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  1. And you as well! I thought of you when my sons both got the opportunity to record at Bob's Big Boy/Sound Kitchen in Franklin a few years back. Paul and I will be back in a few months for his brother's big bday bash. I'm tired just thinking about it lol.
  2. FL Prepaid!!! I'd much rather they went to Penn State like most of their classmates, but they are both right where they want to be and doing well! Cannot ask for more than that!
  3. I randomly popped on to FF and this was the first thread I noticed. I have a lot of catching up to do around here but am delighted to see so many familiar names contributing! When I was a "regular" here, I lived outside of Jacksonville, FL and my kids were in elementary school. We started camping at the Fort in a tent when they were 3 and 6, then a pop up, then a TT. In 2013, we relocated to a suburb of Philadelphia. Sold our TT to another family on this board right before we moved. We did get a new one, though we do not tow it down there. Now when we visit WDW we stay in a cabin. Expe
  4. I also completely agree with your sentiments. I am disgusted, sad, and very disappointed in the decisions that have been made which will result in spoiling the charm and tranquility that was once my beloved Fort Wilderness. Fueled by greed and power, and certainly not made by anyone who has any real appreciation for what the Fort is to so many, much less having spent time there relaxing. As you said, at least we have our memories!
  5. Thank you for the update! I have not been to Epcot in years, so fun to see what's new. Love the super flexible easy feeling of your WWW weekend! Exactly how I operate.
  6. Thanks! It looks fabulous! My late in-laws were big RCI people. We stayed at several places compliments of their many ownerships over the years.
  7. Enjoying your TR! Though, it is making me hungry! I am inspired by your solo visits to the parks. I suspect this may be in my future now that my kids are older and the hubs isn't into WDW like I am. He likes it OK, but not enough to stay all day and really dig in. Curious where you stayed for this visit? You mention a condo, do you own, or rent? Looking for new options since cabins have gotten so pricey!
  8. In and first! How appropriate that I pop on here and happen to catch the beginning of your TR! Not unlike when I was at the Fort recently and popped on to catch the latest, only to find out I was there at the same time all of you were! I look forward to hearing more about your weekend. And, I am so glad I got to meet all of you!
  9. note the ones along the cart path to the beach in the distance:
  10. I also noted all of the survey stakes when we were there last weekend. Took some photos, will attempt to see if I can figure Imgur out and post them. I have to say, the placement of some of them was unsettling.
  11. Anyone have the name of an off site golf cart rental co., other than Tee Time? They've been our go-to for years, but my husband refuses to use them any more so I have to find another source. Thanks for any help!
  12. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who are in the path of this horrible storm. I've been monitoring the updates since I have so many friends and family in NE FL, then yesterday when the path shifted west I immediately thought of many of you who are in that part of the state. I hope you are able to get to a safer place if you can.
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