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  1. Lady and the Tramp Remake

    This is one I'm not all that excited about.
  2. Wait a minute. I would have to go back and look at folios from past visits when we had more than one dog with us, but I don't recall being charged $5 PER PET. I thought I was charged $5 per day, regardless the number of pets. Re-reading the language Travisma pasted above isn't very clear but certainly doesn't say "per pet".
  3. Am I the only idiot who pays the pet fee every time we visit the Fort with our dogs? I always have them on our reservation.
  4. Where in the World??

    I would take that to be the back side of the MK Christmas shop on the LTT side.
  5. The best Extra Magic Hour strategy is to attend whatever park that day that does not have EMH.
  6. You are assuming that Fort management is actually going to enforce this new rule. My prediction is that nothing will change at the campsites. They say there is space for one car per campsite...in fact, re-read the language we've seen: Complimentary standard parking is available to Guests staying at Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. Each campsite provides parking space for one (1) motorized vehicle How is this any different from what is already in place? This tells me that they will not charge for parking for campsite guests. They reserve the right to charge if you have more than one vehicle, and perhaps they will try to do this, at first. But then they will have to police every site. They'll have to leave notes on cars where there is more than one per campsite. Ok...so what exactly has changed here from the way it has been for many years? Other than the possibility of more revenue, but Disney likes revenue that is easy and non-confrontational to obtain. In this case, they'll have to continually piss off guests by telling them they will need to pay for that extra car or 2 on the site. Fort management has shown zero inclination over the years of wanting to enforce rules that tick off guests. So I predict nothing will change, no one will be charged, and the huge groups that take over on weekends and holidays will continue to do so.
  7. Pirates Redhead in her new roll

    There is no way they will ever hand Mickey a gun again. I think Disney has been exposed as a bunch of musophobic hypocrites.
  8. Pirates Redhead in her new roll

    I normally hold my tongue, so I bet you were surprised it was me.
  9. Pirates Redhead in her new roll

    But, but, but.....she's holding a GUN!!??!!!
  10. Massive Land Cleared For TRON

    I posted this a year or so ago when speculating about how much land there is available in Tomorrowland for new rides. I am guessing that the area being cleared in what is circled in yellow, to the east of the train tracks. As shaffecv posted above, that's outside of the tracks, whereas the pathway is just to the west of the tracks. It's possible that the path is gone, but with the way Disney uses construction walls, they could certainly accommodate leaving the path in place at least for a while if they wanted.
  11. BEN will be back as six bits

    I would love to be able to take my kids to see the HDDR with Ben one more time. Ben was in the role during the times we first saw the show and while my girls were at a great age for the whole experience...so to us he IS sixbits. We saw it 3 times with him in the role....but the 3rd was interupted and cut short by a medical spell where they had to take Ben away by ambulance. Thankfully he was ok, but it was upsetting to see, and while we've seen the show once since and thoroughly enjoyed it with a different actor in the role, I'd love to see it once more the way my family came to know the show and fell in love with it.
  12. Well, I gave in..

    Congratulations!! May I suggest that you avoid O'hana?
  13. Where in the World??

    Uh oh. Is Brian going to be given a shower tiling job on the honey-do list?