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  1. Fresh water sanitizing

    Just the waiting 4 hours for it to do it's thing. We don't use the fresh water tank, but I still want to sanitize the water lines.
  2. As a general rule, how long would you let your camper sit before you sanitized the tanks? We don't get ours out as often as I'd like, and sometimes it's a couple months between trips. Its a bit of a drag having to earmark 4+ hours every time to sanitize. Although, admittedly less of a drag than dysentery! Thanks
  3. Trying to decide...

    We kind of do a combination. We usually drive on into the fort on the way in, then just set up and relax. On our last day, we still enjoy a full day at the parks then stop off at a hotel a couple hours north. Our last trip we did the old "spend the night at a wal mart parking lot" on the way down. Wasn't great, but we got more sleep than expected. That's going to be our plan for the next trip too. It put us in early enough, with enough rest to really be able to enjoy the fort that first night.
  4. Bikes vs. Golf Cart

    We have done both. Bikes win out over renting a cart for us. We almost always had a place to lock up the bikes (and yes, definitely lock them up) but the one time we didn't, we locked them to each other and leaned them against a tree. At least if they're going to take them, they have to take all three at once! We really enjoyed the time together riding.
  5. I love Smoky Bear! We've been there a couple of times. It's been our favorite so far.
  6. If you don't me asking, which campground are you going to? We're headed to bear cove village, in August.
  7. Joe Rohde post

    If they won't replace the broken knife handles inin
  8. Is the magic gone?

    Well, not exactly but i like your basic train of thought. If all the magic was really in your heart and imagination, then you wouldn't need an escape from your everyday lives. You would feel perfectly magical in your living room, the same as the MK! No, even Walt himself said he wanted people to feel as if they stepped into a whole new world when they got to the parks, to escape from life. Some of that responsibility falls to those running and working at the parks to show you a magical time. Just didn't feel it this time. We still had a good time as a family, but it was in spite of much of what we encountered.
  9. Is the magic gone?

    I'm not sure if you meant Dame Judi Dench, or if you just really don't like her!
  10. Is the magic gone?

    I wish more people realized this!
  11. Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Early morning trip to Chef Mickey' s for breakfast.
  12. Is the magic gone?

    We didn't get a "welcome home" in May, but have in the past. It was really disappointing because it was literally one of my wife's favorite moments of past trips. I'm telling ya, they were off their game the week before memorial day.
  13. WTF?*

    I'm not sure this post got the credit it deserved! Well done sir!
  14. Is the magic gone?

    Not to belabor the point but this may be a big factor, all least in our case. Assuming you live close and have the ability to go on weekend trips on a somewhat regular basis, an off trip may not impact you as much. We travel 16 hours over two days to get there and place a great deal of our "vacation eggs" in Disney's basket. An off trip for us has an especially disappointing sting. All things considered, we are blessed enough to even have the opportunity to go to Disney at all. That in itself, after a bit of time to cool off, makes me feel a little better about the whole thing.