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Thanks for bringing this up again.   Some new ones to add:   MDE = MyDisneyExperience MM = Memory Maker FP+ = Fast Pass Plus PP = Photopass MB = Magic Band

SMB= Sucks Monkey Butt (created by DIT)

The restraint shown in this response impresses me. :D

IG - International Gateway

EC - Epcot

ST - Studios

MK - Magic Kingdom

AK - Animal Kingdom

FTW - Fort Wilderness

WL - Wilderness Lodge

CR - Contemporary Resort

GF - Grand Floridian

POLY - Polynesian Resort

OKW - Old Key West

POFQ - Port Orleans French Quarter

POR - Port Orleans Riverside

ASSP - All Star Sports

ASMU - All Star Music

ASMO - All Star Movies

POP - Pop Century

CSR - Coronado Springs Resort

CBR - Carribbean Beach Resort

BW - Boardwalk

BC - Beach Club

YC - Yacht Club

BCV - Beach Club Villas

WLV - Wilderness Lodge Villas

SS - Saratoga Springs

Swolphin - Swan and Dolphin

THV - Tree House Villas

DTD - Downtown Disney

PI - Pleasure Island

BTMR - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

MNSSHP - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

MVMCP - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

HM - Haunted Mansion

That's Enough for Me, Somebody Else Name a Few

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How about the most common ones people ask for:

DH- Dear Husband

DW- Dear Wife

DD- Dear Daughter (add age at the end if so compeled ex: DD15)

DS- Dear Son (same as above, add age if so compeled ex: DS12)

and cannot forget these:

AFAIC  As far as I'm concerned 

AFAIK  As Far As I Know 

AFGO  Another F***ing (or Fabulous) Growth Opportunity 

AFK  Away From Keyboard 

AKA  Also Known As 

ASAP  As Soon As Possible 

BAK  Back At Keyboard 

BBL  Be Back Later 

B/C  Because 

BFD  Big F***ing Deal! 

BFN  Bye For Now 

BFO  Blinding Flash of the Obvious 

BO  Buffer (Brain) Overload 

BOHICA  Bend Over, Here It Comes Again! 

BOKYAG  Bend Over and Kiss Your A** Goodbye 

BRB  Be Right Back 

BTSOOM  beats the stuffing out of me 

BTW  By The Way 

CU  See You 

CUL8R  See You Later 

CYA  Cover Your Arse 

DITYID  Did I Tell You I'm Distressed? 

EFLA  Extended Four Letter Acronym! 

FAQ  Frequently Asked Question 

FC  Fingers Crossed 

FCFS  First Come First Served 

FEAR  F*** Everything And Run 

FIIOH  F*** (or Forget) It, I'm Outta Here 

FMV  Full Motion Video 

FOAD  F*** Off And Die 

FUBAR  F***** Up Beyond All Recognition 

FUCT  Failed Under Continuous Testing 

FWIW  For What It's Worth 

FYI  For Your Information 

GMTA  Great Minds Think Alike 

GTRM  Going To Read Mail 

GR&D  Grinning, Running, & Ducking 

HSIK  How Should I Know 

HTH  Happy To Help 

HTH  Hope This Helps 

IAE  In Any Event 

IANA...  I am not a ... 

IBK  Idiot Behind Keyboard 

IIRC  If I Recall Correctly 

IITYWTMWYBMAD  If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me A Drink? 

ILF  I'll Look Forward 

IMCO  In My Considered Opinion 

IMHO  In My Humble Opinion 

IMNSHO  In My Not So Humble Opinion 

IMO  In My Opinion 

INAL  I'm Not A Lawyer 

IOW  In Other Words 

IRC  Internet Relay Chat 

IRL  In Real Life 

IYKWIM  If You Know What I mean 

JFYI  Just For Your Information 

J/K  Just Kidding 

L8R  Later 

LMAO  Laughing My Arse Off 

LMKOAP  Let Me Know Of Any Problems 

LOL  Laugh(ing) Out Loud 

LOEL  Laugh(ing) Out Extremely Loud 

MIL-TFD-41  Make It Like The F*****g Drawing For Once 

MMP  More Money, Please 

ML  Mailing List 

NBD  No Big Deal 

NFW  No F****** Way 

NIFOC  Nude In Front Of Computer 

NIFOK  Naked In Front of the Keyboard 

NOYB  None Of Your Business 

NRN  No Reply Necessary 

OIC  Oh, I See! 

