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  1. Got there early and stayed late

    ok part 2 of day 6, sorry for the very long delay. Life happened. So after eating at Tortuga the boy was showing sings of fading, so Mommy made an executive decision to head to the camper and try to do some R&R then back in to MK for some evening festivities. On the boat ride back the boy went down for the count in his stroller so we pushed him back to the camper and sat around outside enjoying some warm weather and cold drinks. Cody woke up around 3pm and we all decided to just hang out at the pool. Shortly after dinner the wife told me that her sister and I would be going back into MK because it was her only day in MK and she wanted to get in some rides we didn't get to. So Back to the boat dock and off to MK. First ride was Big Thunder Mt, 10 min wait, seems like the attractions god was still with us. After BTM it was off to Haunted Mansion, Another short que and in less than 10 minutes were in our doom buggy headed to visit the spooks. At this point, it was time for a snack so we made a dash for LaFue to get some snacks and a a Brew as we were sitting there I noted it was getting very close to fireworks time, so we finished up and made our way to 7 dwarfs mine train, just as the fireworks started. We had a 20 min wait, not bad for 7dmt. After getting off we made a bee line for Space Mountain the fireworks we getting ready to end and lines would get crazy. We made it and walked right on. With all of her must ride attractions done we made our way out and to the boat to finished up the day. Time to rest up, big day tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa arrived and we had Breakfast with mickey at AK really early in the morning. And grandma and grandpa are in wheel chairs...
  2. Got there early and stayed late

    Yeah I think it cooled off on this day. Went from 87-92 down to 80-84 but cooler is cooler Would be nice if we could get more of them. We dont do many end of days with Cody as he burns out around 2pm Yeah riding it as a adult only makes you hearken back to day of old It was a blast I was trying to get the wife to hold on to the boy for the drop and get them ready for the pic... its my fault.
  3. Got there early and stayed late

    Day 6 (Half way point) So with Aunt E now here we had to visit the MK again. So up early and on the dock for that 8:30 boat that arrived at 8:20 WTF?!?! Everyone got in the park with no blue Mickey Rings, and, I noticed for the first time my Magic Band not only made fancy noises when scanned but also had some purple mixed in with the green go light! Fancy After 2nd coffee, First was at P & J. it was off to Castle Photos Then DUMBO!! Cody didn't want to ride with Aunt E as he had not quite warmed up to her just yet. Then it was off to some visits with old friends, Last time at disney cody was 1 1/2 and didn't take to well to visits with mickey and the gang but this time he did really well. So after the visit, we had a FP at 11 for pirates, but it was only 945 or so. So we strolled over to Small World and what do you know the wait was only 10 minutes. BOOM Again spent the whole ride being told to look this way and that way, and I had to sing the song so be thankful I didn't take video... After Small World, we wondered on and I noticed Haunted Mansion only had a 5 minute wait (Cant be right). So we jumped in the line walked right into the first room and direct into the stretching room with about 10 other people. Bonus. It all happened so fast I didn't get to snap a single picture, Fail on my part. It seemed Walt was smiling upon us so we continued to wonder towards Pirates only to find the Tiki Room pre show was wrapping up and very few people were in the que. Boom into Tiki Room we went for some singing Birds and Plants Codys favorite part was the singing Totem, guys on the walls playing drums. Upon release we had to spend quite some time checking out the Totem polls. He was quite frustrated they didn't say hi to him. As we exited I went to get the stroller and thought to myself, wow what are the odds of Jungle Cruse being walk on. So i took a look and saw 65 minute wait. Guess we will have to wait for our 2pm fp. On to Pirates as our FP as about 1/2 over. Raced through the FP que and down to our boat. I was gifted once again with a seat all alone in the back of the boat. Though I was trying to get the rest of our group ready for the on ride photo and miss the chance to look amazing. Turns out Cody loved the ride, but not the drop. After Pirates we headed to Tortuga Tavern for hot dogs and turkey legs. While there I did some card SotMK trading with the usual cast of locals that linger there. Time for a break, as it time to feed the Boy his lunch. Second half of day 6 will be coming out after his bed time.
  4. Got there early and stayed late

    yeah it was a great trip, the hangover from such a trip isn't as great I've very selectivity on what pictures i post :) You need to get a Dole Whip asap. I spent my youth waiting on my mom, and now my middle age waiting on my wife. Its something i've come to expect. thanks
  5. Got there early and stayed late

