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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to Katman1356...Jason in Christmas 2023   
    The TA in question books groups and is prepping lists for when the group booking is set up so they can fill it in. Nothing can be booked so far in 2023. Not even to the 500 day point we usually have. As of now the latest you can book is a reservation stating on December 31, 2022
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to rtguy007 in I'm Back...Finally   
    It's been 3 years since we were last at the Fort. 3....long....years. A lot has clearly changed.
    Going to run a trip report for those who may still be around lurking on the forum. It looks like it has been pretty slow for a while. Hope this place isn't dying off.
    Night 1...or I should say the day we arrived unplanned. We ended up getting to the Fort on the 18th which was a day earlier than planned. I had this idea for 3 years that I would be first to check-in on the 50th anniversary of the Forts opening but somehow we wound up getting in a day early. Due to some oddities our 1 night reservations got really messed up and somehow my name wound up on my sisters reservation in addition to mine. The funny part was that I was the primary on both reservations somehow according to the front desk but when we checked the app it all looked normal with me on mine and her on hers. This led to a very odd series of events that allowed me to still be the first to check in and get into our site.
    Midnight rolls around on the 19th and I have my app open doing the online check in. At 12:09am I got my verification email that I had checked in and a few seconds later got the text notification that my site was ready. Now this may sound odd because we all know you can't check-in and get your site before the desk opens at 6am and here I was with my site shortly after midnight.
    So how this worked out, we have 2 week reservations in a premium site that Jason helped us book in advance. Since we got here early we needed a place to stay and we were able to get into a premium meadows site for the night and we figured that we would have to move in the morning to our premium sites. I was all ready to get up at 4am and go sit in the outpost until they opened so I could be first in line. However I didn't have to do that. When we checked in we were put into our premium sites but they never checked us in and linked our 2 reservations together. So at midnight on the 19th I was able to do our online check in and the sites were automatically assigned to be the ones we were already in. Not only was I the first to check in, but also first to get onto our site on the 50th anniversary of the Fort due to a technicality in how our reservations were setup.
    So on the 19th I started setting up our Christmas decorations. This was our first time doing site decorations and so far it's been a blast. I will grab some photos and post them later but I think the decorations turned out great for being the first time I ever did them.
    After getting the decorations up I went into the camper to get things settled in. Low and behold I found a problem with the camper that caused me to lose a bit of my day at the Fort. I planned on it being cold at nights based off of the weather forecast I saw before we left home. I did a full check of the propane system. Everything was good at home and when we got here somehow a pin sized hole made it's way into one of my propane lines. It was an easy fix but it did take some time away from our vacation to fix the lines.
    More to come as we progress through our trip.....
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to Travisma in Holiday Sleigh Rides Returning to the Fort   
    Spoke with a barn CM and she said the wagons and carriage rides start Jan 1.
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo got a reaction from Tuneboy in Wooden Musket Mickey Sign   
    Sending PM now.
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo got a reaction from mmfancipher in Holiday Sleigh Rides Returning to the Fort   
    From the Disney Parks Blog...
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to BennieH in At the Fort now   
    We were put in the 300 loop for this stay. As of today I am walking around and I would say 3/4 of the sites are empty in our loop. All sites are extremely clean everything is well-kept and in working order here.
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo got a reaction from fladogfan aka Gretchen in Drool in the Pool   
    Love that! 
    We just got back from a 10 day camping trip at the beach (Cape Cod), timed intentionally for when dogs are allowed on the beach in the off season (generally mid-Sep to Apr).  And bonus, some days we had the beach almost entirely to ourselves!  Ok so the water was only 69° but hey, that's almost 10° warmer than average this late in the season, and we had temps in the 70s so it was lovely for this NH girl. 
    And yes, I brought a suit and went swimming.   
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to DaveInTN in And they never left...50 yr employees   
    Well when I attend the 100th birthday celebration at the Magic Kingdom I’ll be sure to keep an eye out.  
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to Grumpy and Grandma in And they never left...50 yr employees   
    From YAHOO
    Disney World opened 50 years ago; these workers never left
    The employees who make up the 50-year club say the theme park resort has allowed them to grow their careers and try on new hats.
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to Grumpy and Grandma in Drool in the Pool   
    Not camping related, but thought you "puppie" owners would enjoy.
    We moved to a new complex in Illinois, where we spend the summer near our daughter, and they tout being "pet friendly".  Well they definitely live up to their word, we got this email today.
    With Monday being the last day the pool will be open, we are dedicating Tuesday September 28th, to our 4 legged furry friends.  We invite all the dogs to come and swim that day from 10 am- 6 pm. We will have special treats for them to enjoy. We will make sure the water is at an enjoyable temperature for them.
    We look forward to seeing you all there. 
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to Katman1356...Jason in New "Finding Nemo The Musical" for 2022   
    I think it was also timed as a bunch of cast from the original version said goodbyes on social media yesterday.
