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  1. DVC availability???

    My friend and I were looking at her DVC access and searching for points. She didnt have to put up any points to check availability.
  2. Booking window PSA

    Just a heads up for anyone who may not be aware. We can now book all the way to January 3rd, 2019 for most site levels. Premium should be open tomorrow. This means all the holidays for next year are open for booking. If you even think you may want to book Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas for 2018 now is your best time to lock it down. If booking a campsite only it's just the cost of one night and you can cancel later if your plans change. If booking a package it is a $200 deposit and you can cancel up to 30 days before arrival for a full refund. If you would like to book something just message me at [email protected] and let's get you set up while the availability is there.
  3. High airline prices for Christmas

    I have heard better about Frontier than Spirit. I would order them from best of these to worst of these Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant. I have personally flown Spirit twice and will probably not fly again. They have very much shortened the space between seats so legroom is even less and they recently decreased the size allowed for your personal belonging. And you will pay for every little thing with them, carry on, checked, beverages, and air to breath (ok the last ones a joke) By the time you get done with what you need the price will probably be equal to Southwest or Jetblue or more. I regulary fly Southwest and Jetblue and have had no issues.
  4. High airline prices for Christmas

    Agreed with TCD. While Southwest is a lower cost airline they are nowhere near the Frontier, Spirit, and Allegiants of the airline world.
  5. High airline prices for Christmas

    Just passing on what I see daily in the travel agent groups I am in. I see occasional posts about other airlines but Allegiant is constantly popping up.
  6. High airline prices for Christmas

    Just be careful with Allegiant. They have horrible records for cancelling flights and maintenance issues.
  7. No more autographs at Crystal Palace

    Only Photopass person we had at Ohana was with Stitch in July. He was still going to the tables then but we ended up waiting about 25 minutes after we finished eating to for him to get to our table.
  8. High airline prices for Christmas

    Not sure. We only need one ticket for Sil to fly home January 1st. We are driving down and I am driving back. Been more than I usually like to pay for that still.
  9. Menu Changes at Cali Grill?

    Glitch confirmed by Disney.
  10. Did I miss something?

    Been going on since end of June I believe. They have been working on a water main issue.
  11. DCL most preferred by "child free" adults

    There is a very high quantity of Polish and German people up here. Many of them are partial to a particular shop. That shop may sell other things as well but people make reference to where they get their kielbasa from all the time.
  12. DCL most preferred by "child free" adults

    We have some family dynasty level kielbasa places here in New England.
  13. In 68 Days

    The person who told you that probably knows what their talking about. ;-)
  14. In 68 Days

    Dining reservations are at 180 days before arrival.
  15. I happened to be at the computer when I saw the post and said crap I didnt grab them yet. Sorry for the delay.