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  1. the cheap fix is the best, free is even better.
  2. On my Disney Cruise on the Dream back in 2009, the mom of the UK family that was at our table in the Animator's Palate. She thought it would be a great idea to steal the centerpiece as a personal souvenir for herself. Afterwards, our table was without a centerpiece for the whole cruise.
  3. Just because "Tiny Homes" are popular on various Cable TV channels now, WDW is bringing them to the Fort as well. No one would want to sleep in camper, when you can sleep in a "Tiny Home" (when they are basically the same thing.) Just think of the treehouses that were new and unusual back in the 1970's, now not so popular anymore. the same thing will happen to the "Tiny Homes" it's a fad that will come and go.
  4. I concur, it is wrong and has nothing to do with the hallway. The song says "Ghost martialize" after this part of the ride. it should be in the attic as it is in DL.
  5. I am sure it is quite familiar to those who have kids in summer church camp.
  6. It was never a solution to a problem that the Fast Pass system provided, it is just a new way to get money from the AP holders.
  7. Worst Chinese food anywhere, even China.
  8. Now that makes perfect sense "massage parlor and casino" or a New Orleans Square right in Fort Wilderness!
  9. Now that makes perfect sense "massage parlor and casino" or a New Orleans Square right in Fort Wilderness!
  10. I really wanted to take my son, but the NBA slum lords just didn't make all the money that they wanted. I hope the press, and all the internet influencers got to enjoy it. I really didn't think that it would last anyway.
  11. Golden Corral = Freedom, (Food is not so good, but it is acceptable) but they understand that you are not there to show off the latest mask, but to eat a lot of food. Not everyone is grappling for freedom, but oppression of their neighbor. Golden Corral = Embassy of Freedom Viva Pancho Claus
  12. This is the dumbest idea I have ever come up with, Yeti does not support military veterans or their causes. I realize that remark I made, was Hyperbole and not to be taken seriously.
  13. It is a careful balance to remain profitable and succumb to pressure. Golden Coral needs to make a profit to survive, Disney will just have to do without the $'s of RJPete.
  14. My respiratory system precludes me from wearing a mask, I will wait until masks are not necessary to enjoy the park. I will wait, so even if the park shuts down completely and goes out of business, it will be worth the wait.
  15. I will return when things go back to being normal. I will not risk being banned for life for something as stupid as wearing a mask.
  16. Back in 2012, I got reminded that mine was not allowed (even though it had a cover) and all I did was place it under my trailer, to make room inside my rig.
  17. Once again, rules mater more than people and their rights to their freedom.
  18. Any bear encounter is a dangerous event. I encountered a juvenile Black bear in Yosemite National Park, I could not move fast enough to get away. Thank God for the rangers to stop the rampage through the camp sites; Garbage everywhere, scratched up vehicles, tents torn down, coolers busted, He was not a happy camper.
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