    On the Fifth Day, Daddy called for Rest! So no pictures on this day, but a lot went on. First, headed over to Contemp for Breakfast with Grandma. It was their departure day thank God, they will be greatly missed. Breakfast was at Wave, a reservation was made by Grandma for 5 people at 9am, Turns out it was for October 14th, Not October 15th.. They were very accommodating and got us seated with in 15 minutes. After that snafu tensions were running high, so I did what any man would do and suggest the women foke go to disney springs and I'd stay around and take the boy swimming. This was meet with great celebration, and a fine breakfast was had by all. By 10:30 all the women were packed into a Minnie Van and off to Disney Springs (Grandma does not do public transportation). Cody and I jumped no a boat back to the fort scampered over to the 400 loop and got on our Swimming Costumes (Pepper Pig reference). We jumped on the first bus headed to the meadows and I setup base camp with towels, toys and snacks. We were going to have a great guys afternoon swimming. We splashed, we swam, we even went into the kid's pool and went down the little water slide. Then he wanted to go down the Big water slide. I was only one person, so sending him down and not having someone at the bottom to assist him in the massive current would cause me, and maybe him much trauma. Luckily for me, a life guard that Cody befriended from an early trip to the pool was spending a day off swimming and agreed to take him to the top of the slide and send him down to me to catch. As he confidently climbed the stairs I watched, he waited patiently in line for his turn. Next thing I know is see him come marching confidently back down the stairs to the edge of the pool and proclaimed, very loudly, "No way daddy, that loooooooks waaay to dangerous for me" Around 2pm we packed up our base camp and headed back to the 400 loop. Cody need a nap, and daddy wanted to get some work done. We arrived back at the camper got changed and laid down only to have Mommy, with many MANY bags in tow come busting into the camper proclaiming she found the perfect shirt, by the sheer volume of stuff, I believe she found several perfect shirts. So now nap was out of the question. Witch was fine since mommy's sister was do in and mommy and cody were going to go to the Airport to pick up Aunt E then they were going to AK lodge for dinner. I smilled and said "Great Idea" knowing full well that a 3 year old with no sleep who spent most of the day in the pool would be a joy at a fancy table service at 7pm.... Not long after their reservation started I received this photo via txt So mommy got to enjoy her meal while using our sons head as a napkin! Well at least I got some work done and spent some time riding my back around checking out decorations. Day 6 Back Again to the MK)
  6. Got there early and stayed late

    No kidding! On a later trip to Epcot we did an Dole Whip with Rum Orange... I've spent a lot of time reading others so I figure time to give back My mom, and wife are always doing something on their cell phones, until I call them. Then they cant seem to find them or hear them ring.. Other than the recent Dole whip incident, its what will cause me to contact my Attorney. On our first go around ofCountry Bears he spent most of the time waving Hi to Buff, Max and Malvin and turning my head so I could watch them.. Only 3 times in one day...
  7. Got there early and stayed late

