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  1. Well she's a good friend and I do like Lego's :-)
  2. Thanksgiving and Christmas are always big dates for Trail's End
  3. I will say I tried using my fully charged one yesterday to charge up my Galaxy Tablet, only a few months old. It only got me to about 30%. I had drained it using it for Lego directions helping a friend finish their Disney castle.
  4. I have had a few times now where i walked up and they informed me they arent taking walk ups but I can try on the app or at the concierge window on the other side of HDDR to see if there is an available reservation.
  5. Ordered one for Silvia this morning.
  6. When we were at Coronado in April they were there too
  7. Updated Animal Kingdom Park with Pandora now showing.
  8. Bye the person who shared the pictures reported the Murphy bed is actually a queen with the same exact mattress as the regular bed.
  9. One of the Facebook groups I am in had someone who was assigned one of the new rooms. They took lots of pictures and were happy to let me share the pics.
  10. They were doing updates all weekend when it should have been just Friday. Something are still going up and down in terms of working right.
  11. Absolutely!
  12. LOL. Keep it all coming. Sooner or later I will have enough of this work I love to leave my day job and do an even better job for all of you.
  13. Just a small thing but everytime I see this post I cant help but think it so have to say it to get it out of my head. Pop Century is not one of the All Stars. It is a value in the same category but they are not the same or located in the same area. Ok I feel better now.
  14. I just wanted to take a second to give every one a heads up for tomorrow. Disney has announced that new bookings online and by phone will be down all day starting at 2 am tonight. Also it appears dining will be down for at least part of the day. Currently saying dining will be offline from 5 am to 9am. Fastpass+ is not supposed to be down as far as we know.
  15. Love them