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  2. Enjoying the read and pictures. Thanks for sharing. BTW we were neighbors over the holiday...I was in 926.
  3. I haven't been to Blue Springs since 1990
  4. Wow, someone was using their head.
  5. They were good. My wife put the Molasses on her pancakes instead of Maple Syrup. She was not too happy. Luckily the griddle was right there to make a fresh batch.
  6. During other races people would always yell that to him because of the beard and hair, so he decided to do the total outfit and hat.
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  8. As everyone can tell, it's at EPCOT. But where is it?
  9. I saw him at the finish of the half. I told my kids "hey, there's Forrest Gump". They had no idea what I was talking about. lol
  10. Headed to Orlando on Saturday to relax then support our nephew on Sundays run. We were able to get the Embassy Suites on Lake Street for $95 including a $20 resort fee and taxes.They tried to add a $12 parking fee, but they waived it because it didn't show up on Hotwire until after we won the bid. It's a very nice hotel, recently rennovated, has happy (2) hour with adult drinks and snacks, and a great breakfast. The have an indoor outdoor pool and a dive in movie every night. My nephew had done the 10K on Saturday, then ended up at EPCOT. He came over to visit and stayed until after 11 and he had to be up by 3! When we saw him the next day he said he actually overslept until 4 then he had to drive to the MK for the start. We got up at 6:00 to pack, and get our breakfasts to go. The hotel gave us a stack of boxes to load up our breakfast to take with us, The race itself seemed to be well organized, but information for spectators was non existent. The Run Disney site wanted you to sign up for the cheer squad at $50 a person. At the packet pick-up my nephew found a link that said you could park at the start at MK or the end at EPCOT. On the way to Orlando my wife spent about 45 minutes trying to get information from various Disney groups. Ultimately they told us to go to the start or finish. We drove over thru back roads and ended up at the Boardwalk. We were there by 7:00 and told the guard we were there to cheer on our nephew. he asked for ID then waved us thru to the small self parking lot. What a decent guy! Here are some picture of him coming down the Boardwalk As you can see, he ran as Forrest Gump. My wife made our shirts based on this scene from the movie Star Wars characters near the end of the Boardwalk A mile to go. This was near Morocco Afterwards we headed to EPCOT. We picked up an egg hunt sheet and headed thru World Showcase. Once we got in, we saw that Frozen was only a 40 minute wait, so it was an abbreviated egg hunt on our way to Norway. . choo choo Decorated for the festival . Veggies Flutterby Afterwards we took the monorail over to the MK to meet up with our nephew. It was amazing that we only did the security stuff coming into the International Gate, and not at the MK since we stayed within the Security Bubble! It felt like the good old days. Met up with our nephew and ate at Columbia Harbor House, then headed to Tom Sawyers for my granddaughter to run around. My nephew had never been over there. The MK was surprisingly not that crowded. Wait times for Splash Mtn, Big Thunder and Small World were all around 40 minutes, Mine train was till 70 plus and Peter Pan was around 50. We caught the 3:00 parade. I was finally able to get a few semi decent dragon fire pictures. Goofy After the parade we headed to Tomorrowland,. Space Mountain was 60 minutes, and the People Mover had a huge line and kept stopping. Purchased my granddaughter a Minnie holder for the MB 2 puck. Then it was time to head out. We caught the Boardwalk bus and were soon on our way back to Tampa.
  11. Mmmmm pancakes! Looks good. I love Florida state parks. I've never had a poor experience at onew.
  12. This weekend they moved the grill to the side of the road in the 1500 loop. It was on the left past the tetherball behind a fence. After the weekend it was back on a site on the right.
  13. About a month ago we visited Deleon Springs State Park..... to see the sites and have pancakes at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill Resturant Afterwards we went down the road a ways to Blue Springs State Park where we had rented a cabin so we could see fireflies/lightning bugs. Both of the parks were clean and nice and weren't too crowded. In fact the Sunday morning we left Blue Springs the gates were already closed to prevent over crowding. Here are some shots of Deleon Springs. There used to be a hotel there and it has a visitor center with it;s very interesting history. Diving class Outflow from the spring to the river Looking up river Manatee Waiting for breakfast Menu Waiting to eat. You get pitchers of batter and you make your own pancakes After we ate we headed down to Blue Springs. More trip report to follow.
  14. Be on the lookout that there will beginning packages for the new Pixar-fireworks show that will be held at the Studios starting tomorrow. I will get more info shortly. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  15. We stayed in some sort of trailer at the Fort ages ago. I'm pretty sure it was before they had then out in the cabin loops. Wish my memory was better.
  16. And I thought you didn't like Disney? Yes, it's a golf cart bridge.
  17. Thanks for the welcome and the information! I've had this name on a few different message boards over the years. Most of the other participants would call me 'Odie' or 'Ody'. Thanks also for sharing that timeline. A lot of cool information there. I had surmised that we were in a Terry trailer in '84 and '85, but I don't really remember what they looked like, other than that they may have been brown and had a sliding door. Anyway, I'll share this info with my mom to try to jog her memory. Did anyone here stay in a Terry? Did they have a Murphy bed like the Wilderness Homes did? One thing about the timeline...It might have been December 1985 for the opening of the Homes, as we stayed in 2600 for our Easter vacation in '86 (23 March to 4 April).
  18. Is that along the river between Port Orleans and DS? Sent from my handheld doohickie
  19. I bet someone will know this right off the bat...
  20. The community grilling areas are a nice touch, but they occupy sites on the partial loops that are already impossible to book!
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  22. Hah... good point
  23. The ones we've had in the premium sights were four sided square tables and I would guess 4 ft for the table top itself.
  24. Walking through Disney Springs this morning my wife and I saw that Portabello is closed with a construction wall around it. In addition, the sign that used to be on the restaurant with the restaurant's name is now gone. Don't know if it is just a refurb or if the changes will bring a new name:
  25. The melamine microwave plates are no joke. I tried nuking food one day on our old set- got to the point where the plate was literally hot to the touch, food charred, and the rest of the food was still cold. In other news, I can tell you the exact day that I learned our plates were NOT microwave safe....
  26. I had no idea where to put the question, but I was looking at the fitted tablecloth and bench covers and most are for a 6' table. does that sound right, size-wise or are they bigger than that?
  27. I'm not usually one to wish bad things on people, but I'm really hoping Becca and Ryan and Addy have trees fall on their heads and/or prized possessions some day. Enjoying the report and hoping for some pictures of Rocky (playing tetherball?).
  28. Chubb run lol. I must have missed the misspell as I read chubb rub. Still funny either way. Um....yeah the bus driver taking a leak on the bus!?! It's no wonder campers get a bad rap. Nice grills and free propane, why not.
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