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  1. Now If they could put a push handle on this... or this
  2. So it's just you and the birds out in the open...
  3. We ate there once and sat outside (inside was full) going towards the pool. We had to get our own food. Do they also serve out there now, or just inside?
  4. Where in the World??

    It's on the back side of the buildings, there is a cut thru instead of going around the front by the Muppet Show
  5. Where in the World??

    Christmas Shop alley?
  6. Massive Land Cleared For TRON

    I really like that trail, except for the smoking area along there.
  7. I think Lone-star meant that because they started charging for dogs in the cabins they are now enforcing the daily pet fee in the loops. Most people said previously it was hit or miss on paying the loop pet fees. Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground welcomes dogs of any size for an additional fee of $5 per night in campsites, and $50 per night in cabins. Dog-friendly cabins are limited.
  8. Well if they were smart, they would patrol thru the sites, and any one that had more than 1 vehicle, they would just add it to their portfolio and they would be charged for it automatically. Why warn people more than once? Tell them at check in of the policy (have them sign a "contract") and that they will be billed if more than 1 vehicle is found at their site.
  9. https://www.inquisitr.com/4834248/massive-land-cleared-for-tron-other-changes-beginning-in-tomorrowland-at-walt-disney-world-photos/ Other Changes Beginning In Tomorrowland At Walt Disney World Construction is now underway on a Tomorrowland that is going to be much different. Last year at the D23 Expo, Disney revealed that Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom would not only receive a brand new thrill ride but an entirely new look and it has now begun. By the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021, Disney hopes to have the majority of their projects done and that includes the Tron Lightcycle roller coaster. It looks like they are on a good pace to accomplish that as a massive amount of land has been clear Tomorrowland is actually set to undergo a series of changes which have actually started within the last couple of weeks. The Carousel of Progress has received another paint job to take away the bright rainbow colors and turn it into the matching white and blue scheme which is set to take over the land. One of the biggest changes is that the new Tron Lightcycle attraction is going to be built in a “new space” next to Space Mountain. This attraction will not only bring forth new excitement for guests but it is going to completely change the skyline and dynamics of Tomorrowland. Right now, the biggest thing happening is the massive amount of land being cleared between Tomorrowland and Storybook Circus. As you can see in the images below, from outside of Magic Kingdom, both Space Mountain and some of the tents in Storybook are now visible as most of the trees have been cleared out. There is no set opening date for the Tron Lightcycle, but again, Disney hopes to have it open by WDW’s 50th anniversary in 2021. Work is clearly underway and it’s going to be fun watching it develop over the next few years. Tomorrowland will receive a number of other changes as well and WDWInforeported that some are coming to the famous “Purple Wall.” Disney has started painting it to give it a bit of a better shine and it will soon have a new “enhanced section” which is sure to please guests who love taking pics with the walls of Walt Disney World. According to WDWNT, there will be a couple of subtractions coming along with the other changes and additions. The rolling robot known as ICAN will perform only through April 7, 2018, and the Toy Story-themed merchandise cart near Wedway will close on April 8, 2018. Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom was always meant to be the world of the future brought to guests before it became a reality. Now, those who visit Walt Disney World will begin seeing things in a whole new light as construction and changes are set to take place all throughout the land. Land has been cleared and painting is taking place all around with the hope that the new Tron Lightcycle roller coaster will be ready to go by 2021.
  10. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/03/19/disneylands-most-sought-after-popcorn-bucket-finally-arrives-at-magic-kingdom The price of food at Disney theme parks, or really any theme park, makes the prices at even the outrageous movie theaters look reasonable. If the scents aren’t enough to convince guests to buy the overpriced popcorn, then the specialty popcorn buckets likely will be. Over the years the buckets have become more and more detailed, and many fans have turned the food containers into prized collectibles. In June of 2016, the buckets took off when a refillable popcorn option was rolled out both in Disneyland and here in Orlando. The buckets range in price, with some topping over $20 while most are around $15. Refills debuted at $1.50 and are now $1.75, and are good for the same day as the bucket purchase. The cheap refills and unique designs made the buckets an excellent collectible, causing their popularity to quickly grow. By the end of last year, the trend had gone mainstream with Star Wars fans lining up for a Star Wars AT-AT-themed bucket and Travel & Leisure declaring the “hottest souvenir” of the Christmas season a Pluto-themed one. But even with the lines for the new buckets longer than some for rides, one of the most popular popcorn buckets wasn’t available here in Orlando. Since they debuted as part of Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary in 2015, the Mickey Balloon Popcorn Buckets have been a huge hit. The buckets are shaped to look exactly like the Mickey shaped interior balloon and come in three colors. Now, after three years, the Mickey Balloon Popcorn Buckets have debuted here in Orlando. Currently, the buckets here only come in red and are only being sold for $15 at the popcorn stand in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. According to Disney World news site, Chip and Co. purple buckets may be debuting soon. There's no word yet on whether other colors will debut or how long the buckets will be sold here in Florida. If you want one of the popcorn buckets but you don't want to deal with the record number of Brazilian tourists at the Magic Kingdom, you can also buy the buckets via Amazon ,($20 and $24 and limited amounts) but you'll have to provide your own popcorn. The writer must be a WDW regular, and has a sense of humor!
  11. MNSSHP 2018 dates. CONFIRMED

    Fixed it for you
  12. MNSSHP 2018 dates. CONFIRMED

    So people will be extra sweaty in their Halloween Costumes in August. We went a couple of years back when we won the blog contest. That was in early September and it was hot. It was also weird celebrating Halloween almost 2 months early!
  13. There was a big gap between the times my kids had strollers at the parks (and we started visiting the parks again) and when we visited again with grand kids in strollers. When we went with our kids there weren't 1000 strollers in one area, and where you left your stroller (out of the way of course) was where it was when you came back. The first time I couldn't find my grand kids stroller after leaving it in the designated spot I freaked out. Finally found it about 10 rows back from where I left it. From then on it had a colored rag tied to the handle!
  14. Reserve judgement until you are behind them as they attempt to get one onto a tram or bus.