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  1. By then you'll either be sick or broke!
  2. Orange Creamsicle flavored summer cupcake That may be a summer flavor, just like lemonade, but that sure looks like a Fall themed cupcake to me.
  3. Fl rest areas allow for 3 hours of parking. If you don't set up your camper you might be able to stay longer. This is from the DOT website and an RV site Each facility is protected by security personnel during evening and nighttime hours. Most of the rest areas provide family restrooms for travelers who may need companion assistance to make use of the facilities. The facilities in our Welcome Centers and Interstate Rest Areas are open and maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your comfort and convenience. The State of Florida's Welcome Centers, Rest Areas and Turnpike Service Plazas are generally equipped with phones for use by travelers in case of emergency. Overnight camping is not permitted, but visitors may stay for up to three hours. No for Florida is correct. That being said, I have never seen anyone being told to leave because there 3 hours was up. Never heard of anyone getting a ticket either
  4. High airline prices for Christmas

    True, they are the posterboy for sub-standard service at the moment.
  5. For you early decorators, Lowes, HD, Dollar Tree, some Wal-Marts all have new Halloween decorations out. Lowes has a swirling Nightmare Before Christmas projector like the Mickey Head Christmas one from last year. I'm thinking it's for Halloween. There was a FB post of a Lowes in NH that already has the Disney Christmas decorations on display and for sale!
  6. Too late for them, need Valentines Day decorations!
  7. High airline prices for Christmas

    Seems like a lot of airlines have been having maintenance or other issues the past couple of months. Seen lots of FB posts about sitting on runways, delayed flights, cancelled flights, etc. Makes me feel better flying standby and seeing paying customers having the same issues!
  8. The fort doesn't take site reservations per say. All you do is reserve a class of site, partial, premium, etc. About 5 days out you can send a fax telling them what you would like, but there are no guarantees that you will get any of your selections. Now if you link your reservations together, that may help getting you closer together.
  9. High airline prices for Christmas

    There's a smaller airport NE of Orlando called Sanford, again it's bargain airlines mostly.
  10. Beginning of the loop on the outside (right hand side) back up to the next loop over which is 1600. There is a path from both loops that runs in front of the comfort station which is near the front of the loop.
  11. For what it's worth, back when the lazy Fort Wilderness managers didn't decide to cut corners and not publish rules for the campground, the campsite decorating rules specifically stated that decorations had to be family friendly: I think that was about 3 years ago, just before the "decoration lights out at 10:00 PM" debacle. That was our first year at the Fort for Halloween and I vaguely remember getting a flyer about family friendly. The next year I don't remember getting anything except the 10 PM rule.
  12. Maybe he got an insider sneak peek of it and went into shock.
  13. High airline prices for Christmas

    St Pete/Clearwater has a lot of the "bargain" airlines coming and going out of it.
  14. High airline prices for Christmas

    What about into Tampa or Sarasota/Bradenton or St Pete/Clearwater, then renting a car? Would that be less expensive? All would be less than a 2 hour drive.
  15. Dog behavior question...

    Definitely a vet, maybe some sort of infection