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  1. I would wait 10 minutes at the most. I also set a timer just in case I get busy and forget to come back. If those people don't, they're the ones with bad etiquette. Last spring break (Camp Gulf in FL) someone left 2 dryers full for a long time and I was getting ready to just dump them in a cart, but this other lady decided to fold it for them. The lady finally came in like 40 minutes after I got there (who knows how long they were stopped). She looked a little confused for a sec, then grabbed her stacks of folded laundry and left without saying a word.
  2. I wouldn't bank on using the ice machine at the CS. When we were there last Christmas (loop 500, I think), we lost money in it twice. We had reported it and hoped they fixed it but they obviously didn't. My point is, they may or may not give you any ice back when you put your money in.
  3. I'm sorry, someone who doesn't use the proper there/their/they're is homeschooling their children?
  4. Yeah, haven't done a lot of piecing, but I find sewing in general relaxing.
  5. Just back from a camping trip to Maine, where I picked up 2 more patterns, and then I got home and had one waiting in the mail from Derek! Still have a couple around Charlotte to get, am waiting on my Mom & bro to pick up a couple in NETN, and plan on making a day trip to Mt. Airy (Mayberry). I'm going to be busy! Luckily it's 1000 degrees here and I don't want to leave the house. :D
  6. I have a couple I've used in soccer & tennis. They definitely cool you down. I never remember I have them though.
  7. Athletic/running shoes make my feet really tired after like an hour, so I usually wear Sanuk flip flops. Have worn Croc flips and just got some Olukais that I would definitely wear. I have some friends and relatives that swear by Chacos but I have never tried any on.
  8. Well, if you met his momma, I guess that's good enough for me. ;-) Thanks!
  9. Haha, there are some disappointing ones around me, too! Thanks, I did finish one and looked at the other 3 patterns I have .They look really hard and I need some more supplies. So, this one is from Culpeper, VA. I wasn't sure why they have a checkerboard, but the pattern said something about soap box derby there, so I guess that's why. The pattern said to put the letters wherever you want, and I really couldn't come up with a symmetrical way to not bother my OCD. Of course after I was finished I looked on the VA FB group and saw they got it to work by skipping every other square
  10. That one's really cute. That would be awesome if it's not that far out of your way. They might try to sell you a kit with the fabric for it, but the free pattern only is fine. I will PM you my address. Unless you are a psychopathic internet predator, and then I will have to move.
  11. Yes, with the Home Sweet Home theme, a lot of shops went with campers. Makes sense to me. A lot of shops have used bee hives and birdhouses. While I get what they're going for, not my fave. Sevierville has a cool one with a cave, 2 bears, and a camper. This one is awesome. Scroll down just a bit and you'll see it. Alas, it is like 4 hours from me. Murphy, NC
  12. Thanks so much for the offer! I could only find 2 of those and they weren't my favorite, but I do appreciate. I was like, this FB page is crazy, it has 3 states on one, but then I see there's only a handful of shops in DE & NJ. I have like 8 within a reasonable drive (I'd say they are all Charlotte Metro area) of me, but some are just meh. FL has like a million, but my SILs are in Jax and all the good ones are gulf or way down south. Almost finished with my first row yesterday, from Culpeper, VA. I will post pics as I complete rows, or maybe I'll wait until I have a completed qu
  13. Anyone else heard of this or participating? It's a quilting thing. I've been sewing for a couple of years but never actually made a quilt. Thought I'd start with this! It's a contest, but I have no aspirations of winning. Basically, there are tons of participating quilt shops in the US, Canada, and even some in UK. Each shop has designed a row (some did 2 or 3) based on a certain theme, and 8 rows make a quilt. You have to visit the quilt shop to get the free pattern - they will not do online as the purpose of the experience is to draw in traffic. This year the theme is Home Sweet Home
  14. Yeah, or take Bonine every night, starting the night before you get there (it does make me drowsy until my body adjusts). I did not take any with me and ended up buying Dramamine in AK after Everest. Then I could only find Dramamine in a gas station we went to and the grocery store. Why does FL hate Bonine??
  15. So, in Islands of Adventure, I personally would probably only ride Jurassic Park and the two water rides. One is a flume and the other is the round boat type. I will say that is the absolute wettest I've ever been after one of those rides. There are also some rides in Dr. Seuss land I could ride, but they are kiddie rides. There are a couple of shows that I don't remember if I did before, but we definitely didn't this past time. And then there's Hogsmeade to walk around in. In Universal, there's Diagon Alley to walk through. My kids are torn on whether I could've ridden Gringott's and n
  16. Hmm, let me check out their website and see. Diagon Alley is amazing, with the level of detail. I would almost say it's worth it just to see that, but I don't remember how much tickets are.
  17. Oh, also stay away from the simulators! Disney has Star Tours and I don't even know, do they still have Body something? Universal has a ton of simulators. If you can't tell from the map or looking at the ride, ask someone who works there.
  18. You've already got some great info from others. I will only add what I know of the rides. FTR, I have had motion sickness my entire life, but it was especially bad on our FW trip last Dec. So, you may be able to ride most of these. And I don't even remember if you were asking about rides because of that or what. Oh, just reread and saw you are prone to motion sickness, so here goes! DisneyWorld Mission Space or whatever it's called - I have ridden the mild version before (a couple of years ago) without getting sick, but I did have to close my eyes a couple of times. Everest - Ha
  19. Sounds like it also means no more watching the MK fireworks at FW.
  20. Seriously. And I saw a thread on page 2 of one of these boards where someone was asking about alligators there. Very weird reading it after the attack.
  21. I was just about to say the same. We hear them all the time here in Charlotte. I have a game camera in my back yard and have gotten several pics. We have a big Golden Retriever who was going nuts one night when my husband was out on the porch. He went back with a flashlight on a retaining wall we have and saw a coyote. It wasn't scared of him or the dog. That is a little creepy to me but I read they are curious and it doesn't necessarily mean it had rabies.
  22. Interesting. I know my SIL was using a glitter iron-on type vinyl with a heat press to make T-shirts. She also made her husband happy by making decals for his boat. :D
  23. My SIL gave me a Cameo lesson this weekend. She just made a ton of stuff for her daughter's wedding. Now I must have one. Her daughter also has one that she has never taken out of the box. My SIL says she will probably sell it to me when her first rent payment is due. I didn't know besides cutting the vinyl stuff I could also cut fabric for my sewing projects. Maybe Santa can bring me one if the other one doesn't pan out.
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