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  2. Yeah, I also read that pathway is currently closed for brick removal, so oh well...
  3. I used my longer camper Allen’s and scanned the walkway. While I do see a bench for seating in one area I do not see any trash cans or other receptacles. If that is where it was I suspect it has been removed.
  4. When I get to Coronado today I took pictures from Ground level of the car they have there
  5. We have been on the road since early June and this past Sunday was the hottest day we have encountered, we have hardly had to run the a/c and the nights have been down as far as the upper 50's. We figure if we do this trip again the next time we will probably get much hotter temps. We leave Mi. Sunday to head down to Indiana where all the rv's are built and will be there for 4 weeks, we have a strong feeling the a/c will get plenty of use then. Michigan is a wonderful state with lots to see and do, being here this year gave us a chance to see how much there is so we are already to plan our return trip.
  6. To Jason's point - we had midweek reservations in October for F&W, so I just made a new reservation with the 20% offer (woohoo!) and canceled the other one. WDW Phone lines were busy all day yesterday. EMH at DHS this fall start at 6 am!!! 😲
  7. Especially when those other campgrounds generally don't allow for my need to take a boat to dinner.
  8. A few pics and a bit more speculation (oh and I do love the Earl theory)... https://www.disneytouristblog.com/disney-world-building-magic-kingdom-to-grand-floridian-walkway/?fbclid=IwAR3MIBxXyB_W-Lp070kxaZkPAm9igZBc__D8LHt8f_7_WEHXJT9dEjKIXgY
  9. We need to do that one year. It is beyond hot here in the south. Also comparing these prices of other campgrounds is starting to make the Fort prices look not so crazy.
  10. We are traveling around Mi. this summer, which by the way has been a fantastic trip, and have been scouting out campgrounds for a return trip and a lot of the very nice ones in the higher tourist area have been anywhere from $75-&110 for their level of premium full hook up sites. Even looking at Cedar Point for the trip home and they are close to $125 a night for our time frame.
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  12. Courtesy USA Today & Yahoo https://www.yahoo.com/news/disney-cruise-line-named-worlds-140631595.html
  13. I know they link to Disney Movie Rewards some how
  14. We have the Regal Crown Club and I have yet to figure out what it actually offers. Nothing really in the way of discounts.
  15. Verrrrrry interesting X2. Sounds possible the current attendance projections may be a bit down and they're trying to goose the "heads in beds" a bit? Of course you can all tell me how wrong I was when those of you going this fall post the pics of the 12 hour waits for Galaxy's Edge. 😎
  16. If you have T Mobile, they have ATOM specials every once in a while, $5 off tickets and no added fees. Regal has a crown club, not sure what they offer.
  17. That is a much better price. Unfortunately, Regal is our local cinema, but I think there is an AMC down I95 at bit. I will check that out. Thanks.
  18. I just got an email from Hilton saying thy have fall Star Wars getaway packages at Bonnet Creek and have extra extra magic hours. 9/1 to 11/22
  19. This is actually a fairly lean offer but there has been room availability for sept and oct but December has been nearly fully booked. I will say though if you were booked before any price change or already had a discount on your reservation this isn’t saving you money. It will only really help new bookings.
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