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  1. They could also run smaller van type buses when it's not busy and if they don't need to accommodate a wheelchair or ECV. Mid days a lot of the full size buses just have a handful of riders on them.
  2. Maybe they've "gone native"?
  3. True, but you could go to Deleon and have pancakes!
  4. I wouldn't be surprised it they built some sort of elevated viewing platform right in the middle of the Hub for paying guests to get a great view, and the heck with non paying guest that will have their view blocked by a new structure. I'm kidding (hopefully) but that is why I dislike the extra charge items Disney is pushing. If people can afford these extras, them let them line Disney's pockets with even more $$$, but don't take the space or previous amenities away from your average Joe and Jane. Build them a separate viewing area for the Desert parties, bring in a special boat for the Ice Cream Social, make sure there are enough buses running for the normal customers before diverting ones to the Express Program, etc. They could build view platforms above either side of Main Street.
  5. I heard him say about the drums, and I saw them all herding towards the canteen.
  6. True, sadly so true.
  7. I wasn't that impressed with it. It was nice that the unwashed masses got to see what previously only invited guests would see, but it was kind of anticlimactic.
  8. And your kids $ and grandkids $ and the next 5 generations $ to pay for your trip now! Disney makes you feel like you're the biggest loser if you don't buy and do every add on they throw at you. I know we are lucky to live nearby, have AP's and can spread out doing things, but reading some of the FB posts from people that are planning their trips is both sad and comical. They are having meltdowns because they could only book 4 of the character meals and they need 6, or they can't squeeze in a visit to Bippity Bobbity, because they have 2 planned character meals and the fireworks desert party scheduled that day. It makes you wonder how much of this they are dong for the kids or how much they are doing for bragging rights to their mom circles. I've seen posts where they have 5 outfit changes a day. Wonder how that works out for them when they are spending most of the day at a park or trying to get back to their hotels on overcrowded buses?
  9. Cause it would cost too much to build Na'vi animatronics? Or humans painted blue would look more like Smurfs than Na'vi! How'd you like Joe's earring hanging down to his shoulder?
  10. Things have changed with the live stream #DisneyParksLIVE Will Stream Pandora – The World of Avatar Dedication Live May 24 at 8:10 a.m. ET Are you excited as we are for the grand opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar on May 27? This Wednesday, May 24, Disney’s Animal Kingdom will host a very special dedication moment for this new land – and our #DisneyParksLIVE cameras will be there to live stream the amazing moment!
  11. Are they going to use the lasers to shoot down the drones? Now that would be an impressive show or a great interactive game!
  12. And you have to access the video to be able to enter the contest. I tried getting around it and nope it doesn't work.
  13. You could take 192 west/north out past Disney main entrance to Hwy 27, then take 27 south to the Winter Haven/Legoland turn off. You would be going up to go down, but you would miss I-4.
  14. Hmmmm, water and electric lights, always a good mixture
  15. Someone on a FB post said the bug repellent the Fort was handing out helped a lot with the flies. We had them bad in the 1500 on one trip if we sat under the trees or got near the brush. In the open they weren't bad.