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  1. I have the same app, was looking for some 1st hand experience / advice Yes we will leave the fort around 1 or 2 drive north to just about the Fl Ga boarder and camp. Then usually go hard the 2nd day since everyone will sleep well after a long vacation and then have a shot trip home.
  2. Ahh yeah, sorry about that. On arrival day we just want a short drive in to the fort.
  3. We are looking to stay at Casey Jones Campground in Lake City Fl on our 2nd night (399 miles) then drive into the fort the next morning. Google says its 5:41 so I figure its 6:30 driving add an hour / hour and half for lunch and other stops. That will leave us just over 150 miles on our arrival day?
  4. Funny Story about that Harvest Moon RV park. Last winter on our way home from Orlando area in January we were towing the camper north and the one big snow storm of the winter hit. We pulled off that exit and into the Hampton Inn. The person working the front desk new someone at the flooring company next door and got the OK for us to park the truck and camper in their lot over night so we didn't have to maneuver it through the hotel lot the next morning. Thx for all of the great suggestions. Leaning towards Best Holiday that would put us traveling about 7-8 hours and then the next day have another 6-7 hours travel to be about an hour or so north of the fort.
  5. Ok Friends, this fall will be our 2nd trip to the Orlando area with our camper. Our previous trip our son was only 1 and would sleep all day in the truck. Now that hes going to be 3 we are not so lucky. On our first trip down we drove from Cincinnati area to south of Atlanta and it was about 12 hour on the road (9:30 of driving time). We are looking to stop just north of Atlanta for our first over night, then about 2 hours north of the Fort on our 2nd night. We would like a camp ground with at least a play ground, as we will be traveling with a 3 year old, and possible, a 5 1/2 year old. A pull through is preferred but not required. Ok friends lets tap in to your knowledge base and help me make the family happy.
  6. At close to $300 a night that really close to the cost of a cabin. My inlaws are staying in a cabin this fall and I think they are paying around $325 a night...
  7. Its nice that they would comp a day, but comping a day doesn't return the lost family time that one comes to expect from Disney. Calling the cops wouldn't help. You call the cops and the cops call Disney and still nothing happens. If I was at the fort and issues like this went on for a whole weekend or longer I'd document it, photo, video and such while notifying security and document their reprocess and then turn everything over to the media. A little bad press and Disney would quickly fix the issue. Right now its a in house problem, no one outside the direct fort and this board are aware of the issues. A 30sec story with a big YouTube news outlet, or even mainstream media and suddenly its priority #1 to get it resolved. Remember how fast the fencing went up around the lakes?
  8. Filling up my tank is the first thing i do after getting setup. I've been to far to many campgrounds that had bad plumbing and was forced to use our onboard water due to lack of pressure, or lack of water.
  9. Not the Liberty Tree Tavern!!!!
  10. Not sure where it would go maybe over where the skyway use to be?
  11. A dad has to make his little man happy right? The gravel pad we are on is 3 camp sites, there are 15 total camp sites at the camp ground. We were the only ones there. They are booked up on weekends. They dont allow seasonal campers. The lawn was really nice, and the camp sites were far enough away from the waters edge that I didn't feel like I had to be nervous about him falling in. Our Rims are a brushed aluminum look. The spare is a steel painted a light gray.
  12. Each spring we like to take an early trip to a local campground to get things cleaned up and ready for camping season. The lake isn't that bug but did have several fish in it. None that wanted to be caught by me though. Little man loves camping. He enjoys his Chillaxing time. During camper washing, he informed me that he needed a Car wash for him tractor.. did the best i could with what I had. Two night stay, cleaned up the outside of the camper, cleaned up the inside and no evidence of winter guests in the camper. Now its all ready for the summer camping season.
  13. It mostly has to do with traveling with a toddler. When we leave the parks hes spent. Having to carry him onto a bus and get him to rest is a pain. Leaving the park and putting him in his car seat he will fall asleep before we get out of the parking lot. THen once back at our site we can park with windows open and he can continue to rest as I enjoy a adult beverage in the shade.