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  1. Well, it was repair day number one. I had to replace the main electric wire as someone cut it, I think to remove a hardwire surge protector. Once that was done, I did a bunch of troubleshooting and found a few things I didn't expect.....like every single thing except two light fixtures work perfectly! 12v converter, power awning, led lights, tv's, fireplace all work, and I found all the remotes and the keys! On the other hand, there are 8 broken roof trusses and I removed 16 feet of ceiling board and the insulation under it. Now it's thawing and drying. Are you all using imugr still?
  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I called an order in for parts today, can't wait to see this bill. I think as long as I can stay within a few grand of repairs I'll be ahead of the game. I did look and found a place in Michigan called Bontragers supply on your suggestion. They list lots of dinettes, I can always ride out and pick one up. On a similar note, one place I have used before is factory rv surplus in Elkhart.
  3. Even the crumbs in the bottom were good
  4. I thought so too. Lets hope im not wrong! I'd really appreciate that. Tell him the cookies were good too! My uncle owns a radio station here and gets a tin of cookies from the Dave Ramsey show at Christmas time. He knows how much the show has helped us so one year he gave them to me with a fake congratulatory note inside. Are Christy cookies well known in the area?
  5. The best secrets of Disney World

    I'll add the first pitch at Caseys. I have never seen it, even with numerous attempts to be there at the correct time! How about all the special names on the windows on main street, or the different sidewalks in each land. What about the music/dance lessons you can overhear in the alley off main street. Besides that, get a hidden mickey book or try to hit all of the different pressed penny machines. Sorry we all missed this as well.
  6. Well, someone put a deposit on the Grand Design 317 at the St. Augustine Camping World I was looking at...so that was out. A day or two later I heard Dave Ramsey's voice in my head telling me to not spend the money we had planned. So now after feeling too guilty to get the $42k new model 320mks, And too guilty to spend $30k on a used model And because I'm a glutton for punishment..... I got lucky (or I'm a moron) and happened to come across a mint 2015 Grand Design 317 just like I was looking for......except someone hit it into a low overhang and put a hole in the roof! For $11k! So now I've got a project, and a Fort spring break deadline! Only thing missing is the dinette so I need to see if I can order one from the factory. Other than that, some basic wood repair skills and rubber roof replacement and I should be in business. To all that have followed along or added suggestions, thank you! Ps. If I can get some pics to work I'll take some before and afters.
  7. Sam's Club Closures

    I'm sorry for the loss of employment, but I just always felt Sams is just Wal-Mart quality junk in bigger packages. Now, I'd almost cry over the loss of a Costco!
  8. Wowowoowowwwowoow. So 100 bucks for a couple to guarantee only that they get on 3 extra rides that day? Suckersssssss.
  9. Place is on fire the last few days......I can't read it all fast enough!
  10. I agree with that. I only drive about 7 miles to work so I don't worry about it too much. It's an amazingly smooth and quiet engine though. I work for a construction co in the summer and we have 150 or so pickups, 99 percent ford. I think only a handful have less than 100k and several with over 200k, and one in particular has 385k as of last I drove it! These are 5.4 and 6.2 versions but in the same family.
  11. I had the site across from the 100 loop foot path last spring break. The only thing that could made it worse would be people stopping to let people off all day. I don't think most would even think of that access in the first place though.
  12. Trip to the SW...

    It's flat, mildly rolling and pretty to look at. Its the first time I learned about what they call "post rock country", and it's not what you think. I drove a 45 foot MH with a toad there for a side gig and flew home. On the way I passed so many cool things. I want to actually go back on my own time and visit on purpose.
  13. They'll have to hang up more band-aid scented christmas tree air fresheners.
  14. I've often pondered this as well with 147K on my truck. Depends on where we broke down ad what the bill was going to be I guess. With bringing the dogs, we'd prob just rent a car and drive home if close enough until it could be fixed. Lets all hope we don't need to find out.
  15. Trip to the SW...

    That sounds like a fun trip and I'm impressed you'll be wheeling solo. I've never been out that way, save for a trip to Colorado on I-70 once. I'll be interested to hear about the trip- safe travels!