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  2. I can see it now, little Fido Magic Bands!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Disney World is Now Offering a Luxury Man Cave for Tired Dads

    $1835 PER night?! I know we've mentioned rates like that before but seriously 😳😳😳 On a much smaller scale, I really wanted a brownie tonight m, but could not find one at the MK. On our way out, I stopped in at Tony's (we've never eaten there) and asked what desserts they had. Found out they had chocolate cake and figured I'd try that, so I asked if I could get it to-go. They weren't sure, asked around, I waited and then the hostess told me they could do it and we're trying to find a to-go box. I said, "Okay, thank you, but I don't even know how much it is". The girl asks, comes back and tells me $35!! "$35?!", I say "is it an entire cake?!". No, she tells me...just a really big piece. Really, $35 for a piece of cake?!!😳 WTF?!!
  5. They are giving a tag in the check in stuff. Maybe it will be required they have it on them?
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  7. Having been involved in the world of hotels and the world of dogs, I'm wondering what Disney's response will be to the people who try to dodge the pet fee, by not declaring they have a pet, and then sneaking the dog into the resort. Happens all the time in the standard hotels. Once you have your key, no one will know you have a 'undeclared' dog until the maid comes to clean your 'non pet approved' room. This will mean dog dander in supposedly clean rooms. Then you will have the issue with the 'sneaky' guests taking their dog with them in the car, and leaving it in the car, while they go to the parks. You'd hope they would not do this.. but people are stupid. I'm happy that Disney will allow me to bring my dog now, if I want to, but I'd be happier if they required the dog to have an identifying feature so the CM's could tell at a glance that the dog was a 'registered' guest. A tag on the leash or something.
  8. Fort Fiends App

    Sounds like a while:
  9. Does anybody know when the app will be updated to work with IOS 11.
  10. Canes also has biscuits, Krispy Kreme gives them a donut hole. I'm starting to understand why we spendon't so much time at the parks exercising.
  11. We don't stand on formalities like you southerners.
  12. We've talked about getting a border collie if we ever decide to get a dog. They are high activity but we have the space for one to run around and to be honest the extra exercise wouldn't hurt me at all. I'm not sure what it was with Lucy. They could be outside playing with her and she would just drop everything to come over and hangout even if we weren't playing with her. It was also very common to come home to her sleeping under our covered patio table waiting for us to get back. Our neighbor George couldn't figure it out either. It all start when she was a puppy and kept up through her life. Maybe something to do with my animal magnetism. Ha.
  13. Buses running late?

    We hopped on a bus labeled "magic kingdom" one time only to head out to animal kingdom. It seems the sign didn't change correctly. There was such a revolt by us passangers that the driver diverted to MK.
  14. Got it. So the wasted gas and time only impacted Disney. Have any of your drivers offered to hook you up with some anytime Fastpasses? TCD
  15. Sorry toy story was our fp. The driver said to cancel. They don't get a ride commission, that get and hourly rate Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  16. This is exactly what the position my in laws are in. They would LOVE a dog, but travel a lot on the weekends and understand that it just wouldn't work for them. So they come here and get their puppy fix when they need to. And of course my poor neglected dogs just eat up all the extra attention. Funny about the neighbor's border collie and the frisbee. I can totally see that happening. We once had a very nice lady from Jehova's Witnesses knock on our front door. Our first border collie Maggie proceeded to run around from the back yard and drop a frisbee at her feet. She threw it... and the game was on. LOL
  17. Disney World is Now Offering a Luxury Man Cave for Tired Dads

    Sorry, but those things on the deck of the Polynesian Bungalows are plunge pools, not spas/hot tubs. Hot water > Cold water. TCD
  18. Disney World is Now Offering a Luxury Man Cave for Tired Dads

    I think it was a stretch to try and grab the eyeballs of a different audience for a WDW article. That or they just automatically think "wilderness" = "dudes" Um, I'm wearing the slippers I used to wear at our camp in Maine when I went out in the snow to use the outhouse. LOL I love the whole vibe of the Wilderness Lodge, but if I'm paying that kind of money and can get a view of the nightly fireworks from my personal pool overlooking a lake... #NoContest
  19. Thanks for posting the review. I need some clarification on this paragraph: Are you saying that you can approach a driver and ask the driver to accept you as a rider, and then cancel the car that is on its way to you? I appreciate that saves you time, but that's not a cool thing to do to the driver coming to get you. Also, you spent $20 to use a Buzz FP? That can't be right. Plus Buzz is at the MK. TCD
  20. Ugh cost cutting sux!

    I tend to agree.
  21. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    I think management needs to have more foresight. How are they going to keep the Haunted Mansion stocked if they take everyone away?
  22. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    I tried a Google search and got a wide variety of responses, but the closest was an elephant born at AK. There were various reviews of the Fort, and a couple articles about the boy who got hit by the bus, but nothing about birthin babies.
  23. So it's still on a limited release, if you're staying at the fort find a drives have them txt you and it will activate you're lyft app for Minnie van. I've used it 4 times so far and other than some issues I have with how they scheduled pickups it's great. They come direct to your site, the park dropoff locations are in the bus area but closest to gates. Currently they only have 25 cars on the road. Peak time is 3-7pm expect to wait 15 min for a car. They can and do travel roads busses don't if traffic is bad. There are some work around to make pickups at parks faster. Request a ride, once it's accepted wait,. If a driver shows up with a drop off let them know you are going to cancel current ride and re request a ride and they can accept the ride. There are no cancelation fees charged as with normal Uber / Lift. This saved me about 20 min on a trip from mk to hs for a buzz fp. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  24. It's obvious the person who wrote the article knows nothing of the sanctity of the Man Cave. I agree with you Mo. I much rather sit in the spa on a deck surrounded by water.
  25. Buses running late?

    I don't think it's normal for bus drivers to deviate from their assigned routes. The typical response is that they will radio it in. But, I have seen bus drivers take it upon themselves to take a guest somewhere. Personally, I feel like some of the delays are caused by bus drivers who have deviated from their routes somewhere. I know one time at the Wilderness Lodge bus stop, when they were experimenting with having a CM there to communicate with guests, we were told that our bus had been diverted to transport a guest in a wheelchair from one resort to another. I am not sure why it had to be our bus, but that is what we were told. We all had to wait for an extra 45 minutes because some bus driver decided to sprinkle pixie dust on another guest. Great for them, bad for us. TCD
  26. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    I know that people have died at the Fort. But, they take them off property before pronouncing them dead. And, I think you're right- odds are that there have been some babies born. I haven't ever heard of one, though. It would be easier at the Fort than Clementine had it at the balloon festival. TCD
  27. Ugh cost cutting sux!

    I rather they just up the price. Seems to me they are insulting their customer's intelligence by trying to hide a price increase via a product reduction.
  28. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    You would think over all of the years it's been open there would half to have been a few.
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