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  1. WDW Ultimate Christmas Trip "Deal"

    There were numerous resorts and dates available over the summer on the various discount hotel sites at low low prices!
  2. Rollerblades?

    And ripsticks! And since there are no sidewalks in the loops, I would venture to say ( your mileage may vary depending on the CM/ranger/security person you ask or see) that since there are no sidewalks in a loop that rollerblades would be permitted on a loop road. How else would you get to a sidewalk or path, unless you walked to the end then put your skates on.
  3. Rollerblades?

    Rollerblade are on the authorized recreational devices section of the handout you get when checking in at the Fort. They say only on sidewalks and paths no roadways.
  4. And the free stuff is at checkin, probably not every night.
  5. But the pucks need a holder, and they aren't going to give those away when they charge $13 in the parks for one that falls apart after an hour.
  6. Special Needs Venturing Crew

    That's the premium partial loops.... an upcharge of $50 a night!
  7. Special Needs Venturing Crew

    We had a horrible site in the 1500 loop as far as water issues (the site itself was great).. It didn't even rain that hard and our tent flooded on 2 different days (even after the Forts fix). I was out there during the storm using a frisbee to move water out. I moved so much out of a low lying area I ended up with a hole about 2 feet deep. What was aggravating is the other pads around us just had very small puddles in a corner, and our entire pad was like a lake. Next trip I bought a small shovel with me. We started to get a flood, I dug a small trench over to the retaining wall and dug a hole down to the bottom and all the water flowed underneath and away from the tent. Never had an issue after that. For what you spend at the Fort for a site, it should be graded for drainage.
  8. That's just a crazy price! Are you sure they weren't tacking on about $25 in packing/handling fees? Starbucks doesn't have brownies?
  9. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    I tried a Google search and got a wide variety of responses, but the closest was an elephant born at AK. There were various reviews of the Fort, and a couple articles about the boy who got hit by the bus, but nothing about birthin babies.
  10. Ugh cost cutting sux!

    Last time we went to BOG at lunch, they definitely cut portions, and raised prices. I usually get the kids pork meal which is enough to eat during the hot humid days and I would be full. This time I let there hungry.
  11. Ugh cost cutting sux!

    I thought I saw a hotdog covered in a thick yellow substance last Saturday when we walked thru the back side.
  12. Our credit union drive thru has lollipops for the kids and Milk Bones for the dogs or vice versa depending on the kids and dogs in the car together.
  13. Hocus Pocus Remake and Original!!

    Hocus Pocus will be on Freeform TV Thursday at 8:50 PM
  14. Both my daughters liked the Greek Nachos
  15. Maybe the rules will change in the future with the proliferation of comfort animals, that aren't specifically a trained service animal. It is odd that you don't have to have proof that the animal is a true service animal. The proof wouldn't have to list what kind it is, so there wouldn't be a HIPPA violation.