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  2. I think you might be getting confused about towing capacity vs payload capacity. The majority of the time, trucks will run out of payload capacity before they get to their towing limit. If you look at the video posted above by Lone-Star, they show at 1:57 the payload capacity that you need to know. Air bags and Timbrens do not Increase your payload capacity per se, but will eliminate the squatting. Back to the video, at 2:07, it shows the axle/gvw rating sticker for the same truck. This truck is showing a gvw of 10,000lbs with a front axle rating of 4,800lbs and a rear axle rating of 6,100lbs. for a total of 10,900lbs. However, that particular truck came from the factory with a curb weight of 7,188lbs and a payload capacity of 2,812lbs. A lot of people will ignore the payload capacity rating will load it up to the total axle ratings of 10,900 instead of the gross vehicle weight of 10,000 and consider themselves to be safe. That may be true and the vehicle does have the capability to handle that weight, but it can be argued they are being negligent and are liable to any lawsuits and such if an accident happened and they are over the payload capacity. Now, if you move to a 350/3500 Single rear wheel, you'll probably pick up an extra 900-1000lbs of payload which is probably adequate for the 5ers you are looking at with your family and little ewok in the cab. If you move up to the dually, the payload capacity increase will be even much greater.
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  4. If you can make it to the Hilton Head exit, there is a new place I want to try, Camp Lake Jasper. That puts you only 5 hours from the Fort!
  5. I like the Class A Idea someday down the road like Dave suggests. My wife uses the rest room for fun I think and it would be nice to not stop so often. Also, the security like mentioned in one of my of threads would be great to not have to get out. I just don't think I want to watch the moho sit most of the year for the cost. least I get to use my truck. Someday though.
  6. Honestly, the Cracker Barrel would be fine if they would close the Steak & Shake. That is the sketchiest place in that whole area of town. A lot of the employees are the problem. Two shootings there in a year, both involving employees. One domestic, one drug related. I have heard that they deal drugs out of there, and the shooting backs ups that rumor. Drugs are probably the only way it stays in business, honestly. I don't know a single person who would ever go there. With all the dozens of new restaurants that have come in 2016, along 90, and as many more under construction, I think Steak & Shake will eventually be a thing of the past, which will make things nice there. It's like an ugly mole on that entire end of town.
  7. Yep, I found out last night. DH is now neutral. Really wish Steelers were in it, then won, and came to Disney World. My DH would be the happiest man alive to see the MVP there. We have a cable hook up in our Pop-up, and plenty of space for a 32" tv, so if it rains, will just watch it inside. We have a new Dairy Queen next to Inn & Out now. It's an okay place to stay overnight, but that little area of town has declined over the past year. Police are working hard to get it nicer again. What happened, is a business closed, and vagrants took over the empty building, just a block from there. Also, some anonymous town paid for bus tickets and food vouchers to send several bus loads of vagrants to our town last winter! Many set up a tent city in the woods on the opposite side of 90 and, needless to say, there was a big increase in drug traffic and crime in the immediate area. They finally ran out the tent city. One of the larger local churches put a program in place to help those who are genuinely homeless, and want to get back on their feet. The ones who just wanted to stay street people have been run off, for the most part. There are still a few hanging around. The Inn & Out was actually robbed not too long ago, but they caught both guys the next day. The Steak & Shake, right next to the Cracker Barrel, has been the scene of TWO shootings in the past year. One was domestic, involving a Steak & Shake employee, and the other drug related, also involving a Steak & Shake employee. The Steak & Shake is just a very sketchy place all together. Steer clear of it. I went there once, before I knew better, ten years ago. They tried to convince me that our strawberry shakes were the orange cream that we ordered, despite being pink and having actual strawberry seeds in them ..... We do have a probably a dozen or more new places to eat in that stretch of 90 now. A HUGE amount of development has taken place and I hope to see Steak & Shake shut down for good. That place is the only source of any problems on this entire end of town. Okay, well no problem. We will be bringing the tv anyway. We are trying for 1500 loop, unless there is a large group camping there. Have to send in my loop/site requests soon. Since your team is in, we will be rooting for you! Hopefully you get to run into the MVP while you are there, or some of the other players.
  8. One more thing is if you go with a dually you will also be able to get a lower gear ratio which will increase your towing capacity. That said if you can get by without a dually I would go single rear wheel 1 ton. I have both, dually is a pain compared to my single rear wheel.
  9. I understand the benefits of the Fiver, but for the cost of a new fifth wheel and either upgrades to the truck or potentially a new truck, have you considered a motorhome with a small toad? The toad would be a more economical daily driver, unless you need a truck anyways, and could still be a small truck, jeep, or SUV if he doesn't want to drive a sedan.
