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  2. Thanks for the insight Nacole. I am a still looking at the Cougar 327rlk, but have noticed it's the longest overall and only has the 6 lug wheels. I have also noticed it is missing some doors in the bathroom and has some wierd night stand thing going on in the bedroom. I'm also looking at units now with the quiet cross ducted ac's. These units I'm looking at are all the same layout that hasn't been available except in the last 1.5 years and the used market is slim, but I'm still looking for one of them to pop up. Also adding the Crusader 338rsk and the Sundance 3250ckss to our search.
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  4. Did I miss something?

    It is on the main road and basically runs the length of the 600 loop. The entrance to the 600 loop is on one side of the detour and the exit is on the other side.
  5. Did I miss something?

    Wow, okay...that's what I thought. The main road, crazy. I hope it's repaired soon. Definite eye sore and (possibly) dangerous. Yuck.
  6. Scary Halloween Decorations?

    We were at The Fort for Halloween in 2015; our kiddos were 3.5 and 8 at the time. For our family, some of the decorations were too scary. It's ironic that you define them as something more geared towards Universal as that was our thoughts exactly. Having said that, we were able to find 3 loops, that were right next to one another, with G rated decorations and our kiddos had a blast.
  7. Scary Halloween Decorations?

    There is a mixture, but the majority are MNSSHP. Before you take your kiddos trick or treating, you could scope a few of the loops to see which ones have the kid friendliest decorations.
  8. Just wondering... Generally, are site decorations at the Fort more G-rated "MNSSHP"-ish, or are there some people that are more "Universal-Halloween-Horror-Nights"-ish? TIA
  9. Did I miss something?

    I'm hoping they get it fixed soon, we are hoping for a short trip in September and I love me some 900 loop.
  10. Did I miss something?

    It is the main road that runs straight from the settlement to the outpost.
  11. No more autographs at Crystal Palace

    So sad to hear...😞
  12. Did I miss something?

    I'm confused...WHERE is this? Is this the main road? I read 600/800 loop (which are on opposite sides), but the pic is hard to view on my phone. We're hoping to be in the 700 loop in October...???
  13. Did I miss something?

    We were told that the problem they started digging for in June is larger than they thought and taking much longer than anticipated. It is also causing issues in other locations as well. We had some "water" regurgitate through the manhole next to our site during our July-August trip. The smell was not pleasant, but it was addressed and resolved quickly at our location in the 2000 loop. The staff told us that the problem was related to the roadwork. We heard of similar things happening in other locations. Don't know much about infrastructure, but it sounded like the problem is getting bigger and harder to solve.
  14. How big is to big?

    I'd have a note added to your reservation asking for 1600, 1700 or 1800 due to your length. 1900 is the tightest of the 4 loops. You might do OK in the new 2000, but those sites seem a little smaller.
  15. Isn't the main issue with the full hookup loops is the roads are narrower than the newer loops are making it harder to back into a site? So while the sites are big enough it might be harder to get into them.
  16. Did I miss something?

    Construction picture
  17. Walked through last night. There was one camper in the 600 loop and I couldn't see any in 800 and 900. There may have been some, but they couldn't be seen from the road. https://imgur.com/a/j7ZQt
  18. How big is to big?

    You'll be fine on a good portion of the full hookups.
  19. We found the the cuts were starting to affect the "attitudes" of some cast members. For example, one night at the Animal Kingdom when the Fort was sharing a bus with Disney Springs, guests were given wrong information about where to line up for which (signage said one thing, not too clearly, and castmember said something else). Consequently, folks thinking they were in line for the Fort were actually in the Disney Springs' line. It was late and there were far too many people to get on one bus. Two parties got in to a very heated argument about which of them would get on the bus when it came. The argument escalated and seemed to be headed toward an actual fight, so my DH walked away from the bus stop to get a castmember's assistance. The castmember did not solve the problem, but gave my DH an earful about how understaffed they were. This was a first for me. Never heard someone employed by Disney complain while the were on duty. When the bus came, the two groups got on the bus still arguing. We opted to wait for the next bus
  20. Offsite Storage

  21. Offsite Storage

    Your experience, was what I pictured if we did this. We're scheduled to be at The Fort: October, November and December...so we had thought about leaving it down there. But then I figured it would take time to drive it over, park and unhitch... plus time to pick it up when we're back in town and we usually arrive very, very late or super early so that sounds like a pain too. The loading of clothes and (especially) food when you get back into town sounds like huge hassle to me. And, as you pointed out, all during your vacation time Plus, for us, we might get lucky and squeeze in a random/spontaneous local weekend trip...that would be tough, without our camper Having said that, it would be nice to drive home without pulling (in our case) a large rig so, we did consider it.
  22. Dog behavior question...

    Thanks Mo. No changes to environment and they hadn't given him any new food or any meds. Mom thinks that Meshach may have been spooked by the sprinklers. Again, he's lived in this house his entire life but... he's a bit neurotic already. They are guessing that maybe he was going potty, when the sprinklers came on and nabbed him. They have a vet visit for Monday (just in case) and are back to potty training 101, to see if they can correct the behavior.
  23. How big is to big?

    You will fit and and most likely if you call you can upgrade.
  24. We arrive 27 nov and checkout the 8th dec.
  25. When are your reservations for?
  26. eww. I'd rather have a pack of the pecan swirl rolls that you get at the store (if I didn't have a kid allergic to them). You know the ones that come in a pack of 6 and are actually moist, unlike that flaky dry roll above.
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