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  1. I wish more people realized this!
  2. Early morning trip to Chef Mickey' s for breakfast.
  3. We didn't get a "welcome home" in May, but have in the past. It was really disappointing because it was literally one of my wife's favorite moments of past trips. I'm telling ya, they were off their game the week before memorial day.
  4. I'm not sure this post got the credit it deserved! Well done sir!
  5. Not to belabor the point but this may be a big factor, all least in our case. Assuming you live close and have the ability to go on weekend trips on a somewhat regular basis, an off trip may not impact you as much. We travel 16 hours over two days to get there and place a great deal of our "vacation eggs" in Disney's basket. An off trip for us has an especially disappointing sting. All things considered, we are blessed enough to even have the opportunity to go to Disney at all. That in itself, after a bit of time to cool off, makes me feel a little better about the whole thing.
  6. I certainly wasn't trying to bring anyone down, or discourage anyone. I was just commenting on a pretty drastic drop in customer service. After our first couple of visits they kind of plateaued a bit, and we always had a blast. This trip just seemed like Disney was off their game. It was much more of a chore than anything. My son still had fun so really that's what is all about.
  7. I agree that society in general has declined, but I don't agree with the statement that Disney shouldn't police what comes out of people's mouths. It's pretty simple, you're at Disney you should play by their rules. If you fail to do so, or decide you don't want to, you should be made to leave. Now if disney is just ok with this type of behavior, that's a whole other discussion. Disney should know their audience is children and families, and this type of language and behavior is not just distasteful, but will discourage return visits. (And return $$$)
  8. There were several fire trucks up front at the Fort Friday morning as we were leaving. I bet they are probably boning up on some emergency procedures.
  9. I would agree with both of you, but with the amount of indifference I saw from cast members last week, and the tolerance of profane language and attire, I'm starting to think that it is all about the $$. For us, the experience was just simply not the same. A little sad really.
  10. We just returned from our 6th trip to Disney in 12 years, including 5 trips in the last 4 years. I know that probably pales in comparison to most here but it's what we're able to do. Our first two trips were pretty amazing, the next three were enjoyable, but this last trip was not what I had come to expect from Disney World. For the first time I felt like I did not get my money's worth out of our trip. Many of the cast members were, simply phoning it in. Many of them were very sarcastic, and some were just plain rude. The magic kingdom was just dirty, half the faucets in the bathrooms weren't working, and a hole in the wall at Space Mountain was patched with painters tape. Seriously!? We saw a manager at AK yell at a guy to put shoes on as she zoomed through the line without stopping. Rides were frequently down, and several of the guests were screaming profanities, wearing inappropriate clothing, and just generally being nasty. There were other instances as well. It was really a disappointing trip. The only saving grace was that my 8yo had fun, but even he asked a couple times to just go back to the camper. The whole reason we go to WDW is for the experience. We certainly don't have to drive 15 hours and pay thousands for a full hookup campsite, or an amusement ride. I really hope this was just an off trip for us, but it was consistently disappointing all week. We may try again next year, but maybe it's time to take a little break from the mouse house.
  11. At the fort now. Still a ban.
  12. Apparently there was a mass exodus today.... this is what 200 looks like now.
  13. If time isn't an issue we always use Disney transport. After driving 15 hours at 8-10 mpg it's kind of nice to let someone else so the driving. I agree with Carol, once I unhook the truck I don't have plans on getting back in until it's time to leave. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going though. The biggest downside is waiting for a bus, to take you to wait for a ride....
  14. We just got here today, and checked into the 200 loop. 200 and 100 are packed, with a ton of tent campers. Haven't made the rounds to the rest of the fort yet...