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  2. Thanks. Normally I’d ask a cranky old bus driver to take me to the CM store next time we were at WDW but he moved out of state. but I would appreciate the twins checking for me. And if they find them. I’ll Venmo them the cost plus shipping and any extra they deem necessary. I can’t seem to log into Taptalk and that’s what I use to post pictures. the magnet she wants is the one that looks like a paint can lid with purple paint spilling out of it. it’s says... “Figment color co.” “epcot international festival of the arts 2020” and on the top of the paint lid it says... “ Find the perfect pigment with your pal Figment.”
  3. Now that’s fair. im waiting to see what happens with our APs. ours expired on the 26th of May. I’m hoping they extend ours also. To me the refund is t worth it if we can get another trip out of them.
  4. We were wanting the orange bird pass holder magnet. Even had the trip planned. We bought one off Ebay the picture was a real one, what they mailed us was a bad copy. My daughter really likes orange bird.
  5. Just copied directly from Disney's Travel Agent site. Beginning May 28, 2020, all dining reservations, experience bookings, Disney dining plan and FastPass+ selections will be cancelled. Guests with existing Resort reservations will have priority access to the new park reservation system when it becomes available. Additionally, when reservations for dining and other experiences resume, Guests who had existing reservations will receive priority access to rebook. Keep in mind, for dining locations within our parks, Guests will need a park reservation and valid admission before they can rebook dining and experiences. Guests who purchased a Disney dining plan and tickets for dates between May 28, 2020 and September 26, 2021 will receive an automatic cancellation and refund of their Disney dining plan. Guests who booked Resort hotel reservations with a Free Dining package for dates between May 28, 2020 and September 26, 2021 will receive an automatic cancellation of their Disney dining plan and are invited to rebook their vacation for a later date with a 35% room discount.
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  7. Update. WDW has removed the wording that indicated resorts besides DVS and the Fort would be opening on July 11. No further word on those other resorts. DVC and Fort Wilderness are still listed as beginning to open on June 22.
  8. I totally lucked out and was able to tag along on my brother's family trip a few years ago. SIL is a TA and booked us concierge level at the Poly. Great view of the castle from our balcony - I spent a lot of time out there just sitting and enjoying the view. Also loved that I could watch the EWP from the pool. 🙂 Just loved the overall vibe of the Poly. Plus good food (ate a bunch of meals at Kona), and easy access to both Trader Sam's and Dole Whips!
  9. Yes! We're at 24 next year. We've never been able to stay at the poly before, so we're going all out to be there for the actual 50th. Should be fun - and completely nuts I'm sure. Glad we got our reservation in before they shut everything down this week - I hit 499 days and dialed it right up!
  10. Update. Another Mouse Counselor called IT about their missing fast passes and is reporting back IT said they would be back on the account. Just due to “magical enhancements”
  11. I should add this could of course just be a glitch while they are working through things.
  12. We opted to continue paying and have our end time extended. I had to call for that option. There was a lot of conflicting info when they first shut down.
  13. What exactly are you looking for? The Festival of the Arts stuff will probably still be in the CM store whenever they reopen. I can ask the twins to keep an eye out. TCD
  14. Reports of Fastpasses being cancelled from guests accounts. Here is my prediction for whatever it's worth. Some reservation for your day to visit the park. Once you have arrived and made it past the health check and into the park then you can start to use the virtual queue and they will use it for most rides. Higher capacity rides where they can load boats like small world in a safely distanced way may not be on it for example. I would not be surprised to see Dining go the same way as walk ups only. Again my prediction only. And I never get a single number on powerball so probably far off. LOL
  15. Yep. We raised her right? she loves figment. She even has an original, signed sketch of him framed and hanging in her bedroom. I may have bought it for her last Christmas. Lol.
  16. My DD wanted the Epcot International Festival Of The Arts 2020 Figment Color. She was going to get one during our Easter trip. I guess I’ll check ebay and see how much people are charging for them. she also wants the Figment AP magnet. she turns 16 in September and wants it for her car.
  17. Yeah that SMB. I was lucky, and able to squeeze in a two day trip March 13th and 14th, the day before they closed. And was able to snag one of the magnets.
  18. Gotcha. Out of staters don’t have the option to buy seasonal passes. Our APs don’t have black out days. I kinda get their point. They lost almost 2 1/2 months of usage. Did disney reimburse y’all the money for those lost months? or not charge you, if you’re on a payment plan?
  19. Summer blackout for silver. Yes they are well aware of the rules but that won’t stop the whining. Only thing I will be upset about is missing out on the two pass holder Magnets from the flower/garden festival.
  20. did I miss something? i didn’t read where it says AP holders are blocked. Besides, Shouldn’t they (AP holders) be allowed to go? they've already paid for their tickets and haven’t been able to use them. I’m an AP holder and had a reservation for Easter, and Memorial Day weekend and those were both cancelled. And when my Easter trip was cancelled I had booked June 3-13 and that is cancelled. So I’ve lost out on 3 vacations.
  21. A note I am about to add on Facebook. At this time they have taken down the ability to make new reservations, dining reservations, and Fastpasses while I assume they get everything in place and started for the new set up. I will update if I see any of these have been turned back on.
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