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ICYMI: A New TCD Trip Report April 2016 at the Fort

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3 hours ago, keith_h said:


Way to go.

3 hours ago, Beckers said:

Yeah! Welcome back!

You're number 2!

3 hours ago, Littleolwoman.aka.Kristie said:

I break my slumber to enjoy you TR. 3rd!

Nicely done.  good timing.

2 hours ago, parrothead7368 aka Norm said:

First page and thanks for coming back. Everyone always needs a break from things to refresh and recharge, plus you might find something new.

Best Regards,



Thanks Norm.  Yes, I needed a break, and I'm glad that I took it.  And, I'm even more glad to be back.

2 hours ago, shoreline99 said:

First page, and when I get around to my Disneyland Trip report, I'm sure we'll have some topics to discuss.

Can't thank you enough for your tip on the Park Vue Inn, btw.

Oh, I want to hear about it!

I'm glad Park Vue worked out well for you.

There's been some talk about a quick weekend trip back to Disneyland since Twin #2 still has a Main Gate pass and can get us in for free.  Park Vue's occupancy seems to be way up.  I guess I gave them too much praise!

2 hours ago, Memphis said:

Welcome back and I am In

Hey Harold!

I see a new location there under your avatar.

So, you really did it?

2 hours ago, Travisma said:

So far so good! 

I'll have to wait until I'm home to see the pictures, darn work computers...

Darn computers, and dang the man for not trusting you not to read TCD TR while on the clock.

2 hours ago, Seals said:

1st page?

I think you may need to change your tag to "It is GREAT to be TCD" -- health improvement and CM discounts, I'm not sure it gets better than that.

Yeah, page 1 apparently goes on forever now.  

Who knew?

2 hours ago, Littleolwoman.aka.Kristie said:

I too have made a fitness change. 10 kids can really wear on your body, go figure ;0). Anyway buy some integral collagen and add a scoop of it to your coffee, tea, or protein shake a few times a day. It takes a few weeks to notice but my joints are seriously thanking me. You can find it at Whole foods or even amazon. I fully understand the low pixie dust level. I am starting to feel mine rising, maybe it's all this fresh air and cardio.

Thanks for the collagen tip.  I am looking for something like that.  The TCD dog, Rocky, is still as crazy as ever, but was starting to limp if he went too hard.  His vet told us to slip some Fish Oil and another supplement into his food (I think it's glucosamine).  I was thinking of taking some of Rocky's stuff.

2 hours ago, Beckers said:

Congrats on starting to run! I'm still a struggling walk/jogger 

Good for you.  Keep it up. It was a lot easier for me to run when I was your age.

2 hours ago, Live4FW said:

1st page rights on a TCD report.  Its good to be "Live4FW"!

Missed you


Hey Scot!  Glad to see a post from you.

1 hour ago, BigTom said:

Am I still on 1st page, maybe

Everybody is making it on page 1!

1 hour ago, mmfancipher said:

My first first page!!!  Now to go back and read!!!!


Way to go.  Did you read?

1 hour ago, CCIntrigue...aka Gwen said:

I'm in!  Now must go back and finish reading.

What the Fort?  Don't forget to read!

1 hour ago, CCIntrigue...aka Gwen said:

Finished ... great to hear that things are going so well for your girls.  As always, your pictures are making me homesick.

Since it's just the two of us, I'm not upset about reducing the GAG to 8 pieces.  But I can imagine that will be a big deal for a lot of families.

Glad you got a chance to read it.

The reduction from 10 to 8 pieces isn't a big deal for us.  It just means less leftovers.  But, it's a pretty sneaky way to increase the price.


1 hour ago, DaveInTN said:

Hey, did I make page 1?

Wow, DIT is back too!

This is a good day!

1 hour ago, DaveInTN said:

Hmmm, it seems that the page limits have been increased to 25....I have more work to do.    



Yes, it does seem that the page limits have increased.

I thought your work was done here.

It also looks like the multi-quote limit has increased too!  That's a good thing.

We are all learning a lot today.

1 hour ago, DaveInTN said:

Andrew, I'm glad you got to return to the Fort, and I'm also glad to hear you are running.  We have to keep in shape for when the day comes that I make my triumphant return to the Fort.  I need my shimmying partner in crime to accompany me up to the balcony.  


