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  1. New signs, brochures and maps cost money.
  2. Wow! Considering how big the FoF floats are, those PTN floats must be YUUUUGE! I mean, the FoF ones are so big they had to stop installing the garland across Main Street. And I always was under the impression that DL is kind of petite compared to the MK.
  3. Oh come on. It would be at least a Motel 8. Sent from my handheld doohickie
  4. Interesting. I assumed since Disney was abruptly canceling the program that it wasn't popular. Guess I should know what assuming does. Sent from my handheld doohickie
  5. So they are giving participants 4 options....1 for each person that signed up.
  6. That's interesting news. That places it within the Bonnet Creek resort area, where the Wyndham, Hilton and more importantly, the Waldorf Astoria are located. What's interesting to me is that another luxury hotel will go in here with the Waldorf Astoria. While the Waldorf is certainly a cut above a JW Marriott on the luxury scale, the existing JW in Orlando is paired with a Ritz Carlton, which is another Marriott brand. WA is a Hilton brand. This all leads me to wonder what would be planned for the last remaining hotel site in Bonnet Creek, which sits immediately north of the proposed JW site per the sat image above. A Ritz? Does WDW need this many luxury hotel beds??
  7. MSEP SMB. Spectro rules. So it is written.
  8. Sun Shine pass or not?

    The road to Serfdom.
  9. Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    Sorry, but we've reached our quota of Daves around here for this month. You can either wait until next month to apply for membership again, or send a facilitation fee to me of $250 and I'll try to expedite your membership credentials. Another option would be to register under the name of Lou. We don't have one of those.
  10. Future World at Epcot

    That's why I remain surprised that they opened up the park exit at MK that bypasses Main Street and its shops. I predict they will eventually add shops along the new exit path. Sent from my handheld doohickie
  11. Season pass vs Daily Tickets

    Keep in mind, when budgeting for annual passes, there is a very good chance that you will visit Disney more often while you have AP's. Whereas you might be doing the math based on 2 annual trips where you were buying 5 day park hoppers vs those 2 trips with AP's, to be realistic you should budget for at least one unplanned trip if you buy AP's....lodging, meals, transportation, etc. It just happens.
  12. Planning for 2019 Yellowstone/UT/AZ/CO roadtrip

    And the new truck....
  13. Sun Shine pass or not?

    I purchased mine several years back at Sunpass.com.