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Silver Creek Falls (Or A "Sign" Of Things To Come)

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It has been written on other threads that the theming of Wilderness Lodge is changing somewhat with the upcoming DVC additions. One of those changes is that Silver Creek Falls, the main water feature at the resort, will be renamed Copper Creek Falls. That change made my family sad, as we have a history with Silver Creek Falls, as I'll explain below.

You see, both my wife and I are from a small town in western New York called Silver Creek. And both of my parents grew up there too. So imagine our surprise when we made our first ever trip to Disney with our kids in 2001, during which we stayed at the WL, and stumbled upon this sign.


Those 3 girls are 21, 19 and 17 now.

Six years later we had begun RVing and camped at the Fort with my parents. We took the boat over to the Fort to show my parents the sign, and continued what has become a tradition to get family pictures in front of the sign on every trip to Disney.



Fast forward....most recently, INC and I got a picture in front of the sign while on a date. We also stayed at the Lodge before our cruise on the Wonder this year.


And on our trip to the Fort a few weeks ago, I got one last picture in front of the sign of my parents, who spent part of the week with us. My Dad turns 80 next month.


I figured that might be the end of the story, as the retheming of the Lodge is proceeding at a rapid pace and will be completed before we return to WDW.

But that's not the end of the story.

Wondering what would become of the sign, I contacted the GM of the Wilderness Lodge to tell her about my family's history with the sign and our love of both the Lodge and the Fort. We traded some emails, and she assured me that she would try to find out what would be done with the sign as construction continues. I last heard from her a few weeks ago, and had not received an update since.

Until today.

A large box arrived at our home today. So I opened it.


Mabel is curious too.



Can you believe it? I was blown away. Also included in the package was a beautiful print of Silver Creek Falls, a WL magnet, and a very nice note.

I've heard of pixie dust but this is something else.

Do you now understand why I hate Disney so much? [emoji1]

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That is so freakin awesome.  


I cant wait to see where it ends up at. 

Perhaps you'll build a pond with a little water fall.  

I talked with INC about mounting it outside in a nice spot but she wants it in the kitchen. She doesn't want the weather to damage it. I said it's been outside for 22 years...LOL. But it will have a prominent place in our home.

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That's great Dave I am very happy for you now stop hating Disney. But you should put in the RV so Silver Creek Falls will always be with you . And it should also come to all GG. Because we use to take our pic with that sign to. But I don't know why?

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8 minutes ago, Tri-Circle-D said:

Very, very cool.


Good job with staging the opening the box scene.  It makes your story that the WL manager mailed you the sign very credible.  But I think we all know how this really went.


If you're implying that Melvin, shimmying and scotch had anything to do with this, you are WAY off base.  LOL.  

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