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  2. Halloween Week 2018

    Halloween week is the "High Holy Fiend Holiday" Many Fort Fiends gather there Halloween week and we usually have at least 1 big potluck and many mini gatherings throughout that time, and lots of us get together and host trick or treating at one or two sites :)
  3. Halloween Week 2018

    Golf cart parade usually has been the day before Halloween the past couple of years . Trick or treating is usually around 6-9 ish an official activities calendar comes out closer to the week but they have been trying not to advertise the actual Halloween trick or treating on the calendar to help with the crowds Halloween at the Fort is incredible .. we go every year and always have a blast !!!
  4. OT: Cobra Kai

    I saw that a few weeks ago it looks good. But we don't have you tube red.
  5. Geyser Point - Disney hits a home run

    We had drinks and the cheesy bbq brisket in November and thought it was very good. We will be back. We also ate breakfast at Roaring Fork.....and some of the waffle combinations that are no longer on the menu, were still available if you requested them.
  6. OT: Cobra Kai

  7. We did this experience last Fall, and all of enjoyed it very much. The photo op. with the Headless Horseman was the highlight. No dessert party offered last year, but would not spring for it anyway.
  8. From the Disney Parks Blog https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/03/return-to-sleepy-hollow-at-disneys-fort-wilderness-resort-campground-begins-september-28/?CMP=SOC-DPFY18Q1wo0322180328180003C
  9. Also, DME is a stickler about only providing transportation from "your" resort, and during your stay. I used to do quick weekend trips with a very tiny bookbag carryon, so upon arrival, I would have Mears drop me directly to PI on Friday night, then worry about checking into the hotel later. I would also check out of my hotel on Sunday morning, and have a 5:30 am flight home the next morning. Would go to the parks, then Pleasure Island, take a shower at the pool showers, then hop on Mears about 3 am, sleep on the flight home, and get to work. (I was much younger in those days. I can't do those types of trips any more)
  10. It's better then the horse you know what they were selling at the booths.
  11. I actually do find this part surprising, because that was a big deal when ME first started. You had to book it in advance. The towncar drivers and taxis insisted on that. If you didn't have a DME reservation, but still wanted to ride, they would direct you to the Mears desk to purchase a ticket. They would still put you on a DME bus, but you had to pay for it. One time I had to go home for a few days during a trip. DME only "gives" you one ride per trip. So I rode Mears from the Dolphin to get to MCO to go home, then when I came back, I went to the Mears desk next to the DME buses and bought a one way Mears ticket, and took the DME bus back.
  12. Yes it was just $5.00 per night. It really wasn't a big deal it was just before they always told me there was no need to pay and they waved it with out me saying anything.
  13. Oh and for those who know there is a website to set ME up with out ever speaking to a person.
  14. Here is the thing though. You dont have to reserve a seat on Magic Express. As long as you have a confirmation number with your name on it you can walk up and tell them you need to take the bus to your resort. It is set up that way for the people who may have to fly stand by. I used it this way myself in October and had clients just the other day do this because of a last minute booking and they werent bringing bags. If you give them a legit flight number and time (easy enough to look one up) they wont have an issue with it. I have done this as well for clients in town with a rental before who were dropping it off at MCO and taking ME. Also for clients flying in the night before and taking ME in the morning.
  15. As with other things there has probably been abuse so now they want "chapter and verse" before you get to reserve a seat on MDE.
  16. Last week
  17. They didn't used to. That's new then. Cause I know folks used to fly in days ahead of time, do stuff in Orlando, drop the rental car at MCO, then DME to Disney for their time there, or spend the night at the MCO hotel, and DME the next morning. I also know a few folks that would give a different flight (with carryon only) to increase or reduce their scheduled pickup time. I personally have flown into Orlando for work, then turned my rental car into MCO from the work trip and hopped on DME to start a Disney reservation. Maybe phantom flight number is the wrong word. Give an actual flight number, but I don't think they confirm that you are actually booked on that flight.
  18. Lady and the Tramp Remake

    Still waiting for the Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl remake.......oh wait....
  19. Lady and the Tramp Remake

    I am with you
  20. Lady and the Tramp Remake

    This is one I'm not all that excited about.
  21. Lady and the Tramp Remake

  22. As I understand it Mears does link/check Airlines and flight numbers for MDE.
  23. OK, I just figured out how to pay much "less" for your parking if you are driving into Disney, and it will work for any resort. PLUS, it will give you the pleasure of costing Disney money, instead of giving it to them. When you book your Disney reservation, book DME, and give them phantom airlines and flight numbers for your departure and arrival. Google MCO parking and find the cheapest parking deal you can find. I've seen as little as $3.99 a day. Drive to that parking place instead of Disney, and have them drop you at MCO, then go board DME to go to your resort. At the end of your trip, board DME for the airport, get on the shuttle to your parking spot, then head home. If you don't want to put your entire family and all the luggage on DME and the parking lot shuttle, you could drop the family, luggage, and your grocery run off at the resort, then one of you deposit the car. Then at the end of the trip, one of you could hop on DME to get to MCO to retrieve the car, come back to WDW and retrieve the family and luggage. Yes, it's a little bit of your time, but Disney doesn't get the extra revenue for a parking space they already have, another business does get your revenue, and your are getting every penny's worth of the "benefits" of being a Disney resort guest.
  24. Wait a minute. I would have to go back and look at folios from past visits when we had more than one dog with us, but I don't recall being charged $5 PER PET. I thought I was charged $5 per day, regardless the number of pets. Re-reading the language Travisma pasted above isn't very clear but certainly doesn't say "per pet".
  25. Just booked for our 1st ever Halloween week 🤗👻🎃(so excited)and wondering about events so I can begin planning. When day does the golf cart parade happen and how does trick or treating work? What other things can I include in our plans? Thank you for advise and info!!
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