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  1. They Got Us This Time

    We already want to go back too. I like thinking about the warm weather, swimming, riding bikes, the beautiful scenery etc. I wish there was an evening ticket of some sort so we could just wander around, take some pics, smell the foods and such. It's a great place, and I think I like it more when we do less.
  2. School Me on Premium Sites

    406 has much better screening from the road/sidewalk. We did like the sidewalk right there, but my outdoor kitchen was only 5 feet from it. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. I must have missed this. I took off the old roof to one of the osb sheathing panel edges and use it as a guide for my utility knife and cut straight across. Then I laid the new roof next the old and glued it down, then ran a strip of 4 inch eternabond over the seam and dicor lap sealed the eternabond as well. It made a nice straight seam and also cut the gutter 6 inches behind that seam so I could put the roof edge gutter molding over it to hold it all in place. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. School Me on Premium Sites

    Back from the trip and enjoyed our stay. The 400 loop was a good one and I liked being close to the marina and dog park and it's still a nice bike ride to the wilderness pool that we like. I really enjoyed the premium site and not having the uneven ankle sprain railroad ties in the ground and didn't miss the coquina getting everywhere and on everything. We stayed in site 408, it was assigned, even though I requested others. I was loving the size of it, very wide, really deep and all of the connections were in the center on the concrete log, perfect for the new camper. The only issue with this site wasn't apparent until after we set up (not a basketball hoop thank God) and that is the fact it backs up to the main road, Fort Wilderness Trail, near the stop sign, with little cover to the sidewalk. Luckily everyone that went by wasn't too nosy, and I made sure to lock everything up every night. For that reason I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone, but we did get used to it as the week went on. It would be nice if they could plant a few shrubs at the back, but I'm sure that would never happen. One thing I did add to my request was to ask for a site that was on the outside of the loop to keep traffic from facing your awning. I don't know why I never asked for that before but I think I will always in the future. All in all I think we will try 700 next time to switch it up a bit. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. Tire recommendations?

    Thank you for asking. It was amazing to have a near new rig as we've always had something at least 10 years old. 2 couches, huuuge shower, and the outdoor kitchen made the trip so much more enjoyable as well as the power awning for breaking down camp. I did have an issue with my new roof sliding back, I guess my glue didn't bond well, but I'll take care of it. Otherwise, a plumbing leak I found that looks to be leaking since it was new was all i had to repair at the Fort.
  6. Tire recommendations?

    Happy to report a 2000 mile round trip to the FORT was no problem for the new GoodYear Endurance tires. No loss of air pressure, ran really cool with the laser temp gun and tracked well. Best part is the 87 MPH speed rating allows you to cruise at 70 or better and creep a little quicker on downhill coasting without getting nervous. I also checked the tread depth when I was cleaning up after getting home and they all still had exactly 8/32" of tread on all grooves, just like when I left. So far I'd recommend.
  7. Trails End Gatekeeping

    And by now you have hit the comfort station!
  8. They Got Us This Time

    We actually went before opening, saw the new opening show, did Peter Pan, and 2 fast passes. We then left and came back at 8 for BOG reservation and hung around until midnight, lines were still off the hook so we bagged it. I did get to do Hall of Presidents and accidentally caught the new muppets history act so it wasn't all bad. Still didn't get my money's worth out of those 3 tickets. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  9. Ate at the TE tonight for dinner (damn delicious). Tried to walk up, because hey, it's always half full. It was a bit busy in front with the hoop de doo shift change, but they told me no walk ins. So what's a guy to do? Well, I'll tell you....you open up your disney app and pick one of the 10 available times, walk back up to the podium and get shown to your table in a half to 3/4 full restaurant. Why do this? I watched several families get told the same thing and walk away. Best part was, it was getting late and there were piles of fresh food left....all to be thrown in the "compost pile" as I was told. Makes no sense, unless you make so much money you no longer care. A regular person just can't comprehend their logic. Did I mention it's still tasty as could be? Happy reservations!
  10. Will this be the next decorating trend?

    Saw those this afternoon and I do believe I saw them last year. They must have a grand in figures alone.
  11. They Got Us This Time

    The Fort is still A1 with me, especially coming from the north for spring break, but I'm losing my enthusiasm for the parks. Lifes natural ebb and flow I guess, but wow is it crazy.
  12. We all know Disney always wins, bit this time they really made a few off of us. We had a 3 day ticket and went to Epcot, AK and the MK over the last 4 days. The parks are just way too busy anymore to be enjoyable. I know it's spring break and a busy time and this is our 6th annual spring break trip, but there is no reason we shouldn't have been able to ride other things besides our 3 fast passes. Line for space mountain was 3 hours and 10 minutes yesterday and the line for the Railroad was 2 cycles long. This was at 10 am. Animal Kingdom line for the parking lot Tram was 2 cycles long, epcot food lines were doubled back for some of the stands....the parks are just oversold and no longer fun. We spent almost 700 bucks on the parks and I won't be doing it again until they add some new attractions to open up some space. One or 2 day tickets max for now on and we'll spend the rest of the time at the Fort. Good luck to anyone coming in the near future!
  13. I'll snap a pic but I took the dogs to the dog park yesterday and there were landscape workers hurriliy putting sod over the square sand court between the dog park and playground outside of 500. Was that a tetherball court? Whatever it was kiss it goodbye.
  14. Before you buy anything, make sure you are ready for RV ownership. In general, be prepared for one minor emergency on almost every trip. If you're not handy, now is a good time to run or learn. I like the RVing lifestyle because I enjoy tinkering, and it keeps me busy. We can afford longer trips than at hotels etc, but at the same time you will be astounded by the rigs people have. I'm at the Fort now and have seen a handful of Prevost buses this week at a half a million bucks and up...so many crew cab diesels at 65 grand it's mind blowing. Even with what I have into my fixer upper and used truck I could have bought a lot of nights at the Poly. As far as the other advice, it's all good stuff and i agree with 30 to 35 off msrp. And I'll add these rigs are all tossed together with little care and the workers are paid by the piece so be prepared for even a new one to have problems day 1. Enjoy the search!
  15. Last time they waived the fee (guy just being nice ) and this time they charged us 5 bucks a night. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk