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  2. Thanks!!!! We haven't even heard about it! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  3. Haha I'm sure it has. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  4. Thursday 5/18 6-8 PM. Sunday 5/21 showed available, clicked on it and said sold out? Couldnt do Friday because my granddaughter has gym.
  5. I figured. Thanks for sharing it. I posted the link in case anyone wanted to discuss it. It's been dragged over the coals quite a bit in the thread I linked. TCD
  6. This was just info in my updates that I get weekly. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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  8. Yes!
  9. BTW, there will be CM previews May 5-6 and May 8-12. Sign ups for those don't start until April 5th. Gotcha. So May 27th then? TCD
  10. I meant in May. I can't do the AP preview because of school.
  11. Cool! I have May 13th from 3pm-5pm. How about you? TCD
  12. TCD, I'll see you there. :)
  13. Not me We check in on the 13th but we aren't passholders any more. I was hoping we'd get to see a soft opening of Pandora but with all of these scheduled previews I'm starting to think we won't get a chance to see it this trip. WBI
  14. Woo Hoo! It looks like I'll be flying on a banshee sitting on a simulator chair on May 13th! Who else is going to the preview? TCD
  15. Meh, we miss it by two weeks. I'm hoping for a soft opening at the end of April.
  16. Here is a link to sign up for the Annual Passholder Preiew for the World of Avatar. Looks like you need to sign up for a 2 hour preview.
  17. Thanks for sharing this info, DV. There has already been quite a bit of discussion about the new additions at Wilderness Lodge on this thread: TCD
  18. We bridged ours in February and have done this before in the past. Both times we've waited and done it in City Hall at the MK. The first time, a few years ago, we purchased multi-day tickets in advance and upgraded to an annual pass on our last day; the annual pass start date was the first day of USE of the multi-day pass. They credit the full tare amount for the multi-day pass against the annual pass (we are not Florida residents so it's a lump sum). Again, as far as I know the purchase date does not matter for the multi-day pass, it's the first day of usage. This year we had to do it on our first day into the parks as we had heard rumours of price increases, which turned out to be correct - the next day the price increases went into effect. Same deal - they credited the amount of the multi-day pass and the start date was, in this case, the same day as it was the first day we used the multi-day ticket. So, we saved a few bucks and got to use the passholder entry lines for the rest of our trip. A couple of other notes - -The break-even point is roughly 11 days (plus or minus) -Current annual pass benefits are 10% on food and nonalcoholic beverages as well as 20% on merchandise. -Look into the Tables in Wonderland card if you are not doing a dining plan and like to eat at table service meals. For $150 You get a 20% discount INCLUDING alcohol at most table service restaurants, and one card is good for up to 10 people. I think this paid for itself for us going to the Hoop dee doo with a large group. More info:
  20. I saw one of those futuristic looking golf carts/city cars towing a similar looking trailer. The cart had 3 rows of seats and the trailer had another 3. The thing was longer than my truck, and it went flying down the path next to the tennis courts heading to the campfire program.
  21. My wife, her 2 sisters, and my granddaughter saw it Tuesday night in IMAX format. They all liked it. My granddaughter said my 1 SIL kept jumping during some of the scenes because of the surround sound. But, my granddaughter said the Lego Batman Movie was better.
  22. If the F&F cars were at Citywalk I might've made a trip. The picture of the car is impressive, but I'm not going to drop a couple hundred $$$ to see a car.
  23. I don't think that post if from Disney- it's just another clueless blogger. If you click on the link in the story, the blogger has another article discussing defunct Halloween events. That article says the last Fort Wilderness Haunted Hayride was in 2014. That is definitely wrong. The description is pretty accurate for what occurred during the Haunted Hayrides- with the wagon being chased by the Headless Horseman. But, there was no chasing in the Haunted Carriage Rides (which were lame in comparison), and those started in 2009 (could have been 2010), but even those stopped after the 2011 season. TCD
  24. I'm surprised they didn't expand the # of Beauty shows since the release of the movie. Guess they aren't going to hype it as much as Frozen.
  25. Oh, that ADA. Makes perfect sense. Your response answered another question I had: Who can afford the 3000 loop? Dentists. Of course. Small point of clarification: Isn't the word drunken used in this context redundant? Also, congrats to Bobby on his contract extension. Looks like you'll have the inside info through the opening of Star Wars Land. TCD
  26. My recollection is that the last Haunted Hayride was in 2008. So their PR flacks were referencing an attraction that hasn't been around in 9YEARS ! Maybe they should've done some research.
  27. Is this different from the pre-ordering that can be done at the Be Our Guest restaurant? TCD
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