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  1. River Country

    It does look like a core machine setup to drill core samples.
  2. This is 100% rumor, it comes from someone that I know that works for lego in their department that creates the architecture sets. But, they told me in conversation that they have heard rumor of a lego model of the Haunted Mansion, and he feels with the success of the Cinderella castle set this could also be put into production. IF this is true, I need to start saving my extra change to save up to buy one. I know they had this in the lego idea website for a while https://ideas.lego.com/projects/40cebf74-ecc9-4b3e-a837-cd784154fe8f
  3. Check out Plex, Its a client server solution. On the plex server you can load your own media (photos, music, video) then add "channels" Such as youtube, Discovery, HBO, Amazon Video ect ect.. They also have over the air dvr using a simple device called a HD HomeRun box. Then on your TV you can use the plex client, most modern "smart TVs" have the ability to load the plex app, I run simple Raspberry Pi clients on my TVs. They also have iOS and Android apps that let you control you TVs or watch the content on your phone in your house, or over the internet when on the go. We have Hundreds of Movies on our plex server, and THOUSANDS of TV shows. It works out great when traveling because I can stream my content or watch live tv in my home down on my phone, or on my smart TV in my camper (as long as i have wifi) Oh and Plex is 100% free software.
  4. Fresh water sanitizing

    When we are getting ready for a trip I usually make a few trips to the camper the week before, Check tires, start fridge, bring food and cloths. Usually on one of those trips I will add the bleach and fill the tank with water. Then on a return trip to load more stuff up drain the water and flush with fresh water.
  5. Thx for clearing that up. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  6. Oh thought it was 90 out you could make reservations Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  7. Something to consider, There are more people using the HBO go app than watch shows over cable... Hulu, NetFlix, YouTube Red, and Amazon Video stream more hours of programming each day than cable, and satellite companies do in a year. I have over 60 channels of over the air tv at my house today, where 3 years ago i had 12. People are not keeping their cable service, to make it work Disney will have to make whatever service they provide able to integrate into the current set top boxes people currently stream to (Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Chrome Cast, ect)
  8. Offsite Storage

    I have family that lives in the Knoxville area, and twice I've left our camper at their house (plenty of room). It does add a new dynamic to packing for a trip. Saving the few hours of tow time from Cincinnati to Knoxville wasn't worth the extra effort. But, if i had several trips planned to the fort and could leave the camper in Orlando and not have to drive 2 days with it, I think i'd leave it in Orlando between trips.
  9. Disney seems to be investing heavenly in connected devices recently with their recent Circle device, and the release of their own set top box. My guess is they will update those set top devices, and up date their mobile video app to include a subscription service to their video content.
  10. only 104 days then until you make dinning reservations :)
  11. Yup my tailgate is sitting safely in my basement
  12. Axle Ratings...

    Sounds to me like GD is trying to get in under a hitch weight to easly go on a 3/4 ton or even 1/2 ton truck by playing a numbers game.
  13. Nice place but too far to travel after 2 days of travel. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  14. Hope your 135 goes by smoothly. We are staying at the fort, our arrival will be around noon, wife will take the boy to the pool while I setup. After setup I get to go to trader Sam's as a reward for 2 days of driving. Though this trip I may go to geyser point as it looks nice. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  15. In 68 days I'll be enjoying a Dole Whip. By this time of night I may have moved on to Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum, or Mosquito Mojito...