    Day 4 (Oct 14), and off the the Magic Kingdom we go! Once again up bright and early around 6:30, Every one showered, and to Trails End for some breakfast!! Once at the dock we were inline for that 8:30 boat that arrived promptly at 8:45 and we were off to the MK and Everyone was excited, even if some of us are trying to play it cool Grandma and company were delayed once again, I was notified they were running late by a text that came 15 minutes after our appointed meeting time at the entrance to MK.. We made great use of the time to get some pictures, WITH MAGIC! Once Grandma and company got through security and through the mickey buttons (this is always a problem for my mom) were headed down main street for coffee. I questioned why we needed to stop for coffee after arriving 30 minutes late, but was quickly and "politely" we will wait in the line for coffee. And so we did. But after coffee everyone was excited so we got a great family photo by the castle, too bad it was bright and sunny (10:30ish) so some of use squinted a bit. After that we had an 11:15 FP for small world, and come hell or very hight water I was making that FP.. As you can guess we got to the fast pass entrance, the boy used his "mickey button, my mickey button, and mommy's mickey button to get us checked in and down the ramp we went. Just in time to see the Small World Clock hit 11:30! Its like i planned it or something. Never the less, with in moments we were on the boat doing the wave, YMCA and other commands from those sitting in Village Haus with the others in our boat looking very bafulled. Our next FS was haunted mansion, so we left the stroller in the Small World Parking lot and scooted over and got our ghost on. Cody made sure Mommy and Daddy knew where each ghost was by pointing and loudly shouting "Look a Ghost Daddy!", I didn't count but I'm pretty sure he did it around 999 times.... So now we had two attractions behind us, and it was def time to eat, I have no idea where we ate, but I'm sure it was good or at least good for Disney Quick service.. After lunch the boy dozed off to sleep so Grandma kept and eye on him as Mommy Daddy, and niece headed for Big Thunder Mt, it was only a 15 minute wait. It was Mommy's first trip down the mountain and she love it. Grandma was sitting in the shade near County Bear so you guess it, time for some Singing Bears!! Let me tell you the boy LOVE IT. So much so after the show Weldell was out side and he ran up to him hugged him then asked, told him to sing. We got some Autographs but no pictures Next up was a FP for pirates. As we made our way over we had to make a quick trip to Aloha Isle, I heard rummer of this treat called a Dollwhip or something.. Anyway it was my wifes first ever dollwhip, she was less than overjoyed with the experience, I quickly contacted my lawyer who advised me that Lack of enthusiasm for a dollwhip was not grounds for divorce. I may seek a 2nd opinion. Anyway on to Pirates, fairly uneventful, the camera was not working, so no pictures of me doings something amazing, with great hair and a killer smile. After the ride the boy was singing Ho Ho, Ho Ho a pirates life for me.. Not Yo Ho... I found it amusing. After that I was spent, it was in the neighborhood of 62,000 degrees and again over 100% humidity. So back to the camper for a little down time and digging in the sand. Dinner was again at Trails End them off to visit with Chip and Dale for some evening fun in our PJs. Day 5, A day of rest
  8. Got there early and stayed late

    Thanks for keeping up with me!
  9. Got there early and stayed late

    I was really lucky, our train car was not very full and it was the beginning of the day so BO was at a minimum. Trust me, by the end of the trip report you will have seen enough of small world.... He really did take to them well, as you will see in the next few days. When we went when he was about 1 1/2 he hated all of them but Pooh. Beverly is just not pleasant.
  10. Got there early and stayed late

    Day 3 Epcot with Grandma, and Niece. Right off the bat, Grandma and Niece who were staying at the Contemp didn't transfer to the Epcot monorail and were lost in to the resort monorail for 20 minutes. Not a great start to the day but hey, we are at Disney so lets just relax... After Grandma and company arrive at the Transportation center we all get on an Epcot Monorail only to find the AC isn't working all that great and its already 45000F with enough humidity to drowned you if you take a deep breath. And per usual, its my fault the AC isn't working all that great. Then getting through baggage checked and scanning Magic Band and finger was another huge hurdel for Grandma and Company. Even the 3 year old did it on his first try!! None the less just about an hour after scheduled arrival we are in the park just in the nick of time for our Meet with Mickey and friends, but first the line for Daisy Duck is short so zip over for a signature and photo opp. We purchased the photo pass option so I let the pros do all the work. Made it to Micky with 4 minutes to spare, and yes I heard a lot about how I would devastate the Grandson if we missed mickey... Love his some Goofy! My man putting the moves on Minnie! Then the big man himself. Success, now off to The Land for Soarin. Had to do the kid swap, and he wasn't all that jazzed about missing out on something, But a mickey bar fixed his mood. After Soarin, and the Land boat snooze we decided to grab a quick service lunch. Then the boy was starting to wear down and it was Damn hot so we went to club cool and yes, everyone did the Beverly challenge. My wife, didn't hate it said it tasted like bad tonic water. At this point the boy had had it, we strapped him to his stroller and let him cry it out until he fell into a blissful sleep, somewhere between England, and France. Then this happened :) At Mexico he woke up, and demanded Small World, so of course we went on Gran Fiesta Tour, and sold it as Small World. I dont think he bought it 100% but he was happy enough to be on an attraction. After that I was finished, and we headed back to the Camper, it was after 4 and we had dinner setup at Wave and I wasn't going to wave smelling like I smelled. Day 4 Back to the Magic AND FINALLY DO WE MAKE IT TO SMALL WORLD!!
  11. Got there early and stayed late

