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  2. Secrets Revealed?

    You can watch the official trailer for the show here: https://freeform.go.com/shows/decorating-disney The show itself is new, but I'll bet that some of the footage has been used and seen before. The preview states that it is all done in one night. That's not true. They get it done fast, but they work on the decorations for weeks. This year, Hollywood Studios was almost fully decorated for Christmas before Halloween. TCD
  3. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    Well? Who saw The Last Jedi? I saw it on Thursday night at Disney Springs. Wow. All thumbs up from the TCD gang. There is some valid criticism from the hard core Star Wars fan community, but overall it was a great movie, and carried the story forward very well. TCD
  4. Coco / Olaf's Frozen Adventure

    We recorded it and just watched it over the weekend. It's not as bad as I expected. It's a nice little holiday special. But, I couldn't imagine having to watch it in a theater before watching a full-length movie. TCD
  5. I've been at the Fort for many New Years' Eves. The big official activity for the night is a beach party on Clementine's Beach. The recreation staff from the pool and Bike Barn will be there to provide music and activities. They will have food and drink for sale. Obviously, the Settlement gets very crowded, and they usually set up a one-way traffic system for golf carts which requires those arriving to drive out behind Pioneer Hall, where they will encourage you to park your golf cart. At a certain point in the afternoon, they will block off the parking closest to the Marina and not let any more carts in there. The normal golf cart path is then made a one-way exit from the Settlement. If the weather is nice, the beach will be almost full of guests, but there's enough room for everyone to squeeze in. If they can get it working, they play the audio for the MK fireworks at midnight. Then, everyone leaves at once. There's usually a big golf cart traffic jam, but it eventually clears. It's usually pretty quiet after that. TCD
  6. Weather Alert

    Yea that’s not going to happen. Oklahoma City’s forecast for Christmas eve is high of 32° low of 16° and that’s what it’s going to be pretty much the rest of the year. So if Central Florida is too crowded for you. I’ll be happy to let you take my place in OKC. While I’m in Orlando btw. I have full hook ups next to my shop. If you want to bring your RV. LOL
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  8. Hate to disappoint all you visitors that will be at the Fort over Christmas. The temps will only be in the mid to high 80's thru Christmas Eve, then the temps plummet to the mid 70's to 80's thru New Years Day with a slight chance of showers on 12/31 and a couple of possible days of showers. You all might want to think about staying home and avoiding this crappy weather! Us locals will gladly fill in the canceled rezzies, so Disney doesn't lose any $$$. 63° /43° Hist. Avg. 73°/55° TUE 12/12 Actual Temp 75° /45° Hist. Avg. 73°/55° WED 12/13 Actual Temp 63° /46° Hist. Avg. 72°/55° THU 12/14 Actual Temp 74° /43° Hist. Avg. 72°/54° FRI 12/15 Actual Temp 78° /60° Hist. Avg. 72°/54° SAT 12/16 Actual Temp 73° /57° Hist. Avg. 72°/54° YESTERDAY Actual Temp 79° /54° Hist. Avg. 72°/54° TODAY 12/18 84° /63° Fog in the a.m.; partly sunny Hist. Avg. 72°/53° TUE 12/19 82° /63° Areas of fog in the morning Hist. Avg. 72°/53° WED 12/20 84° /65° Fog in the a.m.; partly sunny Hist. Avg. 71°/53° THU 12/21 81° /62° A passing morning shower Hist. Avg. 71°/53° FRI 12/22 84° /64° Partly sunny Hist. Avg. 71°/52° SAT 12/23 85° /66° Times of clouds and sun Hist. Avg. 71°/52° SUN 12/24 85° /67° Rather cloudy and warm Hist. Avg. 71°/52° MON 12/25 79° /60° A blend of sun and clouds Hist. Avg. 71°/52° TUE 12/26 78° /62° Partly sunny Hist. Avg. 71°/51° WED 12/27 68° /51° Rain and drizzle possible Hist. Avg. 71°/51° THU 12/28 74° /55° A couple of showers possible Hist. Avg. 71°/51° FRI 12/29 80° /56° Cloudy and warm Hist. Avg. 70°/51° SAT 12/30 72° /55° Cloudy Hist. Avg. 70°/50° SUN 12/31 72° /56° Periods of rain Hist. Avg. 70°/50° MON 1/1 75° /57° Clouds giving way to some sun Hist. Avg. 70°/50° TUE 1/2 74° /57° Mostly cloudy Hist. Avg. 70°/50° WED 1/3 74° /56° A shower or t-storm in spots Hist. Avg. 70°/50° THU 1/4 73° /55° Partial sunshine Hist. Avg. 70°/50° FRI 1/5 69° /56° Partial sunshine Hist. Avg. 70°/50° SAT 1/6 74° /55° Sunshine Hist. Avg. 70°/50°
  9. For people too into on line presence

    I REFUSE to use MDE while in the parks. I will make my three FP+ and dining reservation before I get into a park, then load them into my calendar app so that my phone buzzes at me when it's time to get to my next attraction or meal, and that's it. I don't tweet, snap, or #anything, and posting pictures here or to family on FB can wait.
  10. December 2017 Fort Wilderness Recreation Guide

    Have been there a couple of times. We've always had a good time. We usually go to the courtyard of MK, just inside the gates, but outside the train station for the fireworks. Not too many crowds and a good view of the 360 fireworks around Bay Lake. Then it's a quick escape to the Fort boat. One year, however, it was really cold and most of us were sick. We huddled around the heater at the campsite, and listened to the fireworks from the 1600 loop, and had some bubbly right there.
  11. Spring Break 2018

    :) I do believe they are camping in April, but Brian has to wait till we leave to show up :)
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  13. Anyone flying 12/15?

    I don’t know why they call them ugly. Tacky Christmas sweaters rock!
  14. Anyone flying 12/15?

    Haha... hilarious.
  15. Secrets Revealed?

    Tried to record this, no listing for Sunday. It's actually on Monday at 8pm
  16. Last week
  17. December 2017 Fort Wilderness Recreation Guide

    Has anyone been at the Fort for NYE? Would love to hear about the night...if we go, we would NOT go to the parks that night, but stay at the Fort.
  18. December 2017 Fort Wilderness Recreation Guide

    Any new info out on NYE?
  19. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    Doesn't matter where he his if he's hungry. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  20. Spring Break 2018

    Aren't the wildwomenz camping in April? That's as good an excuse as any.
  21. Disney buying Fox UPDATE 12/14

    I think it was Family Guy that had an episode called "The Simpson's did it first". After all of the years they've been on I don't think there is much they haven't done.
  22. Secrets Revealed?

    Thanks For posting this. And I do believe they’ve aired a show like this before. And it was pretty good. Going to have to set the DVR to record this show.For posting this. And I do believe they’ve air to show like this before. And it was pretty good. Going to have to set the DVR to record this show
  23. Or just a lot of sped up video. Don't know if this is something dug up out of the vaults, or something new... Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic , 8 p.m. Sunday, Freeform: A behind-the-scenes look at how Disney parks bring the holidays to life virtually overnight with decorations and special events
  24. Spring Break 2018

    You're too kind. I am just a poorly educated sharecropper.
  25. Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    PM sent. Welcome to Fort Fiends!
  26. I might even be persuaded to buy an annual pass.
  27. If you see me walking while staring down at my phone, it means I've finally had a mental breakdown. That is just stupid. Sitting on a nice bench, standing under a shade tree or stopped in a long non moving que creates a nice opportunity to check MDE
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