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  1. New Christopher Robin movie

    You're getting warmer.
  2. New Christopher Robin movie

    Fantastic isn't the word I would have chosen.
  3. SW 2018

    That creek and campground look very nice. The kind of place my older girls loved back in the day. I miss those days.
  4. GDF Visits the Dark Side

    I swear milkshakes all need to be Instagram worthy these days. What happened to plain old milkshakes? I guess since they can charge $13-15 for them, they'll keep making them.
  5. SW 2018

    I curse that Joanna Gaines. Do you think she might reimburse me for my shiplap bill from when we remodeled the farmhouse?
  6. SW 2018

    Wait a minute....it was posted in another thread!
  7. SW 2018

    On modern diesel trucks, if you run out of fuel do you still need to prime it before it'll restart? I still remember my Dad drilling that fear into me with the trucks and tractors on the farm. I was too scared to ever let it run low.
  8. SW 2018

    I fixed it.
  9. SW 2018

    Hi Nacole.... I'm here. Got Cracker barrel breakfast pics?
  10. GDF Visits the Dark Side

    What would be better than views of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and some resort hotels? Unless they will just turn on the windows when the monorail breaks down, so you have the illusion you are still moving.
  11. I have to say those desserts look way better than the ones in the review from 2016.
  12. Well....there's beer! I mean, they can't mess that up, can they?
  13. Whispering Canyon Cafe no more high jinks?

    Really??? That was Anna's favorite thing. She loved dancing with Sophia and Doc McStuffins.
  14. Whispering Canyon Cafe no more high jinks?

    I hope that's not true. We've had a lot of fun there over the years. My girls used to get a big kick out of the waitresses giving me a hard time, and I enjoyed playing it up a bit. I suppose next you are going to tell me they are getting rid of the PB&J milkshakes because mixing PB and jelly is offensive to some South American cultures?
  15. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    Hmmm....not what I remember the Cypress Gardens ski show looking like, that's for sure. My memory is more like this.