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  1. They are giving a tag in the check in stuff. Maybe it will be required they have it on them?
  2. For us Jedi doesn't go everywhere. When we travel he does come with us and if a place is pet friendly we evaluate on a case by case basis whether it would be something worth taking him to or if he will react badly to it. For us it's more about keeping his routine similar to home. He has a collapsible crate with a blanket over it that is his space. It travels with us everywhere even camping. When we stay somewhere in a hotel he stays in the crate when we are out just as he would at home. If we need to stop somewhere that isn't pet friendly in our travels and he is in the car we take turns saying using the bathroom and walking him in dog walks at rest areas.
  3. Sure is. Just send me an email and I can call them up and add that.
  4. I do think though you had offered him Bacon if I recall?
  5. in discussions on this I have seen anywhere from $25-60. With Jedi he doesnt not board well. We joke he needs to much love for kennels. He won't eat and has lots of accidents due to being nervous. We have some phenomenal friends who have watched him for us when we have had to travel with out him. And I vouch that Rennie does like dogs. I have a picture of him and Jedi together. :-D
  6. I am going to double check it was done correctly in the next day or so. Has to be called in as there is no way I have found on even a new reservation to request this. They notate the reservation asking me how many dogs I was bringing. The fee is due on arrival.
  7. We have decided to bring Jedi with us for Christmas. We are in one of the Cabin's at the Fort on this trip. I am hopeful that people who choose to do this as we are will be by and large responsible pet owners as we are and take good care to minimize impact to others. Assuming we don't see a first hand report back before then I will be sure to give my thoughts on how this goes. It will probably be a one time things for us due to the cost but I know I am looking forward to having him with us for Christmas.
  8. Decorating for Christmas

    I will be decorating ours when we arrive on Christmas Day
  9. We are one of the families considering bringing our dog with us. Jedi has traveled all over with us and even once to Disney when we brought our pop up down. That trip is actually a large reason I am considering bringing him. With everything that went wrong on that trip and all the time I spent fixing things to be able to continue using the camper while down there I never got to take him to the dog park or for a long walk around and on the trails and along the canal where he is allowed. Yes it's sappy. I had those things in my head that I wanted to do that didn't happen. Do I think we would bring him regularly. No. It is quite a bit of additional money. We already happen to be staying in a Cabin so we don't have to change that. We were already driving down and since we wouldnt fly with him that lines up too. Plus it's Christmas week and I dislike bothering people to watch him for us while we are away. But he does not do well kenneled. He was abused when he was young and that environment messes him up bad. We tried once and it took me months to get him back to his normal. I have friends who love him and are willing but It's an added burden at Christmas. Would he be fine if we left him with friends. Sure would. Jedi is not like a lot of dogs though and I also have video to prove it. I was curious to see what he does do during the day. He is crate trained and loves his crate. He taught himself to open the door if unlocked to go inside and will even when we are home to curl up and sleep. It's his room and his space. We travel with that same crate since it is collapsible. When we leave for the day at home for work, or for a bit when traveling, he just curls up in his crate and sleeps. Doesnt make a sound. I am confident Jedi would do wonderful with this and we are considering it for this one trip. It's an added expense but it's something I really want.
  10. They mention in the email I receive contacting house keeping to schedule a time when you will take the dog out of the room for them to clean.
  11. I suspect Disney is doing the same thing but just hasn't published it yet.
  12. Most of Universals hotels are pet friendly.
  13. Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar - Disney Springs

    Sil and I enjoyed it in July. We were browsing/grazing our way around Disney Springs. We stopped in for a drink and the pretzels. They were really yummy.
  14. IOS 11 upgrade!

    imagine that will depend on how much of a revamp it will take. I know a bunch of apps have stopped working with the latest updates due to changes in the IOS.
  15. Comfort stations

    201, 236, 101, 102, 125, 126, 127 would be the closest sites just picking out the most adjacent on Google Earth.