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  1. Saw it live tonight - it is awesome! (even with a giant pile of steaming horse poo 😂)
  2. Thanks, that's what I thought but just wanted to confirm! PS - I know last time we were there at Christmas they shut down some of the parks (maybe just MK though) when they got too crowded. Do you think there is a chance that if we leave EPCOT that day we won't be able to get back in later?
  3. Well, I wish I had seen this before I made fastpass res for that day. Though, time-wise we can make it back to watch the golf cart parade. I have a tickets question though and am not finding my answer on Disney's site. The youngest & I have park hopper passes, but the eldest only wanted to do EPCOT, so he just has a base ticket. Of course the day I did EPCOT fastpasses is Christmas Eve. Can he leave and return to the park later? Thanks! Also, anyone doing the 5k? Can I do that and then walk around EPCOT all day? hmmm
  4. Well, looks like I am late to the party here. Like others, I only use photobucket to post pics, not for actual storage, so I should have all my pics elsewhere too. It really had gotten so junky/glitchy with the ads in the last few years I hated using it. Maybe some day this winter I will try to fix my links.
  5. Well, in general Class A owners seem to be more adults only, but I would consider it pretty family friendly. We had some kids riding bikes near us the whole weekend and I saw a big family in a MH that I'm sure was a rental. We certainly traipsed around the golf course with our 2 clubs each several times over the weekend. I did see someone complaining on rv park reviews about kids in the hot tub & pool right at sunset (like they should be banned just at that time). We were right above the lower pool (which is heated with gas) and it was a little noisy a couple of times but nothing I'd be up
  6. We picked the lower level because 1) it was cheaper and 2) the sites we saw available online on the upper were just basic, while the lower ones had the kitchens & fireplaces, etc. But now after being there we would get an upper level one for the views. We already have everything we need on our MH, so a basic site would be fine. We didn't even use the grill on our site because the grates were so rusty it grossed me out. And our chairs are more comfy than those they had. Plus everything not under furniture covers was covered in pollen (table, counter, etc.) We paid $95/night, which
  7. We just spent the weekend at Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort. I know a lot of RV parks use the word "resort" but this was easily the fanciest place we've ever "camped". It is Class A only and we had to send them our make & model before being accepted. I've never in my life seen so many Prevosts in one place. Didn't get pics of everything but will share the ones I got. They had 2 pools, a tennis court, 4 pickleball courts, and a 9 hole par 3 golf course. People own individual sites and rent them out so they are all different. We were in the lower section, and there were some incred
  8. Thanks. Oddly after it doing it a thousand times, it finally just stopped and stayed out. Hopefully that doesn't mean it's staying out for good! We did have them replaced after they broke when a heavy guy stepped on them while doing the state inspection a couple of years ago, so I can sympathize with you too!
  9. Hi y'all, we are "camping" at the Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort in Lake Toxaway, NC. I promise I will try to add some pics to the other campgrounds board later. Anyhoo, we are having an issue with our electric steps on our motorhome. We have a switch at the door that is supposed to control them staying out all the time or going in and out with the door closing. Usually we don't do anything to the switch and when we take the key out of the ignition or turn the engine off, they stay out for good. This time they keep going in and out. The switch is not lighted, so we're not real s
  10. My friend bought that one last year and got all the adapter stuff to run to a big propane tank. It's nice. I wish we had it instead of the Road Trip. It's just kind of a pain to get out and set up, whereas this you can just set on a table.
  11. Yeah, I just bought a Cricut mat because I read they are cheaper and last longer. We shall see. I also bought a couple of Craftsy classes, one on general things and one focused more on the Studio software. I have done some quilting classes on Craftsy and they are pretty helpful. Am waiting for some supplies I ordered online to get started on that.
  12. We have said that every single time someone on one of those shows says they are doing it so they can move their house. They can get an RV usually cheaper and with more space.
  13. So, I finally got a Cameo. My SIL sent me a hot tip on a good deal on Amz last week. It just came today but I haven't taken it out of the box yet. Gotta find a spot in my sewing room to put it! I have joined 4 different FB groups (2 specifically for beginners) and have looked for tutorials on YouTube. It is overwhelming.
  14. We did 7 weeks out west and back in '14. We made res for the whole way out and then just winged it on the way back. There were a few campgrounds we didn't make it to for various reasons and had to call other places on the fly. We found some great places that way. Sometimes we got the last possible spot, but we were never stranded anywhere without a place. Obvi we had to have res in the very popular places (i.e. Yellowstone) but there were campgrounds to be found.
  15. We are having flooding here in Concord, NC, today, and my parents are having it in SW Va. right now. Sorry you all are so dry! Here's my hometown in Va. River flooding
  16. Yes, I can't tell you how many times someone has cut right in front of our motorhome when we're trying to keep a safe distance. And one time we were just driving along the interstate, and there was a truck pulling a travel trailer and a small SUV stopped on the shoulder. I kid you not, they both pulled out directly in front of us. Mr. CJH had to slam on the brakes and we ended up about an inch from the SUV's back end. Our dog slammed into the front dash. Mr. CJH laid on the horn and then changed it to the loud horn and laid on that again when we passed them. The guy pulling the camper actually
  17. I know, we did that twice, so I lost 16! First time was Christmas Eve and my son, who was 14 or 15 at the time and tasked with the job, called the phone no. on the machine and then waited there for someone to come fix it. When we finally realized he was missing, we found him waiting there. After convincing him no one was coming that night, he came back to the camper with us. Then we tried again a few days later thinking surely it was fixed by now or they would have put a sign up. Nope.
  18. So, does this mean you will get ice? Last time I was in 500 I put in a lot of quarters over a few days and never got any ice.
  19. Well the one on the left looks like it might be Mickey Mouse. (sorry, couldn't resist)
  20. I think we overnighted at that one on our way back from ME this past summer. Off I-81 and do they call it Hershey North or something now? Do they have horses and a giant jumping pad? We got there late and a neighbor promptly came out and helped us get in the site. The site had a dead tree branch sticking out that scraped our side as we were pulling out the next day. We got an email saying something like sorry you never made it here. Uh, we were there! IIRC, the wifi setup was every 15 min you have to do a free trial. I know nothing about the chicken meal.
  21. I want to like Jamberry, but I have better success with drugstore nail stickers or whatever you want to call them.
  22. Thanks, for the link. My review is piggybacked in there too.
  23. I'm sure you are right about that. That sounds delicious. Did you use just regular diced tomatoes or Rotel?
  24. Sounds fun, but "precious treasures" made me LOL.
  25. I have yet to use mine for many of the functions, so a pressure cooker would be fine. I think I used the rice function once to test it, but I have a nice Pampered Chef microwave rice cooker that's easier to clean and faster. I use the poultry button and have used soup or stew, so while those are counted as separate functions, they could be done under just manual pressure cooking. I haven't tried the slow cooker function on it. I always use the quick release pressure unless the recipe specifies not to so the food keeps cooking, but I think the heating up/coming to full pressure takes a lo
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