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  1. Apparently there was a mass exodus today.... this is what 200 looks like now.
  2. If time isn't an issue we always use Disney transport. After driving 15 hours at 8-10 mpg it's kind of nice to let someone else so the driving. I agree with Carol, once I unhook the truck I don't have plans on getting back in until it's time to leave. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going though. The biggest downside is waiting for a bus, to take you to wait for a ride....
  3. We just got here today, and checked into the 200 loop. 200 and 100 are packed, with a ton of tent campers. Haven't made the rounds to the rest of the fort yet...
  4. Wow. That was pretty fast. We have changed plans so that we will going through Atlanta around midnight. Hopefully it won't be too bad. It's pretty amazing/ disgusting what can get done when a politicians cushy seat is on the line!
  5. I was thinking the same thing. We are headed down next week, and a small fort crowd would be nice.
  6. Exactly. People complaining makes a bad situation so much worse. It is certainly frustrating when thing don't go as planned, but cussing and throwing a tantrum usually don't help matters. Hopefully Disney made it right with the fast passes, and all you lost was a couple moments of your trip. You are still at Disney, so all in all, probably not too bad of a day.
  7. Thanks for the link, that should come in useful. I figured the traffic would be good between 12-04, but then I have to be on the road between midnight and 0400. The original plan would have put us in ATL around 1100-0100 on a Saturday. That seems like a roll of the dice. Either way, if getting stuck in ATL for a little while is the worst part of the trip, I'll be happy.
  8. I know, I know, driving through Atlanta has been covered several times, but with the latest twist (collapsed bridge on one of the interstates) I thought I would ask again. We are headed to the Fort in a couple of weeks from KY and will be going through ATL. The plan now is to leave in the evening on Friday and drive though Atlanta, then resting. The plan would but us through ATL between midnight and 0400 AM depending on when we are able to leave. I'm sure that traffic will be easier at that time, with the trade off being the time of day. Has anyone been through ATL during the day in the last month or so? Is it really as bad as I'm imagining, or could you really tell the difference?
  9. We stay at a place called "Smoky Bear" campground, just outside of Gatlinburg. It's close enough to all the tourist traps, but far enough out that you still get the feel of the smokies. On the plus side for your situation, you can stay on I-40 and go around g-burg/PF. The campground is actually in a little town called Cosby. Might not make it any less out of the way, but might not have to fight as much traffic.
  10. Can't speak for the roads, we went through there in May, but the route was not what we hoped. Tons of traffic lights, and traffic. Wound up taking a lot longer than anticipated, and next year have already decided to roll the dice in Atlanta. It was worth a shot though.... Probably a good option if you're starting south of Nashville, so you don't have to back track.
  11. There is another campground, called Cave Country RV Campground, on that same exit. It's closer to interstate, all pull through, and very level. If I was just looking for a place to pull in for the night in this area, that's where I would go. The only draw back to cave country is the lack of playground, pool, swing set, etc. There is just not much there as far as entertainment goes.
  12. This was a nice little campground. The sites were mostly pull through, but them seemed really close together. They did have a small pond and swing set to keep kids entertained. The host was a really nice guy with lots of info to share. All and all, not a bad place to stay of you're in the area.
  13. Wow, $419 is pretty incredible for that generator. If you see it again, buy 2!
  14. I got mine from M4 led. The difference in heat was the first thing I noticed. I went with the cool white light, I think around 5000K. I didn't really like that, it was a little too, office/hospital-esque. I'd go with a 2700K, which is a lot closer to the standard incandescent bulb.
  15. Thanks for the heads up! Thanks to everyone else!