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  1. Tire Feedback

    I see they are not in you list but the best tire I ever ran for towing were Nitto Dura Grapplers. Amazing tire.
  2. Total gridlock in the hub

    I feel for you and your family. We stay way away from the fireworks for this exact reason, and because my wife is lying at 5' 2". I can't see any benefit to Disney by allowing this to happen, let alone on a consistent basis. If we do happen to need a cross park move around this time, we take the long way around the back of fantasy land, and if trying to exit, we only go through adventure land, and into Caseys and through the shops. Sometimes they will open the overflow exit that runs from the medical station to the barber shop. Terrible crowd control planning when redesigning that area.
  3. I have seen not only gas, but side x sides as well. I think it's ridiculous. Ride a bike.
  4. How to Get a Discount on Annual Passes

    Just looking this morning, there is a ticket with a 67 dollar savings, so a $134 savings on 2 APs is a pretty good deal.
  5. I'm wondering too. If so I may buy tickets.
  6. Site confirmation

    From what I have experienced, you dont know until they hand you your packet with a number on it. One CM let me look at the book while they told me what sites were open. Maybe someone who has done express can chime in too.
  7. Travel Day Recipes.

    No I haven't. Do you mean in order to toast them? I love how soft the kings Hawaiian rolls are.
  8. Travel Day Recipes.

    We take Kings Hawaiian rolls, open the package, cut it like one huge bagel, open er up and put on meat and chesse. Then take the open halves and put the condiments on so they end up between the meat and cheese so it doesn't make the bread soggy. Shut the halves and cut with a pizza cutter or knife and bag 2 in a sandwich bag and toss in cooler. These are my absolute favorite road trip snack and since they keep in the freezer, we make 2 sets and throw one in the rv fidge for the ride home.
  9. Comfort stations

    Yes we do. I wont recommend them. Do you like basketball?
  10. Wow that's terrible. Safe travels this time!
  11. We've never been on a cruise, but it's on the list
  12. I thought it was strange too, but figured I'd ask here. I know one individual tried the AAA office and was told there were no itineraries available due to damages. Maybe it was a temporary hold.
  13. So I've been wondering the last few days about the impact of the Hurricane destruction on all of the cruise ship destinations. Some friends at work have been told that there will be little to no cruises available this summer due to the multiple storm strikes. Should we prepare for a massive influx of WDW guests all over property as a vacationers look for a plan b? I was going to plan a trip with my sisters family this coming summer. My oldest niece is heading to college in the fall and I thought maybe we should get the booking done early. Heard anything around the travel world? Jason?
  14. I'll agree we weren't really bothered besides the Cougar guy. I too run a bw, I say it's the best hitch you can buy, but it is a heavy mother. And just when I thought I had things narrowed down, Grand Design, a manufacturer I was hoping to find made something I liked, just put up a new 320mks floor plan that is spot on what we're looking for. I didn't see it at the show, so now I've got to take another trip to a dealer in my future.
  15. Just for fun, just looked at hotels for the spring break week as we're camperless at the moment. Polynesian, $916.....per night. Who has this type of cash? I mean, here's why credit cards are a bad idea even if you're rich. If you had to stand at check in and lay down 50 $100 bills for your vacation hotel only, no way you would go through with it. And the place will be sold out no doubt.