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  1. Maybe a New Rig Next Spring

    I dont but TJ lives in Jaxonville and I could probably reach out to him to go check it out for you.
  2. Spring Break 2018

    I am still looking for you.
  3. Annual Passholders Holiday Magnet

    Unfortuntely the magnets get stolen a lot off of cars. People of course expect Disney to replace them.
  4. One thing I would point out is your Magic Band does not hold any account info. It is just a link to your My Disney Experience account. Room charging is a hotel feature only so it would require them to completely recode how the magic bands and charging work to make it possible to charge using your MB when not an onsite guest. I dont think we will ever see charging without an onsite stay just do to the massive coding changes it would take. I do think we may someday see verification for everyone of an AP for discounts with out having to charge to a room. This was probably a simple code change for testing purposes.
  5. Fort site app.

    I think it's still available for Android but the latest iOS version is incompatible. As far as I know Supergeek is working on a new build.
  6. Instant Pot

    3 quart came out a while back and is pretty popular.
  7. Instant Pot

    Hmm I found this one on Walmart's site https://www.walmart.com/ip/Instant-Pot-Lux-5-Qt-6-in-1-Multi-Use-Programmable-Pressure-Cooker-Stainless-Steel/970617254 It matches the picture and is 5 Quart but only a 6 in 1 so who knows.
  8. Instant Pot

    i think its a typo. The Instant Pot website only lists for 7 in 1 models the 3, 6, and 8 quart sizes. Although a search online shows one but out of stock.
  9. Pre ordering your meals.

    I do not know. While I had an AP when there Cosmic Ray's doesnt have an AP discount
  10. Christmas reservations

    You can send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I would be happy to add you to my list of dates I am looking for.
  11. Online check-in Answered

    Yuo or your travel agent if using one can call in and have the request noted on your reservation. Then 5-10 days before arrival you can fax in a request as well.
  12. Bridging Question

    She is and he did. :-D
  13. Pre ordering your meals.

    I believe this only becomes an option when you are in the local area or maybe even the park. Not sure on that but it wants access to your location before you can order. You can prep the order ahead and when you arrive at the restaurant click on the you are here option to let them know you can pick up. They will notify you when to go get it and there will be a separate line for pick up.
  14. Pre ordering your meals.

    BOG is the only pre-order of that type. There are others where you can order on the app and pay with your credit card and pick up your meal. Locations below pulled from Disney. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/mobile-food-orders/ Locations You can place mobile orders for the following quick-service restaurants: ABC Commissary Aloha Isle Backlot Express Casey's Corner Catalina Eddie's Columbia Harbour House Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café D-Luxe Burger Electric Umbrella Fairfax Fare Flame Tree Barbecue Harambe Market Liberty Inn Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe Pinocchio Village Haus Pizzafari PizzeRizzo Restaurantosaurus Rosie's All-American Café Satu’li Canteen Sunshine Seasons The Lunching Pad Tomorrowland Terrace Restaura
  15. WDW Package Coupon Book

    If you google Disney Magic Your Way magical Extras you should get a hit for it. Packing up to head home early right now so don't have chance to pull one up.