  10. You're very sweet. We appreciate the invite. We're looking at getting a small TV for camping also. We will probably get a 24" or 32" for the tent. I told Kenneth that I really would rather not go to a bar or lounge because I'd rather just go to bed when the game is over. I'm not a football fan, but I'll be watching the game since our team is playing. And hopefully there will be some decent commercials. Go Falcons! Maybe we'll run into each other sometime during the week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can get into the 1700 loop.
  11. My first TT had a broken water pump when I bought it from Camping Hell and they wouldn't fix it without an extra charge once I discovered it didn't work (Long after the sale). So out of principle, never planned on using and traded it back in that way. When they asked if it worked, I said "it is in the same condition as it was when I bought it from you". As for the current 5er, I have no idea if it works as we don't plan to dry camp. So, the water tank is empty. We always carry bottled water with us anyway, so we can use that for the toilet and brushing teeth if we need to.
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  13. Maybe it's just me, but I think there's a significant difference in security in a TT or 5'er versus a Class A. When we traveled in a TT, we always stopped at a hotel on the way down and back. In our Class A, we lock ourselves in before dark at a FJ or CB. And we sufficiently "pack" to stop anyone who gets in.
  14. Welcome to the group! We pick up 95 at the 26 entrance in SC. Have stayed at Pilot/Flying J and Cracker Barrels many times. We always stay at the Flying J in St. Augustine on the way down and usually at the Cracker Barrel in Walterboro, SC, on the way home. No need to be afraid, just aware of your surroundings.
  15. The New Green Acres used to be our usual overnight stop to and from the Fort until we changed our route. Big pull through wooded sites, clean rest rooms, easy access to 95.
  16. We travel with our water tank empty. Carry a few gallons of water in bottles to flush the commode if necessary. But in an emergency (such as evacuation) or dry camping for a few days we'd fill our city water tank.
  17. Another than to consider, a large used truck just to tow with and a smaller w/better millage vehicle to daily drive.
  18. Does your 2500 have semi floating axles or full floating rear axle, 3500 usually has heavier rear bearings and hubs than a 2500
  19. Yes, "technically" the trucks are the same, though the F-350 does have a hydro-boost brake system that adds some assistance to the driver, the rest is equal. It's the sticker on the door jamb that makes the weight an issue. If you were using this truck to haul commercially and you were found to over the gross weight, they would fine you and make you unload some weight before moving again. You're not commercially operating the truck, though you should follow the same guidelines, however, I recognize the identical components in the two vehicles, therefore I say tow on. But, that wont help you any if you are playing by the rules. On the other hand, here is a review for the Timbren springs from This genius has a truck same as yours, rated to tow 14,500 and he has 24,000 pounds on a trailer, PLUS the trailer! "by: BK12/16/2014 2012 Ford F-250, no overload springs. Loaded 24,000 lbs on a 32' gooseneck. Pickup would squat too far. Installed Timbrem rear suspension enhancement and pickup runs almost level and rides great!! All I needed to handle the load. Great product!! Would recommend to anyone looking for overload springs. Installed in 30 minutes!!" Personally, I prefer the airbags because I can adjust the ride height as needed, which is important to me and my sloped driveway. So if I need to lower the rear end to clear an overhead obstacle, or prevent the rear of the trailer from dragging, I can dump out the air (which I do each time leaving and coming home to the house with the 5th wheel). Need to raise the truck because the trailer landing gear is jammed?, no problem, just add air. 165636
  20. First thank you. Second... okay... but isn't that where the springs come into play? If the engine is the same, in the F350 (one-ton) as our F250 (3/4 ton), then all we're looking at, is what the rear axle can carry. Am I understanding that correctly? If this is the case, I believe Ford uses the same rear axle.. but beefier springs to handle more payload, which brings us back to installing Timbren Springs.
  21. If your truck doesn't already have load range E tires, it really should, they were factory equipment. I really love my Firestone airbags and Airlift compressor, made a tremendous difference in load handling and stability. On the truck argument side of things, you have a 3/4 ton diesel, and unfortunately that heavy engine means you don't have a ton of weight capacity to play with. I'd go get the truck weighed and see what the rear axle capacity has left empty, the you can see how much you can "legally" carry. We could start a war with this on an RV site, but I would be OK with being at the limit or a little over, say 300-500 lbs. but not 1000. The truck is built for it, but the tag on the door says otherwise. Looking on page 20 on the 2011 Ford Towing Guide, RV and Trailer Towing Guide.pdf it says you can pull a 14,500 lb. 5th wheel, and since they figure 15-20% pin weight for a 5th wheel, you could conclude without too much drama that a max pin weight for your truck would be between 2475 and 2900 lbs.
