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  1. I've never seen a manufacture offer a warranties outside of a appliance warranties. Our Grand Design has a manufactures 3 year warranty, that covers everything Grand Design did, not the AC, Fridge, hot water heater ect. Those only have a manufactures warranty and each is its own. There are crap brands out there, that don't stand behind their product, but I've found if you are looking at consumer grade stuff, not 5 * stuff its all built very comparable.
  2. The Brand of RV you choose isn't as important as the Dealer you choose to purchase and service through. I've owned 2 brand new campers and each one had issues that needed to be resolved. The dealer we purchased from was quick to get our camper in and get the issue resolved (Days not Months).
  3. Once again this summer work will be done on I75 through the greater Cincinnati Area. Currently I75 North from just north of the river is due for "Major Construction" Starting this week and lasting most of the summer. My recommendation is if you are traveling North OR South do yourself and your camper a huge favor and take I275 around Cincinnati. If going north take I275 towards Indiana and follow it around until you get back on I75 north. If going South take I275 towards Indiana and follow it around until you get back on I75 South in Kentucky. I75 through Cincinnati is narrow, rough and just not a pleasant drive. If traffic is moving through that area it may take you about 15 minutes more to do the 275 loop but IMHO while towing anything it is far less stressful and a much better drive.
  4. Its smaller than the shower in our previous Cougar 333mks, but not the snallest i've ever been in. I'm 6'2" 190lbs and I have plenty of room to move around
  5. Well since Sept 2016 till Feb 2018 we looked, and looked and looked and looked... I bet we walked through 100+ campers the list was narrowed down to two we really liked that were with in what we wanted to spend, and how much we could tow. In the end the Grand Design 28BH had everything we wanted. Picture from our First Offical Camping Trip. 4 Nights at a KOA just over border in West Virginia. All went well. Dealer is going to resolve a few issues. 1) One of the basement doors isn't closing properly and is rubbing on the door frame. 2) When moving the RV at the dealership the employee got to close to another camper and put a little tear in the awning. The floor plan... Never thought I'd like an outdoor kitchen, turns out I do. Just ordered the kit to convert my Q grill to use the quick disconnect and a Y adapter so I can run both the grill and burners at the same time. One of the things we wanted most was no slides on the entry side of the camper. We found this gives us tons more outdoor living space and a 21' awning. The 12 cubic foot fridge / freezer was also a huge upgrade.
  6. So quick update on the water heater after 4 nights of usage... Running it on gas and electric produced enough hot water to satisfy the wife's shower. I jumped in right after here to insure I could and would go longer, I was able to take a good 10 min shower with now problem, The gave my 3 yr son a shower that lasted about 10 min as well. All toll the shower was running for about 35 - 40 min with no issue. Wife is 100% happy with the hot water situation.
  7. Early Booking

    By the sound of it sounds like I'm calling Disney mid june 2018 for a fall of 2019 trip
  8. Early Booking

    How many of you book 499 days in advanced for the holiday season? We stay 2 weeks from late October through early Nov and I've always booked early to insure I can get a Premium site. Is that really nessary? I normaly book for 3+ weeks then once we finalize on dates adjust my booking.
  9. Motorhome Gasoline

    I usualy get my fuel on one of the service centers on the Turn Pike, as my wife and son usualy need a pit stop by then.
  10. Will this be the next decorating trend?

    Thats my thought every year at holloween when we go camping. People must bring a box trailer behind their class A to move all that stuff in.
  11. A long time ago my father told me not to wast money on "things" but invest them on memories. I consider our camper a memory maker for our family. My son talk about one of our camping adventures each and every day and hes only 3. I figure its worth the investment to build strong family bonds.
  12. It may have had a slight drop to the back of the site
  13. Stayed 2 weeks in October 2017 in the 400 loop. Dont remember the site number but it was on the inside of the loop. If memory servers me right it was the last site on the inside before coming to the entrance / exit. It was a great stay for us. Close enough to the Marina to easily walk. We would have to put the 3yr in his stroller to go to the pool.