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  1. Disney Skyliner. This is the first time I've heard them name the gondolas. I kind of like the name.
  2. I don't think this is been reported here yet. If it has, sorry. I just received this email from Disney about her upcoming trip to pop century this Christmas. VIEW in your browser Disney's Pop Century Resort October 2017 Dear XXXX Party, We are delighted you have chosen to stay with us at Disney's Pop Century Resort! Walt Disney once spoke of how his creations would never be complete as long as there is imagination left in the world. It is in this spirit that we have embarked on creating a new transportation system, Disney Skyliner, which will give Guests a bird’s-eye view of Walt Disney World® Resort while traveling via gondolas. This transportation system will connect future Guests of Disney's Pop Century Resort with Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, the International Gateway at Epcot® and other Resorts. While we work our magic, the Resort will be in full operation with all amenities available to you, including our dining, merchandise and recreation locations. It is possible that you may see or hear construction, but noise should not be heard from your Guest room between dusk and 9:00am. We apologize for any inconvenience this work may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding. Please know we are making every effort to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. If you have questions or need assistance prior to your arrival, please call the Disney Reservation Center at 407-939-7805 between the hours of 7:00am-11:00pm (ET). General Manager Jeff Korte and the team at Disney's Pop Century Resort look forward to your arrival and wish you a truly magical stay! Sincerely, Disney Destinations, LLC
  3. Thanks. Ricky Bobby doesn't travel with us at all. He gets car sick and needs a valuim just to go to the vet or groomers. Chi Chi only travels with us when we will be at the lake for more than just a weekend. Other than then that they stay home with my MIL.
  4. I'm curious. But why do people take their dogs with them everywhere they go? Are there some fiends that take their dog(s) to Walmart or Home Depot? No condemnation, just curious as to why you do. I'd like to hear your side.
  5. I hate to admit it but I catch myself looking down at some "service dog" owners. Then I realize that they might be legitimate service dogs and feel bad. But ive seen to many bad behaving "service dogs."
  6. Buses running late?

    Hopefully an isolated incident
  7. They Call it Labor Day for a Reason.....

    Lol! I think the girl sitting next to him is actually laughing at him! jK! great pix.
  8. It seems that you took my post personally and I can see why you would after I read it. So I apologize. BTW, I never said you said "don't talk about it." As you quoted me as saying. That being said, I do disagree with your conclusion. Because, your statement asserts that the only legitimate way to handle this situation is to not go to Disney. Well I respectfully disagree with that statements conclusion. There are many ways we can handle this situation. And one is what we do on this forum everyday. We discuss it. We air our differences and concerns. And we don't dismiss others feelings. And some might say what good is there in talking? Well I believe there are some upper management types at WDW that read some of these forums and perhaps they will read our concerns and address them before they become a problem. "So, let us not be blind to our differences--but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved." JFK
  9. So if we use your logic we shouldn't talk about anything Disney does. "Wow! Disney raised the prices on park tickets." It's pretty simple. If you don't like their rules don't go. "Fort management allows non-resort guest to go to Chip n dales campfire!" It's pretty simple. If you don't like their rules don't go. Isn't this forum a place where we can talk about all things Disney? Good and bad. What we agree with and what we don't.
  10. This*** one of the problems is that people think "it's my vacation and I'll do what I want regardless of others! Besides my dog is a good dog and never barks or jumps up on people or anything. It's other people's dog that cause the problems." I may be alone but I don't like strange dogs. Probably because I was bit by a dog as a child by a dog who's never bit anyone before. And o don't think it's fair that I have to deal with others dog at Home Depot, at Sam's club or the countless other places people feel they have the right to bring their dogs I feel your rights end when they interfere with others rights. And when I have to walk around your dog or down another aisle in a place of business. Or listen to or smell your dog at a hotel, well you have interfered with my rights.
  11. That is bizarre. Lol. Omg. It's amazing what the average person will spend on there fur baby. Trust me it's not just the 1%ers. There will be animals at ever resort. Including the value resorts. I don't get it but there are people that cannot be away from there fur babies for more than one night. And the funny thing is they always blame it on the dog. " Oh my dog can't stand to be away from us. We just have to bring a little poochie with us or he will die!" i love our dogs but they don't travel with us. Yes ours whines when we leave. They act like it's the end of the world. But one minute later they are on the couch sleeping. And I have the security cameras to prove it. Lol!
  12. IMHO. Disney is just asking for trouble. Between dogs tearing up the room, and barking all day because their owners have been at the park for 12 hours. It's going to be a pain in the butt for CMs. And just wait till a little kid gets bit.
  13. High fee??? What do you mean??? Look at all you get at check in for your little for baby. There will be no knuckleheads that bring their dogs to the resorts. Are you kidding me! It clearly states and I quote. "Dogs staying in a Disney resort Guest rooms must be well behaved, leashed in resort public areas and properly vaccinated." and you know how all Disney guest follow all the rules.
  14. Local restaurant recommendations...

    That SMB. I guess I should have eaten more pork shanks.
  15. Local restaurant recommendations...

    Hi-jack time. Does anyone know if they still have the pork shank at Gaston's?