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  1. Galaxy's Edge opens Summer 2019 at DL fall at WDW

    Anyone want to start a pool for when it will actually open? I have January 2020 personally.
  2. Based on the outer space imagery in the graphics and the high above Earth wording I am expecting virtual image windows.
  3. Pet loops

    All loops are now pet friendly.
  4. I will certainly do my best.
  5. And that is under extreme circumstances. Lots of hoop jumping.
  6. Usually the only way to switch a lead guest is with another person on the reservation from when it was first booked.
  7. Reservations

    Received and responded.
  8. Unfortunately its not that easy. They wont let you change the lead guest on a reservation.
  9. Reservations

    Hi Gremlin. I am a travel agent and one of the sponsors of the site. If you would like some assistance feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]
  10. Whispering Canyon Cafe no more high jinks?

    It can definitely be tough for kids with sensory issues. They do have a separate room that is generally kept quieter for those who want to eat there but keep the antics to a minimum.
  11. Whispering Canyon Cafe no more high jinks?

    Course the eats are cheap. You raided them from crock pots in the rest of the loop. ;-)
  12. Free Dining offer released today- Campsites not Included

    Also moderate in part refers to the resort amenities. Covered bus stops, slide at the pool, and other things.
  13. Free Dining offer released today- Campsites not Included

    True but other moderates dont have full kitchens or sleep 6 plus an infant.
  14. Free Dining offer released today- Campsites not Included

    Cabins are considered a Moderate resort. Starting Last year (?) I believe Free Dining now only gives Quick Service plan to Values and Moderates. You do have the option to pay the different to upgrade from the free Quick Service to the Disney Dining Plan.
  15. Dragon caught fire today

    Still have Hooks ship to contend with. I think that one is taller.