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  1. That is a great way of looking at it.
  2. River Country

    Agree When we stay at a WDW Resort we always have bottled water, soda, beer, and snacks delivered to our hotel. But almost all meals are eaten at a WDW restaurant. We rarely go off property. Even at our timeshare, with a full kitchen, we eat out a lot. We usually eat breakfast in the room. Lunch at a restaurant, which is our “big” meal of the day. And then dinner is a sandwich or something light at one of the resorts poolside bar & grill.
  3. River Country

    As kids mom always pack a special lunch for our road trips. And we would always stop at rest areas or scenic spots for lunch Fried chicken and German potato salad was always a family favorite. I miss those trips.
  4. Agreed. We however did change our vacation plans a few years ago. And mainly because of the constant price increases. So I put my money where are my mouth is. We use to stay 7-10 days each summer and 7-10 days each Christmas at a WDW Resort. But now we stay 7 days at Wyndham bonnet creek and sometimes 3 days at a WDW Resort. I can get a 2 bed condo at a beautiful resort that’s closer to the HS and Epcot than the Fort is. And a $8-$10 Uber ride to the MK. The new parking fee doesn’t effect us. As we typically don’t rent a car and we have APs. The thing that bugs me about this parking fee crap, is that it is an oblivious money grab. Like others have said. Hotels that have limited parking I understand charging for parking. But WDW doesn’t have that problem. We already pay a premium for the resorts. Let’s be honest. If the All-Star Sports Resort wasn’t owned and on WDW property and just another offsite resort it would be 25%-40% less expensive. And they wouldn’t be charging for parking Btw. I do own Disney stock. And I like when they make money. But IMHO crap like this hurts the brand. But not enough for the bean counters to discourage this type of crap.
  5. 1. I believe my numbers are for individuals not households. Like your quoting. 2. I find it interesting that your company sits around and bad mouths “rich” people. 3. I hope one day to be as well off as you, so $25 will be just a drop in the bucket for me. I will say it again. I agreed with everything you said up until you brought in class war fare. I don’t wish to quarrel so I’ll end my part of the conversation now. But please feel free to continue.
  6. I agree with everything you said except your last sentence. Why bring class war fare into the discussion? what makes you think the top 30% of Americans think a $25 parking or 10% rate increas is a drop in the bucket? the top 25% of Americans make $67,280. And I bet there are a few people on this board that fall into that group. And i haven’t heard anyone here say that it’s a drop in the bucket. Im sorry but whole class war fare thing is one of my pet peeves. I just don’t understand why people are so against people just because they have more money than others. Btw one day i hope to be one of those rich people 😂 Please ignore my rant.
  7. River Country

    Of course. And it includes free parking. Actually there is a big need for long term RV parks in our area. Due to all the oil field and wind farm workers. They come in for 4 to 6 to 12 months at a time. And their companies pay their rent. so you know you will be paid Unfortunately we are having with all of the government regulations. We already supply water and sewer to our residents. but we would need to either add several new septic systems or a lagoon. And drill a new water well. And right now we don’t have the land to do that. We need the farmer next door to sell us a few acres.
  8. River Country

    So my numbers are pretty close to KOAs. And their numbers include land, and franchise fees. Their initial fee is $30,000. Disney already owns the land and they won’t have to pay initial franchise fees or annual franchise fees.
  9. River Country

    Agree X2
  10. River Country

    Ok. Let’s say the road is 400’ long. 400’ X $400 =$160,000 Fort campsites are approx 25’ wide. So on a 400’ road you could get 32 campsites. 16 on each side of the road. Or $5,000 per pad site And let’s assume each pad site costs $5,500 to build. And a 1000sq ft bath house to accommodate 32 pad sites. Cost another $240,000. Or $7,500/ pad site. It would cost disney $18,000/ pad site. At $100+ per night it would take Disney 180 days to recoup their investment. (Of course that’s not counting operating costs). Even if you double the costs it still looks like a good way of using a bunch of swamp land you already own FYI The National average Cost of a hotel room is over $190,000 to build. (Fixr.com)
  11. River Country

    We added two new spots at our mobile home park a few years back. We had to set meter bases for electricity, running water lines and sewer lines. With labor we probably spent $2000/ spot. At 100+ dollars a night Disney would make their money back in no time.
  12. They already have gates with parking attendance at every resort if I remember correctly. So it’s not gonna cost them any more money then they’re spending now.
  13. Does Dollywood charge for parking