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    So this dog is living at the Fort free of charge, getting food handouts and not having to work for months on end? If you had figured out how to get away with that, would you want to be caught?
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    Making Reservations

    We do have a travel agent that sponsor our forum, Jason...Katman. He can certainly help you with getting your reservations. And his services are free of charge. Yes people book reservations to get by the 30 rule for getting FPs for off site stays. And also for getting around the 60 day rule for onsite stays. And then yes they cancel them once they get their FPs booked. And yes apparently Disney is closing this loophole. As long as Disney thinks of ways to control peoples vacation people will find ways around Disney’s systems. I’m sorry to say I’ve used this trick and others to get FPs we want. Try and get Flight of Passage FPs at the 60 day mark during a busy season. It’s next to impossible. i personally would like to see them get rid of ALL FPs. And all ADRs, and have a walk up, first come first served policy for attractions and dining FPs and increased attendance have created stand day lines that are hours long. I was standing in the FP line for soarin and we got stopped after the CM let about 20 FP holders go. I asked the CM how many FPs they let go for every stand by person. She said about 20 FPs holders to every 20 stand by people but half of the time it’s only 10 stand by people for 20 FP holders. If this is true for all rides then it would cut the standby lines in more than half. I’ve read on other forums that the ratio is much greater favoring FP holders I’ve read that it was 3-1, 4-1, and 5-1 depending on the ride. That’s crazy
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    River Country

    To paraphrase from the Las Vegas tourism board... What happens at Wild Womenz Weekend STAYS at Wild Womenz Weekend.
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    True. Although thanks to the internet, Disney usually finds out about the loopholes pretty quickly and eventually closes them. Good points, Ray. At least Disney quickly closed the loophole where you could book multiple reservations at the same time. We've often gotten ADRs at really popular restaurants the day before/morning of and I'd bet it's largely because of people cancelling their "just in case" reservations. We don't book a lot of ADRs these days but I will often book "just in case" FPs for popular attractions based on where we "think" we're going to be that day. But because we more or less wing it day by day, we don't use a lot of them. I do cancel them as soon as I know we're not going to use them - usually that morning when we decide we're going to another park or are not going to get there in time. I suspect other people do the same which is why you can sometimes get "day of" FPs also.

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