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  1. Filling up my tank is the first thing i do after getting setup. I've been to far to many campgrounds that had bad plumbing and was forced to use our onboard water due to lack of pressure, or lack of water.
  2. Not the Liberty Tree Tavern!!!!
  3. Not sure where it would go maybe over where the skyway use to be?
  4. A dad has to make his little man happy right? The gravel pad we are on is 3 camp sites, there are 15 total camp sites at the camp ground. We were the only ones there. They are booked up on weekends. They dont allow seasonal campers. The lawn was really nice, and the camp sites were far enough away from the waters edge that I didn't feel like I had to be nervous about him falling in. Our Rims are a brushed aluminum look. The spare is a steel painted a light gray.
  5. Each spring we like to take an early trip to a local campground to get things cleaned up and ready for camping season. The lake isn't that bug but did have several fish in it. None that wanted to be caught by me though. Little man loves camping. He enjoys his Chillaxing time. During camper washing, he informed me that he needed a Car wash for him tractor.. did the best i could with what I had. Two night stay, cleaned up the outside of the camper, cleaned up the inside and no evidence of winter guests in the camper. Now its all ready for the summer camping season.
  6. It mostly has to do with traveling with a toddler. When we leave the parks hes spent. Having to carry him onto a bus and get him to rest is a pain. Leaving the park and putting him in his car seat he will fall asleep before we get out of the parking lot. THen once back at our site we can park with windows open and he can continue to rest as I enjoy a adult beverage in the shade.
  7. This makes it sooo much easier to go to AK or HS from the campground...
  8. I thought i read some place that if you stay at a Disney Resort you can park for free at any of the theme parks using your magic band, is this true?
  9. If so be sure to take the I-275 beltway around town. Both of the north south interstates are in heavy construction. I-75 From just south of the northern edge of the I-275 beltway has on and off construction and the road surface is terrible. If you happen to have a flat, or break down there is little to no shoulder to pull off on. This continues to the River where you get to cross "The Bridge of Death and Misery" Noted by many to be the most deficient bridge in our highway system. No lie, it has plywood holding it together in several locations. I-71 has been crumbling just north of the river for years and they have ripped up several lanes and are in the process of replacing it. Its narrow, and just not a great road to travel, avoid if you can. The I-275 beltway will add a few miles, but they are easy miles with far less traffic, wider lanes, and no construction, and not much commuter traffic to deal with.
  10. We put one of those screen door savers on the bottom of our screen door in the camper to keep our 2 year old from falling through the screen door. We put a simple velcro tab like lock on the plastic slider that covers the screen door latch so he cant open it and get to the latch. On a side note, make sure to take the door keys out with you when you sit by the camp fire at night and they are asleep in the camper. My son got up and locked the door then went to the bathroom flushed the toilet. I had to knock on the door to get him to unlock it... When we are outside and hes sleeping we use the folding grab handle to "lock him in".
  11. I have a good friend who has PTSD and he has a small service dog that help his cope. I don't get it, but it helps him and if it helps him I support it 100%. I also have an in-law that is blind and has a service dog that's amazing.
  12. So for people coming through the Ticket Transportation center do they pass security before boarding the ferry boat / monorail, or do they do it once they get off? I know people staying at monorail resorts get screened at their resort. How does this impact fort visitors coming over on the boats? The pictures were not very clear as to what was going on, other than the old security check points were unused.
  13. Good to know thanks. I know its a long shot to get one of the two cabins but figure its better than not trying. Thanks, do you know if the outside sites are odd or even?