. Staying at The Fort the week after Thanksgiving this year. Our oldest (22) and his girlfriend might fly in for a few days. He would like to stay in a tent on our site if they join us. We've had some chilly nights that week in years past. What are all you tenters using as a safe heat source?
  13. shaffecv

    Pet loops

    Here's a dumb question. How do you get your dog to the new and improved kennel over by Port Orleans if you have a motorhome? Since you don't really want to break camp to take them over and pick them up every day. We never used the kennel cause our dog just sleeps with the a/c and TV on but if we ever need to use it we may need to use a taxi or Uber. Just seemed odd that the separated it from the campground.
  14. shaffecv

    Star Wars Resort

    I'm sure we can figure out a way to sneak in through a garbage chute.