OOH  Out Of Hand 

OOTB  Out Of The Box 

OTL  Out To Lunch 

OTOH  On The Other Hand 

PITA  Pain In The Arse 

PMFJI  Pardon Me For Jumping In 

PMJI  Pardon My Jumping In 

POV  Point Of View 

PSX  Sony Playstation 

PTB  Powers That Be 

PU  That Stinks! 

ROFL  Rolling On Floor Laughing 

ROFLWMP  Rolling on the Floor Wetting My Pants 

ROTF  Rolling On The Floor 

ROTFL  Rolling On the Floor Laughing 

ROTFLMAO  Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Arse Off 

ROTFLOL  Rolled on the Floor Laughing Out Loud 

RSN  Real Soon Now 

RTFM  Read The F***ing Manual (or Message) 

RTM  Read The Manual (or Message) 

SEP  Someone Else's Problem 

SGI  She'd Get it! 

SITD  Still In The Dark 

SLAP  Sounds Like A Plan 

SNAFU  Situation Normal- All F***** Up 

SOL  Smiling Out Loud 

TANJ  There Ain't No Justice 

TANSTAAFL  There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch 

TBH  To Be Honest 

TIA  Thanks In Advance 

TIC  Tongue In Cheek 

TLA  Three-Letter Acronyms 

TLTBT  Too Ludicrous To Be True! 

TPTB  The Powers That Be 

TTFN  Ta Ta For Now 

TTYL  Talk To You Later 

Txs  Thanks or Texas 

VPL  Visible Pantie Line 

WGFF?  Who Gives A Flying Flood? 

WIC  Where I'm Concerned 

WIMP  Washed-up Information Media Phobe 

WOA  Work Of Art 

WOB  Waste of Bandwidth 

WRT  with respect to 

WTF  What The F*** 

WTFIGO  What The F*** Is Going On? 

WTH  What The Heck (Hell) 

WYSIWYG  What you see is what you get 

YAM  Yet Another Meeting 

YCHT  You can have them 

YMMV  Your Mileage May Vary 

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CG- California Grill

V&A- Victoria and Alberts

CM-Depends on context could be cast member or Chef Mickey's

GFC- Grand Floridian Cafe

TH- Tusker House

Y & Y- Yak & Yeti

HBD- Hollywood Brown Derby

H&V - Hollywood & Vine

SF- Sci Fi

CP - Crystal Palace

LTT- Liberty Tree Tavern

CRT - Cinderella's Royal Table

LC - Le Cellier

CR - Coral Reef

GG - Garden Grill

LH- La Hacienda


ITTBAB - It's Tough to be a Bug

EE - Expedition Everest

FOLK - Festival of the Lion King

KRR - Kali River Rapids

GMR - Great Movie Ride

RNR- Rock N Rollercoaster

ToT - Tower of Terror

TSM- Toy Storia Mania

ST - Star Tours

TT-Test Track

SE- Spaceship Earth

I'll come back and edit if I can come up with more.

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Thanks. I've spent hours trying to figure ome of these out.

I always figured

DH=Disney husband

DW=Disney wife, etc

But I guess dear husband makes more sense

That's how I have always read it, but I have seen it translated as Dear Wife and Darling Wife, too.

To expand upon some already posted acronyms, I have been told that the status of work operations transits four conditions:

  • SNAFU -- Situation Normal, All Fouled Up (or fowled up if Donald Duck is involved)
  • TARFU -- Things Are Really Fouled Up
  • FUBAR -- Things Are Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
  • BOHICA -- Bend Over, Here It Comes Again

One of my favorites, to go off topic, is PCMCIA, which does not mean People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms.

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NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard

NIMFYE - Not In My Front Yard Either

NOTE - Not Over There Either

NIABY - Not in Anyone's Back Yard.

NUMBY - Not under My Back Yard.

PITBY - Put It in There Back Yard

BANANA - Build Absolutely Nothing Anwhere Near Anyone

TEDAO - Tear Everything Down At Once

LULU - Locally Unwanted Land Use

GOOMBY - Get Out Of My Back Yard

CAVE - Citizens Against Virtually Everything

NIMEY - Not In My Election Year

NIMTOO - Not In My Term Of Office

NOPE - Not On Planet Earth

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