I am glad to hear that you are at least talking about a return to the Fort.

That will, indeed, be triumphant.

I hope you still have that beautiful motorhome.

Just tell me when, and I'll drop everything and get over there to shimmy.

1 hour ago, Katman1356...Jason said:


Yes.  Good to see you here, Jason.

1 hour ago, Helmsey......Todd said:

Holy cow! The return of TCD AND DIT... It's good to be a fiend.

TCD - glad to hear all is well with you and your fam. Also glad to see your content on here again.

I agree.

This place isn't as much fun without DIT.

55 minutes ago, WannaBeImagineer said:

I haven't logged on much lately but I did today and found your report, nice.


Glad to hear things are good with the TCDs.  Great start to the trip report!



Great to see a post from you Nick.

Hope the Princess and Prince are doing well.

53 minutes ago, dblr....Rennie said:

I'm in also and glad  to see your back and the whole TCD Gang is doing well, I might even have to follow your lead and start shaping up some my self but will start with walking a lot more not sure about that running thing. Any way glad to see you posting again

Thanks ,Rennie.  Get out there and get moving.  I'll walk to the Lodge with you the next time you're at the Fort.

28 minutes ago, mmfancipher said:

I love running!  I always feel better mentally after a run.  Clears the cobwebs out!  I try to run 4 to 6 days a week. 


Wow.  Good for you.  I used to run almost daily through my 20's and 30's,  Then kids and life happened.

16 minutes ago, dieseldave said:

I'm in. Glad to see you posting again and good luck with the the upcoming marathon!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


You're the Dave I met at Trail's End a couple of months ago, right?


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5 hours ago, Tri-Circle-D said:

Hey Harold!

I see a new location there under your avatar.

So, you really did it?

Yep,  Lost our Florida resident discount and the commute went from 1 1/2 hours to about 13 as of 2/26.  I was really getting worried when you stopped posting.  I was/am really counting on your trip reports to get me through the FW withdraws. So glad you and all your girls are doing well.  In the small world category My DW went on a job interview today and the guy who interviewed her is from Dunedin.  

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Glad to hear your Pixie Dust Levels have been improved.  We all need a break now and then to remember whats important in life.  B)

Also good to hear about the New Year resolution. I had hip surgery last year and it took awhile but I finally did my first post-surgery 5k just last month.

I had to learn how to run all over again but on the front parts of my feet instead of the heels so that I minimize the road-shock going up the leg to the knees and hips.

It sucks to get old......   :lol:


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Yay! Glad to see a trip report from you! I don't make it over here enough, but I'm glad to see you're back! And good job on signing up for the half marathon. I wish you luck on that!

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I have checked in around here more in the past 2 months than I have in the past 2 years, just to see if you had returned!

Delighted to see that you have, but once again discouraged with myself because I am still 2 years behind!  You beginning a new TR gives me motivation to get reading!

As you know I am a runner.  Running at the Fort is among my top 3 favorites, along with Central Park and Jekyll Island GA.  Yes, I have become one of those folks who excersises while on vacation.  Never ever thought that would happen, but it did.  When we were there over spring break I even used the gym at WL.  No worries though, I still eat poorly and drink to make up for it :)

I began taking Turmeric to reduce inflammation at the suggestion of a good friend who is Indian.  I was having a lot of trouble with my joints and it has subsided quite a bit!  I take it in tablet form, she uses a powder that she mixes with warm milk at bedtime.  It's spicy though.


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Better late than never, I'm in.

It's good to see a TCD trip report. Learned a lot from them when I first started lurking/joined. Hopefully there will be an update on the BABH.

Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk

Forgot to add, I just recently read that geletin is also good for joints and joint recovery.

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Alittle off topic, but I am working on a display for my spike.  In the idea stages now, but if it turns out as hoped, I will send you a picture.   Carry on.

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I got so engrossed in your TR that I neglected to let AuburnJen know we were at the I-75 exit. So we took a scenic route to WWW.

Oh and too am getting healthy this year. Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and exercising. I can't believe how much more energetic I have been not to mention the pounds that have come off.

Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk

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What a minute..... using those fancy Internet acronyms and jogging in your early morning fort tours.  If you start wearing those Richard Simmons type shorts and using one of those funky go pro cameras to document a patented TCD TR........I will PROTEST!

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