    Pix fixed, thanks for the heads up As someone stated it was The Lost Sea.. Good old fashion road side Americana Thats the place One would think being at the fort for 11 days we would have had more than enough down time, but as you will see we were on the move. It was The Lost Sea He loves his The Disney. Thanks for the kind words, 3 hours before that pic there was not excitement in those eyes. He refers to the Haunted Mansion as (trying to spell it as he says it) The Haunted Mooshion
  12. Disney potty training....

    Well after 9 park days we had no accidents. Followed everyone advice and kept after him to go when ever one of us had to go and it worked out. The one and only accident was during a 3 hour nap. I say success.
  13. Got there early and stayed late

    Day 2 (October 12) started much like day one. Birthday boy was up around 5am, again asking about The Small World.. So instead of fighting to get him back to sleep we started to slowly get moving. First order of business was to start the truck and get fuel. So as i headed out to get fuel for the truck the Birthday boy and Mommy set to work getting things ready to roll. About 30 minutes later I was back at camp ready to go only to find my two traveling companions sound asleep... So I started to pick up the toys and pack up snacks for the day in the truck. Not long after I finished up and sat down to eat did everyone wake up and demand donuts. Another trip to the local quick shop to buy donuts, then back to the camper and we were off, around 7am. My big fear was leaving at 7am we would be stuck in Rush Hour traffic in Atl, as we were rough 45 minutes north. The travel Gods were with us on this day and we breezed into Atl and hit the HOV lane and continued unstopped cruising right around 65 mph. Just around 11am I noted the gps was going to put us into our stop just south of gainesville around 1-2pm. The wife made a executive decision "The Fort or Bust". So she got on the phone with Disney and they were able to add Today to our reservation. What luck, they Can squeeze another $300 out of us.. :) Flying through the SunPass toll lanes we were blazing the Florida turnpike asphalt at a whopping 68mph. Suddenly Google Maps notified me of a large backup that would cost us 45 minutes!!!! But just as heart break and despair crept in, and moments before tears broke out, Google rerouted us by passing the affected area and saving getting us to the fort at 5:07pm. Some where along the way I received a text message and email form Disney saying my site was ready. We drew Site 431, and we were happy with our draw. So as we pulled in the checkin like was about 4 or 5 deep at each bay and we headed through the returning guests, through the overflow lot and back into the fort. Found our site backed the camper in hooked it up and around 5:30pm the blender was singing the victory song of a job well done. Right about the time my 2nd frozen drink was "letting go" our neighbor pulled up. He had seen me go through returning guests and after getting hooked up came over and asked what was up with that. I explained I did online check in about a week ago and got my text around 11 or 12 and headed right to my spot. He was frustrated at how long it took to get campers checked in and was annoyed he didn't know about online check in. After the wife got the beds ready and decoration setup we headed out to get our mugs and start the explore, as well as get some dinner. First top P & J to get mugs and see all the people getting ready for Hoop De Doo. We got in on the fun and had a pic taken. As you can see birthday boy was excited to be back at "The Disney" but still wondered where the Haunted Mansion was and Why no Small World... Next stop the Pool and Sing along. We got dinner at the chuck wagon and I got to say it was really good, not the fastest food service but well worth it. After dinner and most of the movie we headed back to the camper past the comfort station where the Boy had to use his "Mickey Button" (magic band) on all 3 doors. For a Birthday gift I was given one of the designer limited edition Haunted Mansion Magic bands and every once in a while it was make a noise other than the normal, its sort of a tolling bells. We got it twice on the bathrooms.. Kinda cool. Day 3 Visiting Epcot with a Toddler.