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  1. Jerry Park Campground

    Thanks. We do have a young son, who is fascinated with rockets and wants to check out the Space center. He also wants to see the ocean, and loves huge machines, like cruise ships. Sounds like this place would be the perfect fit. Hopefully Irma didn't do too much damage. They are currently not taking reservations, and the park is only open on a limited basis. We'll see.
  2. Mammoth cave KY

    Cave Country RV is about 5 minutes further away from the cave than Jellysyone, on the other side of the interstate. It has all pull through sites and the bath house was very nice, and notably clean. They cater more to an older Class A crowd, but we stayed in the 15' TT we had at the time.
  3. Jerry Park Campground

    There was a post on here from 3 years ago about Jetty Park Campground in Port Canaveral. Does anyone have any recent experience at this park. We're thinking of heading down next year to spend a couple of nights and check out the space center. Thanks.
  4. Mammoth cave KY

    Sorry I missed this. We go to Mammoth Cave often because it's close. Jellystone is about 15 minutes from the cave, and really close to 65. We have stayed at Singing Hills and Cave Country RV which were both really nice. They don't have the "toys" that Jellystone does though.
  5. Disney Site Sign - not Fort specific?

    Warren might still be a good option for you, he does more than just "Fort" signs. Here's a link to some of his stuff. http://www.flickr.com/photos/baylake/sets/72157625689035351/
  6. Public events at FW?

    Good to know. Thanks.
  7. IRMA

    Do they still have some of those cabins they removed sitting around? There used to be several that could be seen from the monorail headed to Epcot. Hopefully they can just swap them out as an easy fix.
  8. Public events at FW?

    Is this not a perk of Disney? I though if you stayed on property at one resort you were allowed to allowed go to pools, recreational activities at the other resorts as well. We've never done it, but have talked about doing just that on our next trip. As far as those just slipping in to take advantage of free (to them) amenities, that's just selfish people being selfish. I would venture to say that the amount of Disney security to prevent that would be seen as an unacceptable burden to most guests, and the Disney bottom line as well.
  9. Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    Hey, all! Can someone send me Warren' s contact info. Want to get a sign for my wife as a gift. Thanks.
  10. Fresh water sanitizing

    Just the waiting 4 hours for it to do it's thing. We don't use the fresh water tank, but I still want to sanitize the water lines.
  11. As a general rule, how long would you let your camper sit before you sanitized the tanks? We don't get ours out as often as I'd like, and sometimes it's a couple months between trips. Its a bit of a drag having to earmark 4+ hours every time to sanitize. Although, admittedly less of a drag than dysentery! Thanks
  12. Trying to decide...

    We kind of do a combination. We usually drive on into the fort on the way in, then just set up and relax. On our last day, we still enjoy a full day at the parks then stop off at a hotel a couple hours north. Our last trip we did the old "spend the night at a wal mart parking lot" on the way down. Wasn't great, but we got more sleep than expected. That's going to be our plan for the next trip too. It put us in early enough, with enough rest to really be able to enjoy the fort that first night.
  13. Bikes vs. Golf Cart

    We have done both. Bikes win out over renting a cart for us. We almost always had a place to lock up the bikes (and yes, definitely lock them up) but the one time we didn't, we locked them to each other and leaned them against a tree. At least if they're going to take them, they have to take all three at once! We really enjoyed the time together riding.
  14. I love Smoky Bear! We've been there a couple of times. It's been our favorite so far.
  15. If you don't me asking, which campground are you going to? We're headed to bear cove village, in August.