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  1. Doubt it. Seems they would actually prefer you pay for a site, but not stay there. I'm sure they'd probably be just fine with you mailing a check and staying home too! Pay, but don't use as many services and amenities is a great deal for Disney.
  2. A helium filled balloon works great too.
  3. Good point. But what a hassle if it cones to that. Disney sure is doing their best to run people off. Of course this won't do much to stop the people they want coming. But eventually they will do something to really tick off their base. Kind of hope they don't push it to the breaking point, then take a half step back and call it a day. Oh well. Our trip in June has been booked for a while, so we'll just enjoy and play the rest by ear!
  4. I really hope they don't mess with the overflow lot. We (like a lot of people I would assume) park in overflow if our site isn't ready yet. We also park there when we check out and still enjoy our last day at Disney doing stuff. This is a predictable but dissapointing move by Disney.
  5. Full hookup loop request suggestions

    Good deal, thanks.
  6. Pollen at the Fort?

    Did you have to pay extra to have your camper sprinkled in Pixie Dust?!
  7. Golf cart parking...

    It's so visitors from the surface of the sun can get some relief from what must feel like Florida's harsh frigid temperatures!
  8. Full hookup loop request suggestions

    Glad you posted this. After several years in the 400 or 200 loop we are making the jump to a full hookup loop this year. I'll definitely try and snag a 1700 loop site. What site were you in? Did you see any others that caught your attention (good or bad)? Glad you had a good time!
  9. Fort site app.

    I have it on my phone. (Samsung) If there is a site you are interested in let me know, I'll look it up and post the info.
  10. Golf cart parking...

    Probably better to tick off a few golf carters than get into a wreck with a stroller. Of course you wind up being the "stroller" if you get in a wreck with a cart. I know this isnt exactly a step out here, but the selfishness and rudeness of some folks on the golf carts was crazy last time we were there. I really hope they get it under control.
  11. Tifton/Valdosta

    Good call on the a/c, thanks!
  12. Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

    +1 on the Smoky Bear tip. It's our favorite place to stay in that area. Bear cove village is less than a mile from Dollywood and I think on the trolley route. They were recently bought though, and are converting into a Jellystone park. Looks like prices may have gone up too.
  13. Golf cart parking...

    Makes sense. When you can cook directly on the table top it saves on the gas/electric bill!
  14. Tifton/Valdosta

    I looked around on Allstays yesterday. Had good info, but I didn't see an android app. The plan is to stay at Wal-Mart or Lowes in Tifton, top off the tank, then hit the road. Still open to any thoughts though. Thanks.
  15. Golf cart parking...

    Metal picnic tables? I bet those are comfy in June & July!