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to DaveInTN in The Wave becomes Steakhouse 71   
    I retract my statement.  Those prices aren’t at the level I expected.  I’m going to see if Door Dash delivers to TN.   
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to Katman1356...Jason in The Wave becomes Steakhouse 71   
    The pricing is on the online menus. Still seems to be Disney standard Table Service pricing vs. Signature. 


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    BradyBzLyn...Mo got a reaction from Katman1356...Jason in The Wave becomes Steakhouse 71   
    Oops, thanks Jason!  You're right of course.  That'll teach me to think I can multitask. 😎
    Title fixed.  
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to fortpartyof4 in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    I randomly popped on to FF and this was the first thread I noticed.  I have a lot of catching up to do around here but am delighted to see so many familiar names contributing!  When I was a "regular" here, I lived outside of Jacksonville, FL and my kids were in elementary school.  We started camping at the Fort in a tent when they were 3 and 6, then a pop up, then a TT.  In 2013, we relocated to a suburb of Philadelphia.  Sold our TT to another family on this board right before we moved.  We did get a new one, though we do not tow it down there.  Now when we visit WDW we stay in a cabin.  Expensive, for sure but worth it to us to be able to visit our happy place.  We go about once a year, in large part because my sons both go to college in FL.  Yes - for those that may remember me - my 2 boys are now 19 and 21!  One is a senior at UF, the other a sophomore at UCF.  
    We got priced out of parks many years ago, but would still go very rarely, especially to see my boys march down Main St. USA for their HS band trips.  We did visit one park during the pandemic, it was just ok, but disappointing for reasons everyone has mentioned plus we didn't get on Rise as hoped.  However, we have thoroughly enjoyed every stay at the Fort, despite not having our own camper and all of the restrictions.  The only thing that has been a downside is the construction and how much it has changed down by the marina.  Losing that beach and the ugly weird fake greenery "fence" just makes me sad.  I was just there with my youngest in late August right before we moved him back for school.  Lots of loops closed for paving, etc. but again, we made the best of it and it was a nice relaxing few days.  If I had traveled that far with an RV though - I'd have been pretty mad to have not enjoyed the things one should while staying there.
    As for what others have mentioned, yes I do think social media contributed to the decline in activity here.  But, the FB Fort groups are mostly useless.  Some are borderline militant with the rules and seem to be slanted toward one TA or another.  Meh.  One page in particular is so full of drama and BS, but the gal is so silly with the "breaking news", etc. it's almost entertaining.  I've always said this is the best resource, and if the Fort ever returns to it's former glory, it will reemerge as such.
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to Tri-Circle-D in WDW Annual Passes are Back!   
    Thanks. We will hope for the best. Both of the girls were treated poorly by Disney during the pandemic, and both had previous offers to return to lesser roles that they rejected. Working for DCL, though, comes with some next-level perks and opportunities, so this will hopefully go well for her. 
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo got a reaction from Tri-Circle-D in WDW Annual Passes are Back!   
    That's great to hear - congrats!!
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to Tri-Circle-D in WDW Annual Passes are Back!   
    Right back at you friend. This place (and the Fort) really were a lot of fun back in the day. My Disney days would also be behind me but for the fact that the TCD twins still live right outside WDW and one of them just landed her dream job in DCL HR. We all just arrived back yesterday from the first Fantasy test cruise with guests (albeit all DCL CMs and their friends and family) and the twins are heading back out on Saturday for another test cruise. So our Disney journey will continue. 
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo got a reaction from fladogfan aka Gretchen in WDW Annual Passes are Back!   
    Definitely this.  
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo got a reaction from fladogfan aka Gretchen in WDW Annual Passes are Back!   
    Agreed.  Our priorities have shifted in recent years as well (and for sure our incomes haven't doubled) which is mostly why we haven't been in over 3 years and won't be back until next fall (hopefully).  I don't know if we'll ever be able to justify going every year for multiple weeks again like we did for the prior 15+. But that's ok. Nothing stays the same forever.  I am at least glad that our last big trip was for 6 weeks and we enjoyed every minute of it.
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to DaveInTN in WDW Annual Passes are Back!   
    The fact that it sounds even remotely reasonable for the price to have doubled in 6 years is proof that we’ve lost our collective minds.  Housing prices have doubled.  The price of a steak has doubled. The price of a Disney vacation has doubled.  Has your income doubled?  If it has, good for you.  But I bet most people would answer no.  I know we all make decisions and prioritize spending based on what’s important to us, and I am not criticizing anyone for choosing to spend their money at WDW.  I just don’t see how this is sustainable in the big picture.  
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to Katman1356...Jason in Fort Wilderness and Contemporary pool refurbishments   
    I think this is them covering their butts. It’s right around the 509 day mark for those bookings. By announcing it now, they can say they told you to anyone who complains about it. 
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    BradyBzLyn...Mo reacted to DaveInTN in Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ information. Coming this fall   
    I bet when you return to the cabin in the evening, there will be a QR code on your bed to scan and see pictures of towel animals. 
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