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What is the best location to take my two boys in wheelchairs to fish? We will be requesting either the 1200 or 1300 loop near the comfort station. I see there is a canal behind the 1300 loop. It is grassy or flat so that we can take them down that way, or are there docks that might be a better location for them to fish from?  TIA


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I would take them to the dock behind the meadows trading post, it should be easy to get to and have room for them not to mention its a good fishing spot. There is a picnic table on the dock but if you need the room I don't think they would mind you moving it onto the grass to get the room you need. Worms are good but if you get the Giddy Up and Go chicken dinner the night before save the or part of the breaded skin, its the best bait, it stays on and catches some nice fish.


I would say this to everyone who fishes off that dock, DON'T reach down into the water  from the dock, more than once I have had an alligator come out after my fish and I don't mean more than once in the same day, I mean a yr apart. I have also seen a rather large gator swimming in then taken out of that pond the next morning a few yrs ago.

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Since we are talking fishing....


here is my giant rock bass I caught over Labor Day Weekend in Onekama, Michigan.






You must have been exhausted from hauling that brute onto the dock.


Style points for the Fort shirt!


Has anyone taken one of the fishing charters? If so, how was it?



I remember that SSB/Beckers shared some photos of one of the guided fishing tours on her TR.  Check it out:  http://www.fortfiends.net/forum/topic/8832-bubbles-and-the-fam-do-aoa-and-the-fort/page-5#entry247034


She caught a fish a little bigger than Aaron's:







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