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    Ceci n'est pas une Trip Report

    Enjoyed reading along. Note to self: book Boma breakfast next time.
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    Look before you leap!

    This alligator was caught working on a summer tan in a South Florida pool Photo cred: Dave Jacobs The mating season seems to have gone awry for one South Florida alligator. David Jacobs, a Georgia resident who found himself visiting the Sunshine State for a wedding over the weekend, captured an image of a real-life gator laying on top of a not-real-life gator over the weekend. Jacobs first noticed the gator in the lake behind the home he rented in southwest Miami-Dade County, where it was reportedly keeping a close eye on the family's small dog before migrating to the swimming pool, WKMG reports. A wildlife management company later removed the gator from the home. No gators – real or unreal – were harmed in the process.
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