  22. Then why not modify the rear end of what we've got? We've read about air bags, but talking with a few shops, they all said airbags were not the way to go, but to (instead) install Timbren springs. That and a different (rated) tire. Unless we went with a 2017 Ford or a dually, tow capacity does not change much from the 2011 F250.
  23. Atlanta vs New you probably know by now. I would recommend the TV from home, connected to the Disney cable hookup. My luck would be to meet someone with an outdoor setup and it would RAIN that day. BTW, we always stop in Lake City on our way to and from the Fort. The Inn&Out RV "Resort" on highway 90. Been doing that for years.
  24. We had one on our previous MH, but let it go when we sold it. We investigated one for our new-to-us MH, but found them to be NOT RECOMMENDED for us. One of our furnaces exhausts into the area where the screen room would have been. Also the fridge if operated on propane. We could have introduced all kinds of carbon monoxide into the room when the furnace was running. All that said, we really loved ours but only used it at the Fort because of the setup problems and considering our length of stay. We usually had a couple of elevated air mattresses and a couple of chairs in there for grandkids or other guests. At Christmas we set a tree in there and put presents around the base. I'm not familiar with a hard sided model. Ours was a 20 footer with rollup panels for privacy. Plenty of breeze came through with the panels rolled up.
  25. You definitely need to change trucks if you buy any of the 5ers you've hinted at. Try to buy the same year as yours or newer. The frame and the engines are the same between the 250/350. Parts diagrams I looked at also show the same brakes. The springs and the spring block are the only glaring difference. I've seen anywhere from 17"-20" on both 250s and 350s. I would avoid 20" tires for ride comfort. If you're looking at different trucks. Look at the GM twins 2015 and newer crew cabs. All the ford fanboys at the auction building that have ford crew cabs all admit I have more leg room in the cab both front and rear and admit my truck squats a lot LESS with trailers hooked up then theirs. Like I stated before. I can put dog cases in the back of the crew cab on the floor with the seat folded up. I couldn't do that with the fords or Rams unless it was the ram mega cab. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. That's a shame, what I saw was interesting. I would've liked to stay for the entire performance but.... others were more interested in finding Figment. They did have a name plaque for them on the times sign. Same with the German band, I was enjoying that but the others quickly moved on.
  27. Tom and I discussed that. We have never dry camped. We've stopped over to park at CB a few times... but even then, we didn't use water HOWEVER... I would like the option, if we came across some BLM land in the SE that we liked. I also want a generator. I want the option, to get out there and having a cargo capacity of under 900# just seems silly. I mean, we have bikes so you'd need to add on 4 bikes and a bike rack; I imagine that would probably close to 200# right there (we have cheap/heavy bikes). That means we'd have less than 700# and even if we didn't have a generator or water... if we're out for a 2 week trip, we'll have a good amount of clothing and food. Plus, lawn chairs, hoses, bbq grill...etc. Oh, and I don't know if GD's dry weight included the battery or full propane tanks. So, again, 900# just seems super silly to me.
  28. Mark- It looks like the performers you saw in Canada were only there for the dedication of the new totem poles, so that was lucky timing on your part!: All in the Details: Storytelling Totem Poles at Epcot’s Canada Pavilion by Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort Yesterday, two new totem poles were installed at the Canada Pavilion at Epcot, bringing a new dose of history, culture and storytelling to the pavilion. Carved by Tsimshian artisan David Boxley, who previously created a totem pole for the pavilion’s Trading Post in the 1990s, the two new additions each have a unique story to tell. The Eagle Totem Pole tells one of Boxley’s favorite cultural tales, in which a boy finds an eagle caught in a net on a beach and frees it. Years later, when hunger strikes the boy’s tribe, he walks on the same beach, only to find the eagle there waiting for him with food – paying him back for his kindness years ago. The bottom of this totem pole also tells the story of how a family of beaver taught a human family the importance of treating all creatures – human and animal – with respect. The Whale Totem Pole depicts the tale of the first potlatch, a ceremonial feast celebrated by the Nagunaks and creatures of the undersea world. The overnight installation was followed up with a dedication ceremony for the new poles that included a performance by the Git Hoan Dancers (People of the Salmon). Based in Washington state, Git-Hoan members can trace their ancestral roots to some of the main tribes of Southeast Alaska, the Tsimshian, the Haida and Tlingit. TCD
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