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  1. I thought the sign was just a suggestion. :laugh: :laugh:
  2. www.ratestogo.com/blog/nudist-cruises Problem solved :wave1:
  3. jayco1

    Short Report

    Magic bands worked everywhere. Drove truck to game, they even have a parking area for Duallys. Caught several fish both on and near the dock. No contract, a newbie faux pas.
  4. jayco1

    Short Report

    At the Fort 3/24 - 3/30. Had a great time, Epcot, Downtown, GAG, meal at Trails end, caught some fish. Highlight was Braves BB game, really nice facility, parking and driving suggestion from Fiends were perfect. Would recommend ball game to anyone that can make it. Weather all week was great, our second year, will be back. Was in 900 loop, right across from Meadows. Sorry no pix.
  5. How, or where, do you get a cab at the Fort?......Thanks
  6. Could unhook dually and drive, any directions? Need anything to get back into FW? Thanks for your help.
  7. Can anyone give me the bus route to the ball park? Have tix to Braves final game on the 26th. Thanks
  8. We always take a drive through the upscale neighborhoods on trash day. Rich people throw out a lot of good stuff.
  9. Can you reserve a golf cart from Disney on line? Couldn't seem to find anything. Thanks
  10. Do you think Disney may have staged this to entertain the guests? :laugh:
  11. Too much riff-raff? Probably should put our trailer at the back of the park.
  12. Bring a chain saw, there is plenty of firewood right behind your site.
  13. I would settle for half a ton. Actually a couple of 7 pounders. :rofl3:
  14. I would love to take a guided bass fishing excursion, but it is really pricey for one person. We will be there 3/24-3/29 and if anyone would want to split the cost send me a message. Thanks
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